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While implementing policy that rewards Israel’s enemies, the Obama administration has been questioning the prime minister’s motives and attempting to undermine his message.

Stop the pettiness. We must repair the ruptured bonds between our two countries. ~Scott Walker

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#IS Press Officer #AbuMosa Killed By #SyrianArmy #Assad #ISIL #ISIS #USA #Iraq

Abu Mosa, the press officer of ISIL (ISIS), has been killed in an attack on a Syrian airbase. ISIL is currently fighting against Syrian government forces, in addition to its campaign in Iraq, that has been met by United States airstrikes. He was killed by members of the Syrian army who are loyal to the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. ~ thewire.com

The U.S. Department of State confirmed Mosa’s death in a tweet:

An leader and press officer both killed in Tabqa Airbase attack in

~ M. Katherine Orts and Pastor David A. Orts founders of  USDefenseLeague.com  “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God and our Good USA #ProIsrael

3 Years Ago Obama Bans Words: Islamist & Terrorist Terms Tied To Muslim Nations


USA.  What exactly has changed since 3 years ago til now? There has been more violence, more carnage, more terror attacks plaguing the United States on US soil than ever before.  Obama and his Czars and his personal Socialist/Fascist Islamic allies such as Egypt’s Morsi have only been emboldened and inspired by the lack of leadership to protect US Sovereignty, US Troops, US $$$ and US Lives.  Words DO matter.-PBN

Publishers Note: Some of these links appear to have been scrubbed since the original post-PBN

The Obama administration has just announced its intent to ban all words that allude to Islam from important national security documents. Put differently, the Obama administration has just announced its intent to ban all knowledge and context necessary to confront and defeat radical Islam (news much welcomed by Islamist organizations [1] like CAIR [2]). While this move may reflect a naively therapeutic administration — an Obama advisor once suggested that Winnie the Pooh [3] should inform U.S foreign policy — that Obama, the one U.S. president who best knows [4] that politically correct niceties will have no effect on the Muslim world, is enforcing this ban is further troubling.

An Associated Press report [5] has the disturbing details:

President Barack Obama’s advisers plan to remove terms such as “Islamic radicalism” from a document outlining national security strategy and will use the new version to emphasize that the U.S. does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism, counterterrorism officials say.

First off, how, exactly, does the use of terms such as “Islamic radicalism” indicate that the U.S. views “Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism”? It is the height of oversensitivity to think that the so-called “Muslim street” can be antagonized by (ultimately accurate) words in technical U.S. documents — documents they don’t know or care about — especially since the Arabic media itself often employs such terms. Surely we can use “Islamic radicalism” to define, well, Islamic radicals, without simultaneously viewing all Muslims “through the lens of terrorism”? Just as surely as we can use words like “Nazism” to define white supremacists, without viewing all whites through the lens of racism?

The AP report continues:

Obama’s speechwriters have taken inspiration from an unlikely source: former President Ronald Reagan. Visiting communist China in 1984, Reagan spoke at Fudan University in Shanghai about education, space exploration and scientific research. He discussed freedom and liberty. He never mentioned communism or democracy.

The analogy is flawed. For starters, in Reagan’s era, the Soviet Union, not China, was America’s prime antagonist — just as today, Islamic radicals, not Muslims, are America’s prime enemy. Moreover, unlike Obama, who would have the U.S. bend over backwards — or, in his case, just bend over [6] — to appease Muslims, Reagan regularly lambasted the Soviet Union, dubbing it the “evil empire.” Finally, the Chinese never attacked America, unlike Islamic radicals, who not only have attacked it, but daily promise it death and destruction — all in the name of Islam.

The ultimate problem in the White House’s new “words-policy,” however, is reflected in this excerpt from the report:

The change [i.e., linguistic obfuscation] would be a significant shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventive war. It currently states, “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.”

No doubt this important document will soon say something totally meaningless like “The struggle against extremism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.” Such changes bode ill for the future. For it is one thing to carefully choose your words when directly addressing Muslims; it is quite another to censor American analysts and policymakers from using the necessary terms that conceptualize who the enemy is and what he wants.

The situation is already dire. There is already a lamentable lack [7] of study concerning Muslim war doctrine in the curriculum of American military studies, including in the Pentagon [8] andU.S. Army War College [9]. Obama’s more aggressive censorship program will only exacerbate matters: another recently released strategic document, the QDR [10], nary mentions anything remotely related to Islam — even as it stresses climate change [11], which it sees as an “accelerant of instability and conflict” around the world.

