#BreakingNews Nationwide #BlackLivesMatter VS Police &USMilitary – Protestors Throwing Rocks

USDefenseLeague.com – M. Katherine Orts reporting on Atlanta, Georgia protesters versus Georgia State Police and what appears to be members of US Military/National Guard forces assembling. We will be updating throughout the night AND the same is being seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All happening now.

Time 12:54AM CT Happening LIVE now in Phoenix, AZ 10:55PM MST Local Time

Protesters are throwing rocks at police in Phoenix, AZ
#BlackLivesMatter is acting like stone throwing Moslems

Earlier in Phoenix as tear gas was flowing:

Black Lives Matter is a global movement
London, England today

Another #BLM protest Detroit, MI

Crowd of protesters are clearly chanting “Black Lives Matter”

Time Stamp 9:07PM CT Baton Rouge LA

One hour ago a citizen took this video in GA. This is a developing story.

Another picture of Atlanta, Georgia highway shutdown as reported by Fox News’ The Oreilly Factor
a standoff between protesters and Georgia State Police H/T USDefenseLaague’s own David A. Orts for photo

Here’s a video of same Atlanta Georgia Black Lives Matter protest vs GA State Patrol shutting down highway


This video below was from Oakland, California BlackLivesMatter protestor (LAST NIGHT’s protests same night as #Dallas #TX BLM sniper massacre) walking onto active highway allmost causing multiple collisions throwing fireworks at cars

#KNIFE Wielding #IslamicTerrorist #ISIS Kills #Paris Police Officer&Wife Orphans 3yrOld Boy

France – International Breaking News due to Islamic Terror

Magnanville- Suburb of Paris – A Muslim knife wielding Islamic terrorist, revealed to be ISIS member per IS associated media, shouted “Allah Akbar,” killed a French police officer, Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, a deputy chief of the judicial police at the Les Mureaux police station, age 42 and his wife who was also a French Police Officer. The ISIS attacker left behind, a now orphaned, three-year old little boy who was rescued by Elite Raid police (French SWAT) but not in time enough to save the boy’s parents.


M. Katherine Orts reporting for PushBackNow.com in association with WorldWideBroadcasters.com
“Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name above all Names!

Video Credit RT

H/T to Jahbalon who pointed out this story earlier than all International News Media

#MAGA Full Video @realDonaldTrump #TrumpRally #SouthBend #IN (5-2-16) #TrumpTrain

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Obama @POTUS Might Try to Run a 3rd Term If @hillaryclinton Goes to Jail

A grand jury was convened. It is official that there wouldn’t be offers of immunity given to witnesses in association with the FBI’s investigation of former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton if it were otherwise. So if she, Hillary Clinton, does get tried and convicted of a felony for mishandling top secret national security-related information in which Mr. Obama doesn’t pardon? Well then. Obama might just saunter on in to rescue the Democrats with a third term run for the Presidency. I don’t think he’s tired yet of the fundraisers, the golfing, the baseball games, the selfies or the Tango.

The background behind the AP video. Obama was the first sitting US President to visit Kenya and the very first to address the African Union in Ethiopia Africa, when he said,

“I actually think I’m a pretty good President. I believe if I ran again I could win.”  July 28, 2015 Barack Obama in Ethiopia

It’s just a theory. But it’s a theory floating around, based on Barack Obama’s own words, one that we discussed previously in our July 28th, 2015 article “Obama returns to Satan’s original crime-scene Garden of Eden #Ethiopia Says “If I ran again I could win” #3rdTerm #TheVote [5VIDEOS]

The theory has popped up again by another political commentator/writer Jamie Dech writing for EagleRising

And it’s a truly scary theory especially if you aren’t a secular leftist leaning individual, which none of us are, reporting here.


“Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name! 

