A Bowl Full of Reid’s Cherries For The Pickins At Americans Peril & Eternal Expense #MakeDCListen


There seems to be a stealth master plan of sorts to utilize a variety of Federal Government agencies for nefarious purposes aimed at diminishing or, removing altogether, the rights of the average hard-working, tax paying American citizen. Every State in the union should be on high alert that they might be next for Federal mandated selection by any variety of Federal ‘tools’ such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  to selectively pinpoint Americans staying true to the US Constitution and to Liberty within it’s well defined text as stated in The Declaration of Independence. We here at USDefenseLeague challenge all 50 States to immediately re-claim all non-ceded, or previously ceded lands and territories back from the increasing usurper of rights and freedoms the US Federal Government. We, like the Bundy’s believe that every State in our US Republic is sovereign. We are Federalists. That means we believe in State’s rights trumping Federal rights as per the 10th Amendment in our US Constitution.

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So we begin, at the beginning, with environmentally micro-focused and extraordinarily mis-aligned executor of all things Federal, the current US Senate Majority Leader  (D-Nevada) Harry Reid. Senator Reid’s pet projects just can’t get any wilder or should we say carnivorous! Just look here: read more

Live Streaming Lunar Eclipse: First of Four Blood Red Moons – Anonymous Chat Open


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August 4th, 2013: Americans politically attuned knew their POTUS celebrated his birthday. Some knew that it was a high holy day in Islam’s Ramadan. Most probably don’t know the significance of astronomy with biblical events in our past, let alone our present and our civilization’s future. read more

Obama Left #FortHood Families For Fundraising AGAIN Today- Day Of Memorial



From candor to sincerity we here at USDefenseLeague/PushBackNow  join Mark Levin and Glenn Beck  in voicing their disgust of the publicly shameful, repetitively so, actions of our POTUS Barack Hussein Obama.

Mark Levin said that he’s both ashamed and disgusted that the Obamas are going to be glad handing at fundraisers a mere few hours after they attend the memorial service for our slain military at Fort Hood. Mark Levin

“The president is actually spending more time fundraising in Texas than honoring those who were murdered at Fort Hood at the memorial ceremony,” Levin said, clearly angry but speaking with a somber tone. “I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, I believe this man is a disgrace.”

“I don’t know how you leave such a solemn event and then within hours you’re glad-handing you’re fundraising as if you can turn it off and turn it on,” he continued. “No, I’m sorry, that’s a disgrace and he’s a disgrace.” Glenn Beck

Last week on April 2nd, 2014 USDefenseLeague reported live streaming updates on the horrific tragedy that took place at Fort Hood Army Base. It was the second unthinkable mass shooting of US Military that has taken place at US Army Base Fort Hood in Fort Hood Texas. When the President, of our exceptional nation The United States of America heard, he took a few minutes out of his busy pre-planned fundraiser activities to share some few minutes of apparent sentiment.

Today April 9th, 2014, again, the President is AGAIN fundraising. And he is doing the same exact thing he did the day of FortHood’s second mass shooting, except he’s staying for the Memorial Service in its entirety before hustling to join Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in order to sit down to their fundraising dinner “where tickets start at $16,200 a person and go up to $64,800 for a couple.” In the midst of our nation’s suffering, the Obamas are shamelessly read more

The Great Climate Change Lie & More Proof Why

It’s already been seen that the IPCC will do all it can to defraud the world with their pseudo science. Everyone remembers the Hockey stick fraud and attempted cover up. Funny thing about the truth is that it never dies.   And the fraudulent report by Dr. Cook which failed from every angle to share even a reasonable representation of the truth. (visit links below).


It’s time to continue sharing the truth America, and every red blooded citizen of these Great United States and freedom lovers around the world whoseek capital ‘T’ Truth first have some more wonderful truth to share with others.  So let’s get going and tell the frauds and nihilists to take a hike!  In love of course.

IPCC: “Risk of severe harm for large urban populations due to inland flooding.”

NIPCC: “No changes in precipitation patterns, snow, monsoons, or river flows that might be considered harmful to human well-being or plants or wildlife have been observed that could be attributed to rising CO2 levels. What changes have been observed tend to be beneficial.”

…”Many climate scientists say they “believe in man-made global warming” even though their own research contradicts key points in the arguments advanced in support of that hypothesis.”

By Joseph Bast

This week, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is releasing its latest report, the “Working Group II Contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report.” Like its past reports, this one predicts apocalyptic consequences if mankind fails to give the UN the power to tax and regulate fossil fuels and subsidize and mandate the use of alternative fuels. But happily, an international group of scientists I have been privileged to work with has conducted an independent review of IPCC’s past and new reports, along with the climate science they deliberately exclude or misrepresent.

Our group, called the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), was founded in 2003 by a distinguished atmospheric physicist, S. Fred Singer, and has produced five hefty reports to date, the latest being released today.

