USA’s PBN Welcomes PM Benjamin “Bibi“ .@Netanyahu “For Such A Time is This…“ #Purim #Fast&Pray #Israel

In the Prime Minister of Israel’s own words…

“I’m going to Washington on a fateful, even historic, mission,” he said as he boarded his plane in Tel Aviv. “I feel that I am an emissary of all Israel’s citizens, even those who do not agree with me, and of the entire Jewish people,” ~Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu  (Reuters)

spoken March 1st, 2015 as Benjamin “Bibi“ Netanyahu was boarding his plane from Israel to the United States in order to give a highly important speech Tuesday morning to our United States Congress.

Bibi’s speech before Congress will air on FoxNews Channel Tuesday morning. Check your local cable network for details

Mr. Netanyahu will be speaking on a topic of historic importance regarding Iran obtaining Nuclear weapons capabilities and Iran’s hostile intent to use those weapons to destroy Israel and even reach The United States of America.  The Obama administration has been aiding and abetting Iran and other Islamic nations and entities such as IS by not even speaking of the existence of radical Islam, Islamic Jihad or Iran and other Islamic nations to establish a one world order global Islamic Caliphate at the behest and approval of all 57 Islamic States who are members of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) not loosely, affiliated with the UN (United Nations).

For the very first time in the history of our two nation’s allegiance, The President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, the 44th,  has refused to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Christian Broadcasting Network wrote of the historic significance of Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu’s arrival and the apocalyptic Toranical and biblical timing of Bibi’s speech on the eve of Purim, a Holy day of Fasting and prayer for Jews and Christians who celebrate Holy Days in both of their faiths united by the Word.

In the days ahead, Jews around the world will celebrate Purim, a festival the Bible directs us to remember, when the Jewish people were delivered more than 2,000 years ago in Persia (modern day Iran) from an evil anti-Semite –Haman — who had manipulated the king into issuing a decree that would annihilate the Jews.

According to the biblical account, Esther, a Jew, and her cousin, Mordecai, who raised her, were the instruments of deliverance.

This Tuesday, just hours before the Purim holiday begins, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the U.S. Congress, at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner, to explain why his country cannot tolerate the threat from another group of evil anti-Semites in Iran to annihilate the Jews: the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Ayatollah Khamenei and his government…

In the meantime, the gravity of the world situation and the daily reports of the persecution and murder of Christians and Jews has focused the attention of millions of Christians, as well as Jews, on what Netanyahu has to say. Many will pray and intercede, and others will fast, as Esther and her people did in biblical times.

We will pray for Israel, for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s leaders, for wisdom for our own leaders, and for discernment to navigate the dangerous waters ahead. Who knows whether, as in the days of Esther and Mordecai, the address wasn’t appointed “for such a time as this…

~ John Waage, Senior Editor CBN

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Choice words and phrases excerpted and proper attribution given to authors/publishers and the rest (article portions not in block quotes) written by M. Katherine Orts & Pastor David A. Orts founders of “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth“ for The Glory of God IJN+ #USA #ProIsrael #ShalomJerusalem

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Witness Describes U.S. Backed Anti-Christian Attack On Syrian Village

Lee Stranahan traveled over 7,000 miles  to hear this story.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was in the comfort of my Dallas condo reporting on the story of the U.S. backed rebel coalition attacks on the small Christian village of Maaloula, about 45 minutes north of Damascus, Syria. I was getting all my information from the internet. The reports were sketchy and solid facts were hard to come by. I felt called to travel to the Middle East and try to get the real story.

Now I was in Lebanon, sitting on a sofa with a woman who was attacked in Maaloula because she was a Christian.

All America needs to hear this. She’s describing an attack on Christians that the Obama Administration and Republicans like John McCain enabled. It’s even more ominous because read more

Assad Warns of Retaliation for US Strike on Syria

Britain US Syria KerryAssads threats to USA should make a profound difference to the Poser President Obama and his minion RINO entourage and two-faced treasonus lap dog Kerry. No one, not a soul that PBN has talked with thinks that we, the USA are in jeopardy unless we DO attack Syria.