M. Katherine Orts writing/reporting for PushBackNow.com & USDefenseLeague.com in conjunction with WorldWideBroadcasting.com #USA #ProIsrael #USMilitary #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter


.@realDonaldTrump Visits #Wisconsin #TheHingeState for #USA #Superior #WIPrimary [ExclusiveFILM] via @drdaveorts & @WWBroadcasters

Today, April 5th, 2016 is the Wisconsin Primary. Votes will be cast from 7AM til 8pm Central Time. Please everyone in Wisconsin, who supports Mr. Donald J. Trump for our next US President, get out and vote for The Donald! #SMARTWOMEN4TRUMP #REALMEN4DJT #TRUMPARMY #TRUMPTRAIN #ALWAYSTRUMP #ONLYTRUMP #WOMENFORTRUMP #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN and all other great people who support Mr. Trump and use #TRUMP hashtags galore…

My husband, a film maker, who is also a Pastor among many other giftings, David Orts, attended US Presidential Republican candidate Donald J. Trump’s rally in Superior, WI yesterday.

David is a multi-talented man who is charismatic, jovial, rough around the edges, brutally honest, yet very generous and kind man, not unlike, The Donald. He didn’t get a chance to get a one on one interview with the very busy Republican candidate, Mr. Trump, but he did capture some amazing video of what it’s like, as a supporter, to be in the heart of a high energy Trump rally.

“Wisconsin The Hinge State” film was born.  It is about 15 minutes in length.

I encourage all aboard the #TrumpTrain to watch this mini documentary film Wisconsin The Hinge State” which my husband David Orts @drdaveorts produced. Please share it broadly via Twitter/FB however you desire.

It has been our (David’s and my) observation, on social media there are many associated with #CruzCrew #NeverTrump #AlwaysCruz that seem to be extremely wounded, angry and confused right now for a variety of reasons. And there are many still undecided voters across all party lines  that need to know we Trump supporters would welcome them to jump aboard with us on this journey to the White House in 2016.

Since both Republican camp’s supporters, Cruz and Trump, are mainly comprised of Conservatives and most are also Christians, we must lead the way to be uniters not dividers. Let us who support @realDonaldTrump lead by Christ-like examples as best as we can, being true to ourselves yet truer to God by the Power of Jesus Holy Spirit, for the very survival of our nation, and the future of all Americans is at stake now in this next Presidential election. We have to elect a solid, strong, takes no nonsense leader who is led of The Lord Jesus in all he says and does even if he doesn’t know it yet.

For those in the “establishment” who would say or do anything to prevent the Trump movement from proceeding, we ask you to please stop interfering with the overwhelming will of “We The People.” Please ask Ohio Governor John Kasich to step down and suspend his campaign? He is doing nothing other than interfering with what should be a two-man race between the two remaining Republican candidates who started out of seventeen initial competitors.

There are rumors swirling that Reince Priebus has been speaking with Speaker Paul Ryan and that the “establishment” will try to insert him as their choice in a contested convention. America doesn’t need such elitist hogwash shoved upon us. We The People who love God, Family, our US Military our allies such as Israel, can truly decide who we want to lead our nation. We are educated, we see clearly, we read, we write, we teach, we talk, we preach, we work, we laugh, we cry, we suffer, we fight, we pray, we perservere. We will decide and you will not steal this election away from us.

Oh and Mark Levin, you say you are a friend to Donald? Please start acting like one.

Donald J. Trump has what it takes to lead a family, multiple companies, and a nation as grand as ours. In order to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain we are certain he will depend upon the Grace, Mercy & Wisdom of God listening to wise council delegating hard tasks that need specific qualified talents. Mr. Trump has shown his learning curve is swift. He is deft at acquiring knowledge and adapting at new challenges. He is up for the job of President of the United States.

May God Bless Donald and his wife Melania, all his children, and grandchildren and all who surround him in his entire sphere of influence in Jesus Holy & Precious Name above all Names. Yeshua Ha Mashiach’s Name

M. Katherine Orts wife to Pastor and film-maker David A. Orts writing and reporting for WorldWideBroadcasting in association with PushBackNow.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”



ISIS Allegedly Threatening to Crucify Priest on #GoodFriday+ #Pray4FatherTom #CCOT #TrumpTrain #CruzCrew #USA #USMilitary

Father Tom Uzhunnalil has been missing since March 4th, 2016 The Priest from the Silesian order in of Bangalore, India was serving at Missionaries of Charity Home in Yemen when Father Tom was allegedly  taken captive by ISIS

Fears are growing for a priest believed to have been kidnapped by ISIS as sickening reports suggest he may be crucified on Good Friday.