At any rate, as I have argued [12] several [13] times [14] before [15], the U.S. government needs to worry less about which words appease Muslims — another governmental memo [16] warns against “offending,” “insulting,” or being “confrontational” to Muslims — and worry more about providing its own citizenry with accurate knowledge concerning its greatest enemy.

In short, knowledge is inextricably linked to language. The more generic speech becomes, the less precise the knowledge it imparts; conversely, the more precise the language, the more precise the knowledge. In the conflict against Islamic radicalism — there, I said it — to acquire accurate knowledge, which is essential to victory, we need to begin with accurate language.

This means U.S. intelligence analysts and policymakers need to be able to use, and fully appreciate the significance of, words related to Islam — starting with the word “Islam” itself, i.e., submission.

It means the U.S. military needs to begin expounding and studying Islamic war doctrine — without fear of reprisals [17].

In sum, it means America’s leadership needs to take that ancient dictum [18] — “Know thy enemy” — seriously.

Deplorably enough, nearly a decade after the Islamist-inspired attacks of 9/11, far from knowing its enemy, the U.S. government is banning itself from merely acknowledging its enemy, which is doubly problematic, as knowledge begins with acknowledgment.

Nor is there much room for optimism: if the Obama administration can easily expose America to attack by reducing our physical defenses [19], surely a subversion of our intellectual safeguards — that is, a subversion of something as abstract as knowledge — will go unchecked.

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©2010 Raymond Ibrahim Originally Published April 24, 2010
Obama Tries to Eradicate Radical Islam
by Raymond Ibrahim
Pajamas Media

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FBI Offers $1 Million Reward For Information to Bring Iranian Hostage Robert A. Levinson Home to USA Safely

Former FBI Agent: Robert A. Levinson Needs our help USA.

Robert Levinson Needs our help USA.

March 10th, 2013 marked the 64th birthday and 6th anniversary, of  US citizen Robert “Bob” A. Levinson being held hostage allegedly by Iran.  It is highly likely that Levinson is  currently still being held hostage in Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan. ” Bob Levinson is now the second-longest-held hostage in American history.  Only Terry Anderson who was held as part of the Lebanon Hostage Crisis was in captivity longer.”  6’4″  formerly 225 pound Levinson, is a former retired FBI agent who specialized in Russian organized crime and served his country and the United States government faithfully.  

Mr. Levinson was last seen March 9, 2007 leaving his hotel in Kish Island, Iran.  He was visiting the Iranian Island while working on a case as a private investigator researching a lead about a criminal cigarette import/export scheme.  

A ‘proof of life’ video was released in December 2011 by Levinson’s family that Levinson was still alive and was still held hostage.  Robert Levinson suffers from diabetes, gout and his health was evidently failing and may be deteriorating further.  The untraceable 54 second video and five photographs were anonymously sent to his family in November 2010.  “Whoever was behind the photos and video was no amateur, U.S. authorities concluded. They made no mistakes, leading investigators to conclude it had to be a professional intelligence service like Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security,” according to the analysis of the US government as reported by the Associated Press January 9, 2013.  

In March, 2011, Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton attempted to get Iran off the hook and stated in an attempt at obtaining the goodwill of Iran in March 2011 that, “Levinson was being held somewhere in South Asia.”  The Levinson family has its own website to help spread the word of their father and husband’s plight.  

The family desperately seeks increased support from the mainstream media and the US Government for immediate resolution in Levinson’s return.  

Mrs. Christine Levinson had appealed to President Obama, former Counter Terrorism Czar and newly appointed (as of today’s Congressional vote 63 yay  34 nay) head of the CIA, John Brennan. There has been, for the past six years now, zero response, updates or success by either Obama, Brennan or Clinton et al.   It is now up to us, USA, to put pressure on Congress and the US State Department to bring this honorable servant of the US Government, United States Citizen, loving husband and father of seven, back home safely to his family.  

The prayers of the United States of America are with you, and your entire family, Mr. Robert “Bob” A. Levinson. -PBN

Note: The FBI has posted reward information and pictures of Mr. Levinson on the Kidnappings & Missing Persons page of the FBI.gov website. We encourage anyone with information regarding Robert Levinson or his captors to contact the FBI at https://tips.fbi.gov. Information will be confidential and can be shared anonymously. (202) 278-3519. ”

Qatar & Kerry, al Jazeera & Gore. . . Coincidence or in Bed with Islam?