Obama once again chooses the chit that hurts the USA. Wake up!  -PBN


WASHINGTON AP — Syrian President Bashar Assad has warned there will be “repercussions” against any U. S. military strike launched in response to a chemical weapons attack in his country.”You should expect everything,” Assad said in an interview with CBS taped in Damascus. “Not necessarily from the government. Its not only the government … in this region. You have different parties, you have different factions, you have different ideology.”Asked if he was making a threat of a direct military response to any such attack, Assad was vague, saying at one point, “I am not fortune teller to tell you whats going to happen.”President Barack Obama is seeking authorization from Congress to launch what the administration says would be a limited-scope attack against Syria in reprisal for Assads purported use of chemical weapons. Assad has denied it and argued read more

McCain’s New Resolution Changes Goal Of Mission: No Vote For Syrian War Turns To Yes



USA, The US Senate just approved a US Military strike upon Assad’s strongholds in Syria with an addendum. The McCain Resolution. The vote goes next, directly to the United States House floor, to be voted upon according to US Senate sources. We have taken, for all appearance’s sake, the side of our Islamic enemies the Syrian Rebels whom are entrenched with al-Qaeda leadership and terrorists.

The United States is in a “catch 22″ regarding read more

Top 5 Reasons Not to Use Missile Strikes in Syria

There are press reports that the White House is considering missile strikes on the Assad regime in Syria to punish it for the use of chemical weapons. That is a bad idea for five reasons.

1. The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine is not adequate justification for direct military intervention. This dangerous doctrine, promoted at the United Nations, undermines U.S. sovereignty by arguing for an obligation of nations to intervene. As Heritage’s legal expert on sovereignty matters, Steve Groves, explains: read more

Rape: Syria’s Young Christian Women Bearing Brunt of Civil War



“It’s scary. We hear a lot of bad stories about what is happening around us. On the streets there are soldiers everywhere. We see smoke from fighting and hear bombings all the time.”

Those are the words of Youmna a 13 year old Christian girl who lives in Damascus, Syria, with her 10 year old sister Nashita.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, approximately 100,000 people have been killed in the civil war between government forces and rebels. The death total includes 5,000 children under the age of 16. The conflict began on March 2011.

The report by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, released by Open Doors USA, estimates there have been more than 100,000 casualties since the war’s beginning in 2011.

Five thousand of those casualties are children under the age of 16.

Open Doors spokesman Jerry Dykstra told WND that a disproportionate number of the casualties are young Christian women and girls.

“The fact is there have been reports of rape of women and girls in Christian communities of Syria. In some of the areas, students stay home from school and church. One report said 5,000 children 16 and below have been killed in the war,” Dykstra said.

International Christian Concern’s Middle East area specialist Todd Daniels says that non-Muslim Christian women are the target of a fatwa, a religious instruction under Islam.

“Women, especially those who are non-Sunni, have been particularly affected by the influx of militant Islamic extremists,” Daniels said. “They have taken to abusing non-Sunni women who are viewed as infidels or worse.”

He said the fatwa is an “example of the kind of ideology that is not only permitting but in some instances even encouraging treatment of these women in what is really an inhumane way.”

The fatwa was issued by Jordan-born Salafi cleric Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni, who said Muslims fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can legally “capture and have sex with all non-Sunni women.”

Daniels says that means the sheik is permitting rape of all non-Muslim women. Even though the fatwa includes all non-Sunni women, he said, Syria’s Christian women are getting the worst treatment.


Obama, CIA Arming Syrian Rebels With Missiles Following ‘Secret Order’

Media Admits Massive Military Support

The Obama administration, partnered with the CIA, is engaged in arming the Syrian rebels (who openly behead Christians and innocents to raging crowds) with weapons of war following a 2012 ‘secret order’ by Obama as reported in a Reuters breaking news story.


By Anthony Gucciardi

It turns out that when you dig deep enough through all of the mainstream media mud, you can start to make sense of things. Even with extremely complex shadow operations like the one we see going on with the Syrian rebels, who are being backed by the Obama administration in what the media pretends is a completely acceptable act of support. In fact, the story now coming from intelligence insiders is that Benghazi was a smokescreen event in order to shuffle in thousands of missiles to the Syrian rebels.

read more

Syrian Rebels Establishing a New Islamic Society via Ethnic Cleansing

[jwplayer config=”PBN” mediaid=”39977″]

According to this video, if one is Syrian or a Syrian citizen and sides with Islam there is hope.  If one is Syrian, is Christian or Jewish and believes that Islam is not the path to Freedom or a Free Society then there is torture and death at the hands of the Syrian Rebels.  Obama and his Islamic potentates within his executive office, global Islamic confidantes, traitors et al, via al Qaeda, the FSA’s  “Free Syrian Army’s” hands are covered with blood and are all guilty of genocide by aiding and abetting this enemy.  Obama is a War Criminal as are all these barbarians who uphold Islam and murder all those who oppose the lie of a “peaceful Religion.” Islam is a militant, political, ideological government bent on the total destruction of all of Western Civilization in order to establish a “One World Islamic global caliphate.” If it means cutting off hundreds of millions of “Kafir’s” heads (a Kafir according to Islam is a Non-Muslim “dog/pig” worse than a non-believer considered to be the vilest trash) then so be it says Islam’s purports such as Egypt’s former President Muhammed Morsi.

