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A partial listing of the Gulen schools throughout the U.S.A. is as follows:

Schools Operated by Daisy Education Corporation

  • Sonorant Science Academy-Tucson Middle-High School 2325 W Sunset Rd., Tucson
  • Sonorant Science Academy-Tucson Elementary School 2325 W Sunset Rd., Tucson
  • Sonorant Science Academy-Broadway Kindergarten – Grade 8, 6880 E Broadway Blvd., Tucson
  • Sonoran Science Academy-Phoenix Kindergarten – Grade 10 4837 E McDowell Rd., Phoenix
  • Daisy Early Learning Academy, 2325 W Sunset Rd., Tucson, AZ
  • Davis Monthan Air Force Base


  • Lisa Academy 21 Corporate Hill Dr., Little Rock
  • Lisa Academy-North 5410 Landers Rd, Sherwood


  • Magnolia Science Academy 1, 18238 Sherman Way, Reseda
  • Magnolia Science Academy 2, 18425 Kittridge St., Reseda
  • Magnolia Science Academy 3, 1444 W Rosecrans Ave., Gardena
  • Magnolia Science Academy 4, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA
  • Magnolia Science Academy 5, 1530 N Wilton Place, Hollywood
  • Magnolia Science Academy 6, San Carlos
  • Momentum Middle School, 6365 Lake Atlin, San Diego
  • Bay Area Technology School (Bay Tech) 4521 Webster St., Oakland
  • Pacific Technology School-San Juan
  • Pacific Technology School-Santa Ana


  • Lotus School for Excellence, Aurora


  • Orlando Science Middle School, 2427 Lynx Lane, Orlando
  • River City Science Academy, 3266 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville
  • Sweet water Branch Academy 1000 NE 16th Ave, Building C, Gainesville
  • Stars Middle School 1234 Blountstown Highway, Tallahassee


  • Fulton Science Academy Middle School, 1675 Hembree Road, Alpharetta
  • Technology Enriched Accelerated Charter High School, 4100 Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta


  • Science Academy of Chicago, Grade 1-Grade 8, 8350 N. Greenwood Ave, Niles
  • Chicago Math and Science Academy Secondary School, 1705 West Lunt Ave, Chicago

Operated by Concept Schools, Inc.

  • Indiana Math and Science Academy, Grade 6-Grade 12, 4575 W 38th Street, Indianapolis


  • Abramson Science and Technology 5552 Read Blvd., New Orleans


  • Chesapeake Science Point Secondary School 1321 Mercedes Drive, Hanover


  • Pioneer Charter School of Science Grade 7- Grade 10, 51-59 Summer Street, Everett


  • Broadside-Frontier Math and Science School Secondary School, 5605 Troost, Kansas City
  • Broadside Charter and Day School Elementary School, 5220 Troost Ave., Kansas City


  • Coral Academy of Science-Las Vegas, 8185 Tamarus St., Las Vegas
  • Coral Academy of Science-Reno Secondary School, 1350 East Ninth Street, Reno
  • Coral Academy of Science- Reno Elementary School, 1701 Valley Road, Reno

New Jersey

  • Bergen Arts and Science Charter School, K-8, 200 MacArthur Ave, Garfield
  • Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology, 276 Wabash Ave., Paterson
  • Tuition Schools
  • Pioneer Academy of Science, K-12, 366 Clifton Avenue, Clifton

Operated by Concept Schools, Inc.

  • Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati Middle School-High School, 1055 Laidlaw Avenue, Cincinnati
  • Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland High School, 6000 South Marginal Rd., Cleveland
  • Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School, 6100 South Marginal Rd. Cleveland
  • Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Elementary School, 6150 South Marginal Rd. Cleveland
  • Horizon Science Academy-Columbus High School 1070 Morse Rd. Columbus
  • Horizon Science Academy-Columbus Middle School 1341 Bethele Road, Columbus
  • Horizon Science Academy-Columbus Elementary School, 2835 Morse Rd., Columbus
  • Horizon Science Academy-Dayton, 545 Odlin Ave., Dayton
  • Horizon Science Academy – Denison, K-1, Grades 4 – 8, 1700 Denison Avenue, Cleveland
  • Horizon Science Academy – Springfield, Grades 5- 8 630 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43615-6314
  • Horizon Science Academy – Toledo, Toledo High School, 425 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo
  • Noble Academy-Columbus, K-Grade 8, 1329 Bethel Road, Columbus
  • Noble Academy-Cleveland 1200 E. 200th Street, Euclid

Schools operated under the Cosmos Foundation, TX.