Father Tom Uzhunnalil was seized when four armed militants stormed an old people’s home in Aden in Yemen on March 4.

The gunmen killed 16 people, including four nuns, in the brutal attack on the home run by the in a brutal raid which killed 16 people including four nuns.

No group has come forward to claim responsibility for the kidnap of the priest, who was a member of the Silesian order in of Bangalore, India, but a survivor said ISIS was to blame.

Now reports shared on social media suggest the priest faces being brutally tortured this Friday as Christians mark the day Jesus died.

The Franciscan Sisters of Siessen , based in South Africa, posted on Facebook: “Was informed that the Salesian priest, Fr.Tom who was kidnapped by ISIS from the Missionaries of Charity Home in Yemen is being tortured and is going to be crucified on Good Friday.

“This calls for serious concerted prayers from all of us.”


Source of Story/Video Mirror.co.uk H/T w/ Major Kudos

In addition Free Republic stated:

Since the reports were posted, members of Fr Tom’s order have stepped forward to deny them.

However they are unable to say where the priest may be held or whether he is alive or dead.

Father Mathew Valarkot, spokesman for the Salesians’ Bangalore province to which the kidnapped priest belongs, said: “We have absolutely no information on Fr Tom.

“But even today we do not know who has taken him and what their motives are because no one has claimed responsibility.”

Earlier this month, the sole survivor of the brutal attack, Sister Sally, described how the militants, who she said belonged to ISIS, killed everyone else.


M. Katherine Orts reporting for USDefenseLeague.com in collaboration w/ PushBackNow.com & WorldWideBroadcasters “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”

Our prayers are with Father Tom, and all who serve the Lord Jesus by His Holy Spirit’s Grace Mercy & Providence. We @drdaveorts @michellemeyer10 praying for a miracle for him to be released by ISIS by Divine Holy Intervention in Jesus Precious Name above ALL Names. Amen

All material cross-published w/ proper credit attribution given to all authors/publishers


The Real Donald Trump Has Been A Solid, Stayed Smart Honest Patriot For Well Over 30+ Years @realDonaldTrump


▓▒▒░░░░ The Real Problems are the Establishment Politicians ░░░░▒▒▓

Those of us who see a patriot like Donald J. Trump being questioned, skewered, lied about and ridiculed make us question your patriotism.

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Obama Gave GPS Coordinates to #Iran #USSTruman #Sailors #WWIII #GITMO10 [4VIDEOS]

10 High Risk GITMO terrorists were released one day after Iran’s IRGC released the ten kidnapped US Navy Sailors. Coincidence?

Obama ordered the 10 Muslim terrorists to be temporarily kept at Oman before being released back into battle. Oman is right next to Yemen a hotbed for ISIS training camps and is an Islamic military stronghold.

US sailors were allegedly 50 miles off course however there is normal Navy protocol to get an assist from fellow Navy in vicinity, even French ships were nearby ready to assist if called upon. No, this wasn’t a case of two lost armed US Navy Riverines, this looks like a set up by Obama to place his own Navy in danger to help Iran’s propaganda continue showing US to  be weak and helpless in Iranian waters.

Other Navy Command ships nearby did not hear the request for help. Communications were said to have been down. They were captured by Iran’s IRGC which Obama reportedly did call to inform Iran US sailors needed assistance. Obama allegedly gave our enemy Iran our US Navy’s exact coordinates who went and picked them up, then blindfolded them after filming all their identities. Wonder if those Sailors knew they would be held hostage for 16 hours before being released back to USS Truman aircraft carrier. All ten are being debriefed in Qatar as is normally done in hostage situations. It is not clear if Iran absconded with the two Riverine boats and all the enclosed secret technology. Iran definitely violated the Geneva convention. Obama is a Traitor to our Republic USA. And Allen West is right. We are in WWIII.