“For us, The Infidels  are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam! ” – al Qaeda  members fighting in Syria

Islam will even cannibalize its own if they don’t think they have enough control over them. Islam stoops to the lowest of depravity when it recruits, tortures, kidnaps, rapes and kills children who don’t bend swiftly enough to Islam’s will. Islam is hell on earth and a picture of what awaits its own self-appointed torturers who believe the Islamically debunked myth of the “72 virgins” being in the quran awaiting  martyrdom for deceived jihadists. Hell awaits such evil. What is happening in Syria and elsewhere is Islamic Jihad  and is nothing short of ethnic cleansing in the name of Islam.  It has happened time and time again all over the world.  Remember Serbia’s ethnic cleansing in the name of Islam? It must stop. The West is Islam’s enemy stated by Islam’s Imams and says the Koran and the prophet Muhammad’s teachings in the Hadith.  Why are we allowing fellow Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist and Non-Muslims in Syria, Egypt, Africa, Tunisia, Indonesia, Europe and around the entire globe to be slaughtered in the Name of Islam?  It is not for Freedom’s sake Islam fights.  It is for control, over every aspect of a person’s life.  Stand now. Speak now. Or forever be beholden to Islam or beheaded. ~ PBN

IRS Exempts Terrorists Over Tea Party

Obama is Islamic. What Christian or Jew Would Go into A Catholic Church and Cover a Cross? ..None.  But Obama did do such a despicable thing because he is not a Christian. He is a devout Muslim and as such believes that all Christians/Catholics/Jews are "Infidels" = "Worse than an Unbeliever." According to the Koran with which he is so familiar unlike the Bible.

Obama is Islamic.

Our government was designed to be of  The People, by The People and for The People. But the Obama administration has made nothing but mortal  mistakes (intentional?) and a sickening mockery of Our Nation, Her Constitution and our Liberties. These impostors in congress and the White House have won favor with the sycophantic left wing media are using Islam and our own against us. This administration supports those who hate our people, loathe our liberty and are hell bent on destroying us physically and financially. -PBN read more

Assad says there is “popular pressure” to open a military front against Israel

syria_regime_loyalists_138798512_fullwidth_620x350As the Obama presidency continues to practice taqiyya and hudna to the West, while showing  it’s  weakness and pro Islamic agenda to the world. A violent tone is being created by those our POTUS  has given a pass and weapons to in the middle east. For those who want to pushback regarding the drone agenda or the taking out of  UBL (perhaps) let us remind you that it was real men of character Bush, Cheney and the Rumsfeld team that facilitated the years of safety. It wasn’t until the Islamic sympathizing, Jew hating left came to power that the Midde East started to dissolve into violence and we her in the USA have had terrorist attacks. read more

Assad Uses Nerve Gas Against Syrian Rebels In Homs Obama intervene based on his  “red line” talk? He best not without Congressional approval.

This video shows medics in a besieged area in Homs city trying to help a person struggling to breath. They say he inhaled poisonous gas sprayed by regime forces in the rebel-held al-Bayada neighborhood.

In February 2009, Kerry led a delegation to engage Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told visiting US members of Congress that the United States should ‘move away from a policy based on dictating decisions and that future relations should be based on a ‘proper understanding’ by Washington of regional issues and on common interests, SANA news agency reported.

John Kerry stated on his return stateside and we quote “Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region”. As usual Kerry is on the wrong side. The side of the traitor. read more

Revolutionary Guard & Hezbollah: Long-term Mission USA Targets & Multiple Terrorist Attacks

Mosques in the United States are the key source for terrorist funding. Where is our FBI?

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is alive and well in the U.S. and the country’s law enforcement officials ignore them at their peril, according to former U. S. Air Force officer Steven O’Hern. FBI and the IRS were unavailable for comment.

“In the United States, the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah have a long-term mission of gathering intelligence on homeland targets and maintaining the capability to deliver multiple terrorist attacks if the IRGC chooses to do so,” O’Hern said. “I say ‘maintain’ because the Guard has already developed it.”

O’Hern says that the Revolutionary Guard, long an influential factor in the radical Islamic regime in Iran, does most of its surveillance and intelligence gathering through its proxy force, Hezbollah, considered by many to be a terror group. read more