Regarding The Benghazi Libya terrorist attack on September 2012 9-1-1. Where are the witnesses? Why have we not heard anything, not one peep, from anyone at all, until today?

Secretary of State John Kerry interviewed March 5th, 2013 (Fox News) “I have visited with one of the survivors at Bethesda Hospital who is a remarkable and courageous person and who is doing very very well.” Kerry went on to say regarding finding the persons responsible for the attack, “Justice sometimes takes a while. . . I believe that getting our troops out of Iraq, which is what the President did, was the right thing to do”, Kerry said defending Obama. In addition to the known murdered Benghazi Four, up to thirty US and allied personnel are believed to have been present and/or injured during the terrorist attack at the special diplomatic mission in Benghazi. The exact number of injured and exact number that were present at the Benghazi site are still being withheld from even the US Congress. The American public, it is certain, would like to know how Kerry obtained access to at least the one survivor when no one else has obtained access. Furthermore all facts regarding the Benghazi incident: who, where, what, why and when, all need to be accounted for in a single comprehensive timeline.

“The only likely explanation is that they are CIA..so keeping their identities secret is understandable.” Charles Krauthammer, Fox News

Among the forty world leaders in the Persian Gulf that the Secretary of State John Kerry met with during his Persian Gulf trip this past week were: the President of the Palestinians in Riyadh (who arrived yesterday unannounced) Saudi Arabia as well as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Today, March 5th, 2013 Kerry went to Qatar. It is the same Islamic government that bought the Current TV cable network to be used for terrorist friendly al Jazeera from Al Gore for 500 million dollars. Late Night Talk Show host David Letterman chided Gore, “Now why do we think of al Jazeera as something not right going on there in terms of, in terms of the good for Americans? Why do we think that they may be propaganda for Muslim violence and terrorism?” -MKO for WorldWideBroadcasters.com


Obama’s Priorities: Glitz and Glamour vs Security of Our Nation

OGitzNewly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry went under the radar to meet with the Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia today March 4th, 2013, and in addition, met with the president of the Palestinians, Mahmud Abbas, who arrived in Riyadh unannounced. Let’s remember that March 16, 2011—the day after the first mass demonstration against the Assad regime—John Kerry said Assad was a man of his word who had been “very generous with me” and “Syria will move; Syria will change as it embraces a legitimate relationship with the United States.” Now Syria threatens Israel and are encouraging US involvement in that threat.

It appears, at least by perusing events scheduled on the US Presidential Calendar, that Obama’s priorities are more to rub elbows with Hollywood’s elite such as 1600 Penn co-screenwriters who were both former and soon-to-be former Obama speechwriters.  The POTUS had invited the team and the actors of the 1600 Penn show to the White House this past January 9th, 2013. Notably absent on recent White House invitee lists are leaders of our nation’s allies, such as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who might choose to discuss more substantial and relevant topics such as how to combat the Global War on Terror. Perhaps popcorn trumps politics, as does the government of Islam versus our US Constitutional guaranteed Freedoms. The POTUS is too busy currying special favors from the 6th Islamic Saudi King and cozying up to the President of the Palestinians to worry about problems on the US front apparently.  Some trivial topics may include the memory of Beyonce singing The National Anthem at Obama’s second Presidential Inauguration only to find out later that Beyonce’s performance was a “canned” pre-recorded version.  Even our United States Marines weren’t allowed to perform live for the event and were forced to “fake it” by pantomiming performing on their instruments during the playing of the recording of our United States National Anthem.


Citizens of the Republic of The United States, we might want to pay attention to Obama’s prioritized guest lists, functions and delegations abroad and at home.
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud King of Saudi Arabia, was listed first on Obama’s Presidential Delegation being sent on behalf of the United States of America to the Inauguration of the first female President of South Korea.  The sixty-one year old President Park Geun-hye, was inaugurated as the very first female president to the Republic of Korea on February 25th, 2013. Obama and Geun-hye seem to employ the same musical taste and artists at the Republic of Korea’s Presidential Inaugurationand Obama’s Annual Holiday Event,  December 10th, 2012, with South Korean artist Psy.  Obama also sent many others to South Korea.  Notable attendees were VP Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton. It appears by some of his scheduled priorities, or lack thereof, that Obama chases after glitz and glamour and holds Islam in higher esteem far above America’s National security.  – MKO at PushBackNow.com