Secretary Ash Carter said, “It was a navigational error.” Jennifer Griffin on Greta states there was no sign of mechanical failure on either boat and neither boat attempted to communicate. Iran fired ballistic missiles nearby several days back with no consequences and then allegedly got precise coordinates presumably by Obama himself as stated in Ash Carter’s public press briefing. Iran’s forces proceeded to have their missiles lock onto USS Truman aircraft carrier with armed missiles.

In the meantime, while ten Sailors were unsure of their fate or the fate of their carrier ship USS Truman, Obama ordered ten high level Muslim monster terrorists to be released. They were released and sent to Oden temporarily, supposedly in custody. Oman borders Yemen which is a terror hotbed. Obama also announced that he will release 30 more GITMO Muslim Islamic terrorists by this summer.

– By M. Katherine Orts – Wife to Pastor David A, Orts “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” @pushbacknow

#USA 10 @USNavy #Sailors Traded? For> 10 Muslim #GITMO Terrorists! 1.14.2016 #Gitmo10 [VIDEO]

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Please Read More after this article…#BreakingNews Iran Locked Missiles On Target> #USSTruman Sailors Held Hostage @USNavy

Is that why these Sailors surrendered before their ultimate release by Iran? Don’t miss fact that 10 GITMO terrorists ordered released back into field by Obama yesterday, Thursday (1.14.2016) – by M. Katherine Orts


By M. Katherine Orts Pastor’s wife to David A. Orts @Pushbacknow “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”

Dear Fellow Citizens of The Republic of The United States,

We invite your news tips, comments, if you “see something please say something” to somebody trustworthy to help protect each one of us, our families, co-workers, friends and neighbors. Each one of us must aim for excellence in our individual talents making the most of our time, being good stewards, faithful in our collective and individual callings, helping every loyal US citizen to rise to greatness for every fellow American and every true ally, especially our Mid-East ally Israel, for Father Jehovah God’s Glory in the name of Jesus “Yeshua Ha Mashiach” Word of God Made Flesh and in the Power and Might of The Holy Spirit “for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

A reliable intel source pointed me in the direction of a recently written article, and in my opinion had not yet widely been circulated or connected to the US Sailors plight. My source states that certain politicians will eventually acknowledge that these two incidents “are interconnected.”

Is it a ludicrous “coincidence” that in this same week, of releasing 10 GITMO Muslim high risk Islamic jihadist terrorists, The Islamic Republic of Iran, was allowed to publicly, and for all time record books, humiliate ten (10) of our US Armed Servicemen and one servicewoman who were held hostage?


Thank God all ten Sailors were safely released back to our US Navy.


Who allowed or ordered Iran to force our heroes on their knees to apologize? Did this Commander apologize on his own behalf or others? Was this Sailor, or all, threatened with torture or death by Islamic Iran? This is not our fighting style America. We wish no soldier ever to be in this position. We need more facts to judge rightly.


How was it that it was somehow the @USNavy ‘s fault that Iran was inconvenienced to capture ten (10) of our best in two identically electronically disabled boats? Was there an EMP? Or as The Savage Nation talk show host, author and botanist DR. Michael Savage stated on his show last night asked if someone, maybe Obama himself, gave Iran access codes to US Navy boats?

Who, where, why, what and when exactly were our US Sailors set up? Were they to be used as pawns? To be traded as assets by Obama and his administration?

10 US Sailor heroes > for 10 Muslim monster Islamic #Manimals murderers intent on continuing Jihad wherever able upon their release.

In this photo, reviewed by a U.S. Department of Defense official, a Guantanamo detainee's feet are shackled to the floor as he attends a "Life Skills" class inside the Camp 6 high-security detention facility at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base April 27, 2010. REUTERS/Michelle Shephard/Pool

In this photo, reviewed by a U.S. Department of Defense official, a Guantanamo detainee’s feet are shackled to the floor as he attends a “Life Skills” class inside the Camp 6 high-security detention facility at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base April 27, 2010. REUTERS/Michelle Shephard/Pool

#GITMO10 release is happening today #USA Be prayerfully prepared always in all ways in Jesus Name above all names.