  • Dove Science Academy-OKC Secondary School, 919 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City
  • Dove Science Academy-OKC Elementary School, 4901 N Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City
  • Dove Science Academy-Tulsa, 280 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa

Tuition school affiliated with Raindrop Turkish House

  • Bluebonnet Learning Center of Tulsa Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder Education, 280 S Memorial Dr., Tulsa


  • Truebright Science Academy Secondary School, 926 West Sedgley Avenue, Philadelphia
  • Snowdrop Science Academy Pre-School – Grade 7, 233 Seaman Lane, Monroeville

Operated by The Cosmos Foundation

  • Harmony Science Academy-Austin Secondary School, 930 East Rundberg Lane, Austin
  • Harmony School of Science-Austin Kindergarten- Grade 8, 11800 Stonehollow Drive, Suite 100, Austin
  • Harmony Science Academy-North Austin, Grades 6- 10, 1421 Wells Branch Parkway, W Suite 200, Pflugerville
  • Harmony Science Academy-Beaumont, Kindergarten- Grade 10, 4055 Calder Ave, Beaumont
  • Harmony Science Academy-Brownsville
  • Harmony Science Academy-Bryan/ College Station
  • Harmony Science Academy-Dallas Secondary School, 11995 Forestgate Dr., Dallas
  • Harmony Science Academy-Dallas Elementary School, 11995 Forestgate Dr., Dallas
  • Harmony Science Academy- El Paso, 9405 Betel Dr., El Paso
  • Harmony Science Academy-Fort Worth
  • Harmony Science Academy-Grand Prairie, 1102 NW 7th St, Grand Prairie
  • Harmony Science Academy-Houston Secondary School, 5435 S. Braeswood, Houston
  • Harmony School of Excellence-Houston, Elementary and Secondary School, 7340 North Gessner Rd, Houston
  • Harmony School of Innovation-Houston, 9421 West Sam Houston Parkway, South Houston
  • Harmony School of Science-Houston, 13415 W Belford Ave., Sugar Land
  • Harmony Science Academy-Northwest, Kindergarten- Grade 10, 16200 Tomball Parkway, Houston
  • Harmony Science Academy-Laredo, 4401 San Francisco Avenue, Laredo
  • Harmony Science Academy-Lubbock, 1516 53rd Street, Lubbock
  • Harmony Science Academy-San Antonio, 8505 Lakeside Parkway, San Antonio
  • Harmony Science Academy-Waco, 1900 N. Valley Mills Dr., Waco
  • Texas Gulf Institute Career Center Adult Education, 9431 W Sam Houston Pkwy., S #203, Houston

Operated by Riverwalk Education Foundation, Inc

  • School of Science and Technology Discovery, K-12, 5707 Bandera Road, Leon Valley
  • School of Science and Technology-San Antonio Secondary School, 1450 NE Loop 410, San Antonio
  • School of Science and Technology-Corpus Christi

Tuition schools affiliated with Raindrop Turkish House

  • Bluebonnet Learning Center of Houston Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder
  • Education, 9303 W Sam Houston Parkway South, Suite 200, Houston
  • Bluebonnet Learning Center of Dallas Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder Education, 1416 E Collins Blvd., Richardson
  • Bluebonnet Learning Center of El Paso Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder Education 9405 Betel Dr., El Paso


  • Beehive Science and Technology Academy, Secondary School, 1011 Murray Holiday Rd., Salt Lake City


  • Wisconsin Career Academy Middle-High School, 4801 S 2nd Street, Milwaukee

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