So how do the IPCC and NIPCC reports differ? The final draft of the IPCC’s Summary for Policymakers identifies eight “reasons for concern” which media reports say will remain the focus of the final report. The NIPCC reports address each point too, also summarizing their authors’ positions in Summaries for Policymakers. This provides a convenient way to compare and contrast the reports’ findings.

Please visit these other important links and truths.

97% Study Falsely Classifies Scientists’ Papers, according to the scientists that published them.

The Ann “G.W.” Curry Global Warming Dog and Pony Show

Here’s what the reports say: read more

97% Study Falsely Classifies Scientists’ Papers, according to the scientists that published them.

The AGW scare is a politically & financially motivated fraud. The purpose is to latch onto citizens and nations with carbon demands, laws and taxes and helps the fascists in power create new ways to control the population by sucking money out of our pockets and into their coffers.

Please read the in-depth reports and dozens of support  links on The Ann “G.W.” Curry Global Warming Dog and Pony Show article.

The paper, Cook et al. (2013) ‘Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature‘ searched the Web of Science for the phrases “global warming” and “global climate change” then categorizing these results to their alleged level of endorsement of AGW. These results were then used to allege a 97% consensus on human-caused global warming. To get to the truth, I emailed a sample of scientists whose papers were used in the study and asked them if the categorization by Cook et al. (2013) is an accurate representation of their paper. Their responses are eye opening and evidence that the Cook et al. (2013) team falsely classified scientists’ papers as “endorsing AGW”, apparently believing to know more about the papers than their authors. read more

Missing #MalaysianAirlines #FlightMH370 Mystery Moves Off Coast of #PerthAustralia


Breaking News potentially for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Boeing 777-200:

The multi-international search is now being narrowly and solely focused in the Southern Indian Ocean about 1,550 miles south-west of Perth, Australia. Fox News and News.com/au both report that the Australian government has provided satellite images potentially revealing two large pieces of debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 floating in the Indian Ocean (up to 9,800 feet deep) off of the Coast of Perth Australia. More details will be provided as concrete evidence is physically examined.

australia.2pieces.item1_debris.malaysia.flightMH370We noticed that both of the satellite images (object 1 and object 2) are dated March 16th, 2014 and were both labeled “unclassified.” Perhaps this evidence has already been examined and the government of Australia was just waiting for some sort of media release to be cleared with multi-international governments? That’s our guess. We will keep you updated. ~Michelle K. Orts w/ husband David A. Orts for PBN

The global search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has its best new lead, with possible debris spotted in water west of Australia.

Military aircraft and merchant ships are racing to a position in the southern Indian Ocean about 2500 kilometres southwest of Perth, read more

Feedback Invited On Ringing Cell Phones & Working Theories on #MalaysianFlightMH370 ‘s Mysterious Disappearance


Updated [3:33pmEST]: Relatives Who are Calling the Cell Phones of Missing Passengers on #MalaysianFlightMH370 Are Still Ringing But Get Disconnected, No Answer.

According to [16:32] Reporter Zhang Rui, 19 families signed a joint statement requesting Malaysian Airlines to disclose the truth to them, and explain why they could get through to their family members’ cell phones but they could not hear anything and the calls hung up. They submitted the telephone numbers to the airline, which failed to response their questions with active measures. In response, angry family members threw water bottles at the spokesman, and vowed to protest in front of the Malaysian Embassy to China if Malaysia Airlines didn’t disclose the truth of the incident.

[16:16] When asked about why the phone of a passenger on board was reachable but then hung up, Ong Ming Choy, representative of Malaysia Airlines, replied that he dialed that number several times but no one answered.  Relevant departments have been informed of the matter and an investigation is under way. – china.org.en

Usually no news is good news so goes the old cliché. However not when we are talking about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370, a Boeing 777-200 full of 239 human souls. It remains missing (as of this moment publishing time.)  The flight’s sudden disappearance was noticed in early hours of the morning less than one hour into its flight time. It was scheduled to depart Saturday 12:41 am (Friday afternoon ET) with an arrival to Beijing at 6:30am the same day. It had enough fuel for the journey of five hours with two extra hours of fuel on board.  Around 1:30 am air traffic controllers in Subang, outside Kuala Lumpur lost contact with the plane as it was flying over Malaysia and Vietnam.

Questions as well as intensely explosive emotions are being expressed in frustration to those in charge of the investigation to stop giving pat answers and simply find the missing:

BEIJING — The anguished hours had turned into a day and a half. Fed up with awaiting word on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, relatives of passengers in Beijing lashed out at the carrier with a handwritten ultimatum and an impromptu news conference.

Faced with an emergency, the airline said it was read more

Official #MaylasianFlightMH370 Passenger Manifest w/Exception of 2 Stolen Passports


Official Maylasian Airlines Flight MH370 Passenger manifest for the missing 777 Boeing may be viewed as online pdf.