~ M. Katherine Orts

The U.S. military is preparing a bulk transfer of 10 detainees on Thursday from its detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, two defense officials told Fox News.

The transfer, amounting to about 10 percent of the remaining prisoners, marks the largest group of detainees to be shipped out of the camp since Defense Secretary Ash Carter informed Congress in December his department would transfer a wave of detainees at the beginning of 2016.

The accelerated transfers reflect a renewed effort by the president – who is likely to highlight the issue in the State of the Union address Tuesday night – to shutter the controversial prison camp. But the moves have heightened security concerns, as some of the latest detainees being shipped out were deemed medium- or high-risk prisoners.

“All these guys are the ‘hardcore’ type; if not, they would have been transferred earlier,” said one official familiar with the list of those being transferred Thursday.

The upcoming transfer would bring the number of detainees moved out of the camp this year to 14; the administration is looking to transfer a total of 17 in the coming weeks. Right, now, there are 103 detainees remaining at the camp, and all have ties to Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups.
Read More at FoxNews:

“Mean Tweets” on Kimmel read by POTUS Neutering Free Speech in #USA One Tweep At a Time The Plight of @RWSurferGirl [VIDEO]


RWSurferGirl.suspended.twitter.12.4.201511:01 pm EST we notice that @RWSurferGirl1 is now back on twitter under same name plus 1 added to the end of her ID. We invite her to share her story with us as soon as she’s ready. Welcome back! We see your “black eye” on your new profile pic illustrative of your fight w/ unknown liberal tweeps we assume? Lots of tweeps had your back and did what they could to motivate twitter to unsuspend you though we see that your normal account is still suspended. We’d love to hear the entire whole story if you’d like to share since many of us have been suspended in the past for a variety of reasons. It seems Conservatism is one common denominator. Show her your support fellow Conservatives, follow her as she’s lost her huge follow and is coming back from scratch. Ultimately we’d like to see twitter immediately restore her original account and we know this won’t happen, but an apology to her would be nice.

read more

Obama & Clinton’s #Benghazi #USA #OPSEC Special Forces & Trey Gowdy Demand Accountability [2VIDS]

Publisher’s Update:
Before #Benghazi there was a letter from the, then alive, Libyan leader Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, to “Our dear son, Excellency, Baraka Hussein Abu oumama” aka POTUS Barack Obama. The letter was published by AP Apr 06, 2011 2:12 PM EST

POTUS Obama’s administration via then US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was allegedly arming AlQaeda in Benghazi, Libya via the “special diplomatic mission” as means for meetings. Were #Benghazi4 allegedly killed by stand down orders to eliminate witnesses? We think it’s sickeningly obvious. ~ USDefenseLeague.com

Above Video Source: Trey Gowdy
So what has changed since this video below was published? Very little. After today’s Special Committee on the events of Benghazi chaired by Representative Trey Gowdy, we allege Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama et al,  have only grown more callous towards the victims and the families who survived the preventable Islamist terrorist attack of #Benghazi Libya September 11, 2012 ~USDefenseLeague.com

H/T Dishonorable Disclosure Special Forces OPSEC


Bombshell #USA #UCCShooter on Russian Terror List Obama refused Plus 9.28.2015 Islamic “Shooter University” & more [2VIDS]

10.2.2015 9:07 PM ET Bombshell update: Russia tried to give Obama terror list. Obama refused. Chris Harper Mercer, the #UCCShooter was listed as a black male Muslim Islamic terrorist.

The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting today that an American black-Islamist terror suspect, who yesterday committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.

According to this report, the black-Islamist terrorist who committed this act of terror, Chris Harper Mercer, had previously been indentified by electronic intelligence specialists within the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) adherent after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September, 2015.

By the Obama regime refusing to accept this terror list from the Federation, this report continues, Mercer was able to accomplish his terror act when yesterday he killed 9 people and wounded 7 others at the Umpqua Community College prior to his being shot and killed by local US police forces.

