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  • A&E is owned by Hearst and ABC/Disney. It would be useful to have a few execs from those organizations as well as the Duck Dynasty advertisers on A&E to send complaints to. Take it upstairs and to their pocketbook!

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  • Sandie

    Need to update contact info for Glenn Beck. None of the info here or at GlennBeck.com allows you to get through to him or his tech people. Specifically, we are trying to contact a moderator of his website to get some nasty vulgar left wingers banned – we are sick of their attacks and there is no one at Becks watching, We need to contact them and have them take action – they responded to a couple emails, but never followed through.

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    • We’ve updated our list based on what we could find for contacts for Glenn Beck and company. We’ll dig deeper and update accordingly. Thank you and God bless you for your love for America and our unalienable rights.

      That said, we appreciate your time visiting us; feel free to send any correspondence or call regarding any areas which you feel PBN could better serve our mission of pushing back against this awful liberal agenda.

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  • Carmen

    I sent out 7 emails and 6 came back ‘undeliverable’ and one came back as the email box was full and would try to be resent once the box was open for more.

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    • Please post which ones came back and we will look into it, They are under a lot of pressure because of their continuous failure to do the right thing.

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  • Time to take America back.

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  • Anonymous

    This is GREAT!!!!!!!!

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