[VIDEO] Reggie Love On Night of Osama Bin Laden Raid w/ President Obama at WH played 15 Games of Spade with POTUS

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YouTube has officially, as of this post, removed the original video upload that confirmed, at least partly, what President Barack Hussein Obama was doing the night of the May 1st, 2011, Osama Bin Laden raid in Pakistan.

‘We must have played 15 games of spades,’ Love said.

The Commander In Chief did NOT spend the entire time in read more

Pastors and Patriots Push Back LIVE Tonight 10/03/2012

Tonight Push Back Now Live Click to join pre show chat at 9:45pm  et


Tonight Colonel Bill, Dr. Pastor Tom Hatley and Pastor Elijah Abraham and…
Pastor Paul Blair, Fairview 

http://fairviewbaptistedmond.org/;   http://reclaimamericaforchrist.org/

USA!!! Know Taqiyya: [AUDIO] Middle Easter Muslim Turned Christian Pastor Tells All


Attention: Patriots and Pastors
Extended, Commercial Free – Must Listen!

Push Back Now!
09/19/12 Live Broadcast Archive

This audio has 3 astute speakers sharing the truth about the lies of Islam and the treachery of of this culturally and socially violent government.

Colonel Bill Duncan
Veterans Against Jihad
Elijah Abraham
Living Oasis Ministries
Dr. Thomas Hatley, Pastor
Global Outreach Center

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Taqiyya “Free Speech” is Censored Speech

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Heart of Music Debut Broadcast with Michelle Meyer Today 1:00 PM

Heart of Music w/Michelle Meyer is an exploratory journey of examining each of our own hearts before God as well as the Gifting He has given us. Music heals, excites, soothes, &  uplifts the soul.  Music is a Gift of God. God is Love.  Love is Eternal.
Michelle Meyer Bio:
A professional singer who started singing since the age of 9, Michelle Meyer has performed live concerts and recorded in multiple genres: jazz, pop, country, folk, rock, contemporary, blues, funk, gospel and even classical arias in the languages of English, French, German and Italian.
To call in 1 724 444 7444 ID 123446# (login as guest with 1#)
Michelle’s music is available here.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Lies, Mike Murphy Pushes back, sort of.

Debbie Wasserman fabricates about increasing border security et al, then David Gregory interrupts and asks if “these base issues are a window into the soul of the party.  Mike Murphy takes the reins and pushes back pretty hard, well as hard as a liberal Republican. All in all Obama did have control of all three branches of Govt for the first two years, Wasserman “forgets that” that doesn’t change the fact that President Obama is a failure. By the way, Mike admitted he was a liberal Republican. As if we didn’t know.

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Chick-Fil-Aholes | More attacks on Faith & Freedom From the Intolerant Dan Savage

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Daniel Keenan “Dan” Savage was born to William and Judy Savage in Chicago, Illinois on  October 7, 1964. Yet at 48, the obviously outspoken spoiled man child Savage has been the aggressor of anti diversity nationally. Perhaps being born in Chicago, a hub of chicanery and thuggery lead him down this aggressive path or maybe it’s just the money, the attention and unbridled “power he reigns” to roll over people he disagrees with in mean spirited, vile profane ways.

More intolerance from the”tolerant” left -Moreno tries to block restaurant that opposes gay marriage from opening in his Northwest Side ward of Chic, IL

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Truth Meets at the Top with Host @JoeCienkowski Premiere Daily Broadcast

From the friends of PBN comes a new broadcast though WWB
World Wide Broadcasters
Push Back Now
Weekday morning  11aE
Truth meets at the Top
Top truths from the top people from the top sources. Truth Meets At The Top is a hard-hitting, unrelenting, politically incorrect, thorough vetting of President Obama. America is strongly conservative.
Bio of Host Joe Cienkowsi:
Joe Cienkowski is a Christian and author born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nov. 16, 1965. He had a close family upbringing, one of 4 children. Politics and religion played a big part in his life. He aspired to be a lawyer at one point, and loves debating. He grew up in the Roman Catholic faith, but abandoned his faith for a time.  After being imprisoned for marijuana, God broke down strongholds in his life. He came to know true Christianity. read more

Liberal Idiots – Hi-Caliber

Hi-Caliber will be on PBN soon, enjoy his video. G Prepare to get a political whuppin socialists

A Father’s Day Song For Every Day

Fathers Day

Fathers Day - Click for Song

A song composed
and performed by The Davids

Click single cover or here for Father’s Day
on A God Word .com

Is Media Matters 501(c)(3) status a fraud?

George Soros - A Major Media Matters Donor

Let’s get straight to the facts, we are not going to mince words here, PBN is alleging that Media Matters is breaking with the constraints of the 501(c)(3) PC public charity status. This is something PBN has been investigating for several years. To be clear, MM has a rotten anti American agenda, and we want people to know the truth, we believe the truth has an agenda here on PBN and that is for it to be heard. Media Matters is a fascist group, that raises 10s of millions of dollars a year, while giving themselves 100k plus salaries while working as an arm of the Democratic party.

Media Matters for America
EIN  47-0928008
Washington, DC, United States
Deduct Code PC read more

Why did Rosenberg leave Media Matters For America (MMFA)?

This picture of Trayvon is a fake.

Rosenberg continues saying he wasn’t fired, that he quit. Are we to believe he dumped a $130,000 job to start WP Blog? Really?? Typical Comments are shut off for your site Rosie, typical. Perhaps MJ Rosenberg will be best known for he trying to capitalize on  Drudges intense focus on getting the stories out with his insulting tweet to Drudge “Matt Drudge has done more to debase American news coverage than anyone in history of country.” Or perhaps, it will be for his outrageous media bias and supporting the garbage and manipulation of the facts. Good riddance @MJayRosenberg, you feckless waste. @MMFA, you’re next! read more

Rev Wright The Blaze Has Only Just Began:-)

President Obama’s pastor of 20 years is not done yet, not by a long-shot. The Blaze has uncovered more. Much, much more.
Prepare yourself for Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the hot hits!

Wright spices up his sermons with eight, count ‘em eight, great musical moments! He raps like Lil’ Wayne! He goes ganja like Bob Marley. And, warning, there is some crotch grabbing.