Most critical to note about this FSB report is that where it ends, the mysterious, and hugely read, Russian publication Reedus (Ridus.ru) continues—and to fully understand this information one must note that Russian intelligence agencies (SVR/FSB) frequently use Reedus to put information into the public sphere that otherwise would have serious international consequences should the government be found to be behind it—thus giving Reedus its current status known as “a Kremlin resource” and an “agency of Orthodox journalism”. [Русский]

And the information relating to the black-Islamist terrorist Mercer “leaked” into Reedus by the SVR/FSB is, to say the least, shocking and disturbing–including that immediately after the Oregon mass shooting, his Internet personal profile was changed from his true identity as an ISIS/ISIL terror supporter to one of his being a “white conservative Republican”. [Русский]


H/T @SmillingHK

10.2.2015 4:40pm ET UPDATE:

  • ISIS allegedly takes responsibility for Chris Harper Mercy killings since he was Muslim shooting Christians.
  • Islamic terror “Kill The Jews” connection via on-line “friend” accounts traced by Walid Shoebat & Breitbart reports.
  • Shooter allegedly had another FB account from Texas deleted prior to uploading newer FB revealing he was definitely black not portrayed as MSM would have you view him.
  • On-line Social Media accounts of shooter allegedly hacked changing details of political status from Dem to Conservative…updated later to actually have online ID changed from ISIS/IS terrorist to a Conservative Republican.
  • Potential alleged connection of black Muslim Baltimore activist #BlackLivesMatter to Islamic/IS ties to Obama Jarrett & WH admin
  • It is alleged Chris Har9er Spencer, the #UCCShooter was an official registered student in one of the classes he started shooting at Umpqua Community college and it is also alleged that Obama et al knew he was Islamic terror risk did not inform State of Oregon or Douglas County.
  • Reports from officials changed in alleged cause of Islamic shooter’s death. They now say he committed suicide by shooting himself rather than shot by first police on scene at Umpqua College.
  • Reported number of guns Muslim shooter has allegedly changed from total of 4 (four) to 6 (six) on his person and 7 (seven) in his vehicle.
  • Witnesses state shooter asked what religion they were. One new (Muslim?) witness came forward denying all others. Taqiyya?
  • Islamic shooter’s alleged Paternal parent is Irishman who blames his son’s alleged terrorist crimes on guns not son. Very odd given the situation.
  • more TBA pending

Barack Obama’s speech on gun control after the horrific tragedy of yesterday’s college shooting, killing ten people and injuring at least seven, could have been mistaken for the substance of an article titled, “Shooter University” published (coincidentally?) in The Islamic Monthly on September 28th,2015 just three days prior to the horrific events which occurred October 1st 2015 on Umpqua’s Community College campus located just outside Roseburg, Oregon population 22,000.


Compare the following quote from the article by Fariq Foure an Islamic Social Justice essayist/author and activist who hails from Baltimore, Maryland.

“What happened at Virginia Tech was no aberration.” writes Foure in his article titled “Shooter University” published in an online magazine called Islamic Monthly 09.28.2015:



Barack Obama’s speech on the Umpqua Community College shooting intentionally politicizing tragedy for promoting gun control laws 10.01.2015:  “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough…Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response, here at this podium, ends up being routine. The conversation, in the aftermath of it, we’ve become numb to this.” Obama goes on to mention past college, school and theatre shootings to build his case. Before an investigation has truly been undertaken, Obama states the shooter must have been mentally ill.  Perhaps he was, or perhaps he clung to an ideology of death which Islam embraces over modern Western Civilization. The shooter allegedly clung to the darkside of “spiritual” things aligning himself allegedly with Wiccans and similar dark beliefs. We do know he had Islamic ties on at least one social media site, according to Walid Shoebat.

The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” tweeted Bodhi Looney, who said her grandmother was in the room as the shooting unfolded. “If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.” (H/T The Blaze)

We must not be ignorant. Only good guys with guns can successfully repel bad guys with guns no matter what the motive the bad guys may employ.

ISIS is Islam and Islam is ISIS.

USA we are under attack please remain prayerful and vigilant. ~ M. Katherine Orts Pastor’s wife to David A. Orts reporting for and founders of USDefenseLaeague.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” & WorldWideBroadcasting.com

H/T MRC TV.org