UNCLASSIFIED Crucial Information: Mass Shootings Analysis – Commonalities and Trends

USA, the guns that were used in these past US mass shooting atrocities were not automatic military style weapons. Some were semi automatic and some were handguns and shotguns. And while we are on the topic the word “assault weapon” can be used in place of ANY weapon for that is what weapons are meant to do, either defend the assault or prevent by offensive measures an impending assault. The Obama Administration’s support of Senator Feinstein’s Gun Ban is not meant to prevent future atrocities instead its ultimate goal is to control the masses and general law abiding populace in order to rule by “fiat” more readily -PBN

NJROIC-Mass Shootings .PDF

INFORMATION NOTICE: This product contains unclassified information that is for official use only ( U//FOUO ).

Breaking: US drone kills six suspected al-Qaida members in Yemen


SANAA – At least six suspected al Qaida members were killed in a US drone strike in northern Yemen on Wednesday, local sources said, in an escalating campaign in which at least 20 Islamist militants have died this week.The United States never comments on strikes by its pilotless aircraft, which it has used to track down militants in Yemen for years. The Yemeni government tolerates such strikes but usually does not comment on the US role in specific incidents.Washington has scaled up action against al Qaida in Yemen, where the group exploited widespread anti-government unrest in 2011 to seize swathes of territory in the southern part of the country, before being driven out in a US-backed offensive in June last year.

BIG LIST of Links to stories

Yemen: Al-Qaida offers bounty for US ambassador

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-whZR7g9XNFA/T6xl_n7t-WI/AAAAAAAACMw/5gfUXpxL1Ww/s1600/obama-evil.jpgAll US Citizens please be on full alert. If they will do this to our ambassadors who represent us, they will do this to us.

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen has offered to pay tens of thousands of dollars to anyone who kills the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa or an American soldier in the country.

An audio produced by the group’s media arm, the al-Malahem Foundation, and posted on militant websites Saturday said it offered three kilograms of gold worth $160,000 for killing the ambassador, Gerald Feierstein.

The group said it will pay 5 million Yemeni riyals ($23,000) to anyone who kills an American soldier inside Yemen.

It said the offer is valid for six months.

The bounties were set to “inspire and encourage our Muslim nation for jihad,” the statement said.

The U.S. Embassy in Sanaa did not respond to an Associated Press phone call asking for comment.

Washington considers al-Qaida in Yemen to be the group’s most dangerous branch. read more

Assad Uses Nerve Gas Against Syrian Rebels In Homs


http://www.acus.org/files/images/assad.jpgWill Obama intervene based on his  “red line” talk? He best not without Congressional approval.

This video shows medics in a besieged area in Homs city trying to help a person struggling to breath. They say he inhaled poisonous gas sprayed by regime forces in the rebel-held al-Bayada neighborhood.

In February 2009, Kerry led a delegation to engage Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told visiting US members of Congress that the United States should ‘move away from a policy based on dictating decisions and that future relations should be based on a ‘proper understanding’ by Washington of regional issues and on common interests, SANA news agency reported.

John Kerry stated on his return stateside and we quote “Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region”. As usual Kerry is on the wrong side. The side of the traitor. read more

While Susan Rice Diddles Mali Burns – Mali PM Cheick Modibo Diarra arrested by soldiers.

Our President Barack Husein Obama is illegal due to voter fraud, he won by 3.5 million votes. He is in our opinion a sleeper Islamist Jihadist along with Susan Rice.

Pew Research Center published a report revealing election rolls in a shambles nationwide. They found:

  • 24 million invalid or inaccurate voter registrations
  • 1.8 million deceased voters
  • 2.75 million registered in multiple states.

This is the Cloward and Piven way and Motor Voter law is responsible for much of this mess.

Mali’s prime minister Cheick Modibo Diarra has issued a statement resigning hours after he was arrested by soldiers as he prepared to leave the country for France.

The 60-year-old premier is a staunch advocate of plans to send a west African intervention force into the occupied territory to drive out the extremists who are running the zone according to their brutal interpretation of sharia, or Islamic, law.

Citizens have been flogged, had their hands amputated and been stoned to death as punishments for their transgressions.

Cheick Modibo Diarra

Mr Diarra is a noted astrophysicist who has worked on several Nasa space programs and served as Microsoft’s chairperson for Africa Photo: AFP/GETTY read more