Please note that there are two passengers listed that were not on board the plane as their passports had been previously stolen in Thailand in 2012

~MKO for PBN

H/T Wall Street Journal

Live Streaming Feed updates on MalaysianFlightMH370 via WSJ

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Two Oil Slicks Surface On Ocean Possible Signs Of #MalaysianFlightMH370 [Streaming Live Updates via WSJ]



Breaking News Update on Missing Malaysian Flight MH370

Vietnamese search aircraft may have spotted two oil slicks that could be from the jet engines of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which was a twin-engine Boeing 777 jetliner, the government said on its website.

The search pilots spotted two possible oil slicks each 10-15 kilometers in length, about 500 meters apart, some 140 kilometers south of Tho Chu island off southern Vietnam, the statement said.


Twitter feed by Staff Reporter:

Gaurav Raghuvanshi at The Wall Street Journal Singapore


Live Streaming Feed updates on MalaysianFlightMH370 via WSJ

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Conflicting “Official” Reports On Crash #MalaysianFlightMH370


Many awaiting official news in what looks like a devastating crash of Malaysian flight MH370 are experiencing conflicting news reports from state run media who are not used to “Freedom of The Press” Let us hope that ‘We The People’ will never accept such a fate. ~MKO for PBN

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Washington: A passenger jet carrying 239 people that reportedly lost contact with Malaysian Airlines is said to have crashed into the ocean, Vietnam media revealed.

Navy Admiral Ngo Van Phat, Commander of the Region 5, was quoted by Tuoi Tre, a leading daily in Vietnam, saying that the military radar recorded that the plane crashed into the sea at a location 153 miles South of Phu Quoc island.

The Vietnam Emergency Rescue Center announced that it found signal of the missing plane120 miles South West of Ca Mau cape, the Southern-most point of Vietnam.

The signal is believed to be the ELT (Emergency Locator Transmittor) , which can be activated manually by the flight crew or automatically upon impact.

Flight MH 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing had lost contact with the Subang Air Traffic Control at about 2:40 a.m. local time and was suspected to have run out of fuel.

Malaysia Airlines Vice President of Operations Control, Fuad Sharuji, said that they had no idea where the read more

Vietnam Navy Confirms #MalaysianFlightMH370 Crashed Into Sea


Latest Breaking Update:

Thanhniennews reports that a Malaysia Airlines plane en route to China that went missing on Saturday morning with 239 people on board was found crashing off Vietnam’s southern island, a senior navy official has confirmed.

Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper quoted Rear Admiral Ngo Van Phat, political commissar of the Fifth Naval Region as saying that they detected the ill-fated airplane some 153 nautical miles (300 kilometers) from Tho Chu Island in the Mekong Delta Province of Kien Giang.
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USS Truxtun En Route to Black Sea Russia/Ukraine War Ships [VIDEO]

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CNN and Russia Today are the only two media outlets initially reporting that one of our own US destroyers, The USS Truxtun is en route to the Black Sea. Russia Today seems to be poking fun at the mission calling it a “previously planned exercise” which is incidentally the exact same verbage being used by the Russians explaining their presence in the Black Sea.  Russia has sunk, not just one decommissioned ship, but two in their attempts to block the only navigable entryway into the Ukraine territory of the Black sea. ~MKO for PBN

The US Navy guided missile destroyer, the USS Truxton, crossed the Dardanelles on its way to the Black Sea amidst the turmoil in Ukraine. The Dardanelles is a narrow stretch of water in Turkey that separates Europe and Asia. The Truxton still has to pass through the Bosphorus Straights in Istanbul before it reaches the Black Sea. The Truxton is part of the Arleigh Burke class of destroyer and is among the largest destroyers ever built for the US navy. It is designed as a multi-role warship with anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and anti-surface capabilities. The US military said on Thursday it was a routine deployment for “previously planned exercises”scheduled long before the current crisis in Ukraine. The USS Truxton is to carry out training exercise with the Romanian and Bulgarian navies, both members of NATO, which involve joint maneuvers including landing aircraft on ships. “Truxton’s operations in the Black Sea were scheduled well in advance of her departure from the US,” said Lieutenant Shawn Eklund, a spokesman for the US military. The Truxton is part of the George HW Bush Carrier Strike Group, which recently entered the Mediterranean and is training with regional navies. Ukrainian bloggers share the images of the nuclear aircraft carrier with the hashtag #Aquamaidan, in reference to Euromaidan, which was the epicenter of the anti-government protests in Kiev. The USS Truxton will join the USS Taylor as the only two US vessels in the Black Sea. The Taylor, a guided missile frigate, is moored in Samsun, Turkey after running aground in February. This comes as Poland’s defense minister, Tomasz Siemoniak, said on Thursday that the US air force will send 12 F-16 fighter jets and 300 service personnel to Poland next week to take part in a training exercise, whose size has been expanded in response to the crisis in Ukraine. The exercise will be centered on the Lask air force base in central Poland and was originally only to have involved transport aircraft. The US military also announced on Thursday that a further six F-15 fighter jets will be sent to Lithuania to help step up NATO patrols in the region. Source: