A Bowl Full of Reid’s Cherries For The Pickins At Americans Peril & Eternal Expense #MakeDCListen


There seems to be a stealth master plan of sorts to utilize a variety of Federal Government agencies for nefarious purposes aimed at diminishing or, removing altogether, the rights of the average hard-working, tax paying American citizen. Every State in the union should be on high alert that they might be next for Federal mandated selection by any variety of Federal ‘tools’ such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  to selectively pinpoint Americans staying true to the US Constitution and to Liberty within it’s well defined text as stated in The Declaration of Independence. We here at USDefenseLeague challenge all 50 States to immediately re-claim all non-ceded, or previously ceded lands and territories back from the increasing usurper of rights and freedoms the US Federal Government. We, like the Bundy’s believe that every State in our US Republic is sovereign. We are Federalists. That means we believe in State’s rights trumping Federal rights as per the 10th Amendment in our US Constitution.

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So we begin, at the beginning, with environmentally micro-focused and extraordinarily mis-aligned executor of all things Federal, the current US Senate Majority Leader  (D-Nevada) Harry Reid. Senator Reid’s pet projects just can’t get any wilder or should we say carnivorous! Just look here: read more

American Freedoms at Great Risk Today: 150 years ago, Lincoln Changed the American Psyche

271 words delivered by Lincoln studied by successors as a guide.  But We the People should take it to heart!

Actual Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Cemetery at Gettysburg on November 19, 1863 at bottom of this post.  Please share.  
150 years on, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address still has the power to inspire

Lincoln loved God as he clearly stated.

that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

It’s your choice in a free nation to love the Lord or not, that’s liberty.  If we stop being a country that elevates the individual freedom, the power will continue to shift more toward government and continue to erode our individual liberties. Daily it should becoming more evident by the general public. But is it? It is obvious that Progressivism never works, and never has worked anywhere in the world as the video in this link clearly explains.  And every time the progressive model has been tried, and politically starts to take root, it becomes irreversible until the country dies as Tytler clearly pronounces and proves those who are willing to do their own due diligence and look at the historical record  here is an article  that poses the very question “Is America in her Death Throes or Readying for a New Revolution? – Have Faith Tytler states

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

When we allow a president like Obama continue to lie and shred the constitution we propel ourselves down the road to utter failure. ObamaCare Not “Law of The Land” ONLY House Can Tax!  It is however another incremental step toward tyranny and loss of freedom.

Today is the Anniversary of the date Abraham Lincoln shared the Gettysburg Address, sadly now, as you read you’ll see perhaps even feel the true regression of character and truth that have taken hold in our Great and Exceptional United States of America. God bless America, God Bless Americans!

Jennifer Weber can’t read the Gettysburg Address to her students at the University of Kansas without taking a risk.

She chokes up a little, though she’s a Civil War author and historian. “A new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”She starts losing it right about there.

I’m not much of a crying person,” she said. read more

Pipeline Explodes, Harper County Oklahoma. Jihad?

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Updat from KWCH 12:

Update: The fire burning after a pipeline exploded near the Kansas-Oklahoma border is now out.

The closest home is just 200 yards away from the blast site.  The homeowner says he thought a plane had crashed at first because his house would not stop shaking.

Four homes were evacuated as a precaution as crews battled the blaze.

No one was hurt.  The amount of damage left behind is unclear.

There were some highways in the area which were closed.  Those roads are back open this morning.


KAKE states no injuries yet reported from Harper County Sheriff’s office due to a pipline explosion in Harper county, OK.  The fire can be seen appox 70 mile away in SW Kansas.


Bibi Warns USA of Iran’s ICBM Plans Which Can Reach American Shores

Bibi Netanyahu has been a wonderful ally to The American People and to our government even when our POTUS and his Islamic allies within and without the US administration have not reciprocated in kind. The prime minister of Israel has shown himself to be the better man of the two nations. Netanyahu is warning the United States of the new Iranian president’s history of fooling its adversaries when it comes to continuing to develop nuclear technology right under our noses, not for medical or energy use, but for malicious intent to be able to silence Western Civilization’s leaders:

Israel & USA once and for all with an intercontinental ballistic missile holding fatal payloads of nuclear radiation. Our Islamic enemies continue to work towards their final millennium goals of having a Global Islamic Caliphate at all costs. Deception is an active part of their working ruse known as “Taqiyya” within the Muslim culture. Taqiyya is a sanctioned act of deception for all Muslims used to further the cause of Islam in order to deceive or trick the enemies of Islam. Time and again Islam and the Iranian leadership has fooled the UN and the current democratic imperialistic regime within the USA about its nuclear arsenal. The current POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama, and his minions in the Democratic and Socialist party, abide by their own deceptive practices usurping our US Constitution and the rule of law at every turn. ~PBN

(Reuters) – In his latest warning about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday read more

Report: Iran has new rocket site, ballistic missile tests possible



Iran has constructed a rocket-launching site that could be used for testing ballistic missiles, a report from a military intelligence publication said on Thursday.

Satellite imagery analysed by Jane’s Intelligence Reviews showed extensive construction over the last three years at a site of what Jane’s says is a launch tower and pad, an area to prepare rockets for launch and an administration and support section.

The Islamic Republic has pursued ambitious goals to develop its read more

Sheila “Sharia” Jackson Lee Nominated for DHS; Another Democrat Pro Terrorist [VIDEO]

Sheila “Sharia” Jackson Lee is not for freedom as the founders and more importantly God directed, but rather for the dissolution of the most central tenets of the USA, which are, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of (property) Happiness. Sharia is not “happiness” for anyone but the Imams and men like Imam Obama.

“Sharia” Jackson Lee falsely accuses the people who want to protect life, as the enemy.

As far as women’s rights Jackson Lee is completely misguided and a danger for the health and welfare of all women.

This woman can never be taken seriously for a post at the DHS. -PBN³



American 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Group is Working with Our Enemies & Against USA Allies

Real Americans must start playing the same inside/ outside game the progressive communists were taught to play by Saul Alinsky. Which is acting as outside agitators while at the same time coordinating the agitation from the inside. But of course we will not lie, cheat and steal like they do. Let’s start by getting rid of the RINOs. Then be sure the borders are secure before going forward with giving illegal aliens amnesty. -PBN

Code Pink and their allied groups work to undermine U.S. allies in Israel, Free Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya while working our enemies in Iraq, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela and elsewhere.

Jodie Evans, 2008 Obama bundler and co-founder of the leftist anti-American group Code Pink, is in Yemen this week campaigning against the United States’ efforts in fighting the war on terror. This is in keeping with Code Pink’s decade-long history of working with terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism against the United States.

read more

Reply from Army Captain Terry M. Hestilow Re: Cornyn Letter: Obama’s DHS Intends to Kill “you and me!”

Captain Terry M. Hestilow, United States Army, RetiredDemand accountability from our employees (Obama, Biden on down) in Government now!
The Obama admin is aiding and abetting terrorists with weapons and money while calling American Patriots Domestic Terrorists. This must be stopped.

Must read and share America!

Terry M. Hestilow, a Retired Army Captain with 30 years of service and combat experience in Vietnam and Afghanistan issued a dire warning to all Americans.  After writing to Sen. Cornyn and receiving a pat answer the Captain replied. Below is this reply and a warning. God bless and protect him and his and the great nation of the USA.

From Captain Hestilow:

Many of you responded to my letter (March 2013) to Senator John Cornyn concerning the potential coup of the Obama Administration through agencies of the United States government, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), against the American people and the United States Constitution evidenced by the purchases of grossly excessive ammunition and weapon systems. read more

Will America Become Америка? NSA, PRISM, KGB Spying on Americans [4 VIDEOS]

Related NSA article U.S. Government Reveals Deadly Classified Israeli Military Information to Israel’s Enemies [VIDEO]

So who is Steven Grimaud? Steven is a Senior Executive Officer at the NSA. He’s one of those faceless individuals who monitors your phone records and email at the NSA, but nobody is supposed to know his name. I’ll be happy to tell you who he is. He’s my ex-husband. We were married when he was a Russian translator for the Navy Security Agency. read more

The Air Force Bans Video of a Commercial. Who Does the Pentagon Work for Muslims? [VIDEO]

We’re supposed to bend to this garbage? Wake up people of America you are being invaded by Muslims who want our blood, treasure and freedom. Their desire is for every infidel to submit and bend to their will or they will destroy you.

They are not assimilating in Europe, in fact they are destroying Europe and Scandinavia and the USA is next if we allow it.  They emigrate, increase their population and take over the host country. It’s simple. Stand up for your country or die in shame and submission.

Former Obama Secret Service Agent Now Guarding USA [VIDEO]

Don Bongino and Barack Obama

Dan Bongino former Secret Service Agent for Obama

Obama is the enemy of freedom and faith and all things good in the USA. He is shredding Liberty along with our Constitution and Bill of Rights daily. read more

Assad says there is “popular pressure” to open a military front against Israel

syria_regime_loyalists_138798512_fullwidth_620x350As the Obama presidency continues to practice taqiyya and hudna to the West, while showing  it’s  weakness and pro Islamic agenda to the world. A violent tone is being created by those our POTUS  has given a pass and weapons to in the middle east. For those who want to pushback regarding the drone agenda or the taking out of  UBL (perhaps) let us remind you that it was real men of character Bush, Cheney and the Rumsfeld team that facilitated the years of safety. It wasn’t until the Islamic sympathizing, Jew hating left came to power that the Midde East started to dissolve into violence and we her in the USA have had terrorist attacks. read more