Battle for #Turkey Pro Coup Turkish Military Takes Over #CNNTurk #TurkeyCoup [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Above video shows graphic video of civilian casualties in Turkey as dead bodies line a sidewalk. Do not know how they were killed. It appears by extreme blast of some sort. Bodies are unrecognizable. – M. Katherine Orts reporting for aka “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name!


Tukish Civilians w/ sticks allegedly unfriendly towards Pro-Coup Military rush into CNN Turk headquarters as soon as Military went off air.



Pro Coup Turkish Military seemingly take over CNN Turk headquarters Turkish President Erdogan had been using FB to Face Time his message to CNN Seems there is a war for who can control the media may win.


PRO coup Turkish forces enter CNN Turk headquarters to seize control of all media outgoing

Empty CNN Turk News Desk as PRO Coup Turkish Military vacate the premises taking hold of the CNN headquarters in Turkey


Military Turkish helicopter shoots at civilians Turkey Time – Turkey

The military coup for a new Turkish government is underway.

This is a developing story of global proportions. We will keep you apprised.

#BreakingNews UNSEALED Court Docs Reveal #ISIS Jihadi Planned to Attack #Ohio #Police Station & Kill #USMilitary Personnel

OHIO – ISIS Planned Attacks of Ohio Police Station & Military Personnel – M. Katherine Orts – Reporting

Columbus Dispatch article written by –



Ohio court records have just been unsealed, revealing that a Muslim man, Munir Abdulkader, was in direct contact with ISIS, was attempting to attack at least one police agency. Abdulkader was set to attack the Ohio police station one year prior to the recent Islam inspired Dallas, Texas terror ambush by Micah X. Johnson. Johnson, it was found out today, was a former member of the Blank Panther’s Party and had been named after Malcom X. > Micah X.

Munir was arrested in May of 2015 when he attempted to purchase a firearm. His plans included going to or returning to Syria to continue to fight with ISIS after he committed his murders.

If I were a cop, I would say the Dallas, TX incident had something in common with this pre-meditated attempt of ambushing another police station and US Military personnel. See our related story about the ISIS influenced Dallas sniper, a former Black Panther party member, Muslim, Micah X. Johnson. We believe these two stories are related and should be investigated by our law enforcement.

Read the entire Columbus Dispatch article here:

H/T Pamela Geller for sighting this story first.

H/T Also to Israel Supporters SA for helping me to see her article.




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#BreakingNews Nationwide #BlackLivesMatter VS Police &USMilitary – Protestors Throwing Rocks – M. Katherine Orts reporting on Atlanta, Georgia protesters versus Georgia State Police and what appears to be members of US Military/National Guard forces assembling. We will be updating throughout the night AND the same is being seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All happening now.

Time 12:54AM CT Happening LIVE now in Phoenix, AZ 10:55PM MST Local Time

Protesters are throwing rocks at police in Phoenix, AZ
#BlackLivesMatter is acting like stone throwing Moslems

Earlier in Phoenix as tear gas was flowing:

Black Lives Matter is a global movement
London, England today

Another #BLM protest Detroit, MI

Crowd of protesters are clearly chanting “Black Lives Matter”

Time Stamp 9:07PM CT Baton Rouge LA

One hour ago a citizen took this video in GA. This is a developing story.

Another picture of Atlanta, Georgia highway shutdown as reported by Fox News’ The Oreilly Factor
a standoff between protesters and Georgia State Police H/T USDefenseLaague’s own David A. Orts for photo

Here’s a video of same Atlanta Georgia Black Lives Matter protest vs GA State Patrol shutting down highway


This video below was from Oakland, California BlackLivesMatter protestor (LAST NIGHT’s protests same night as #Dallas #TX BLM sniper massacre) walking onto active highway allmost causing multiple collisions throwing fireworks at cars

#BreakingNews Attack Near A US Embassy #SaudiArabia by Al Qaeda

AYA BATRAWY, Associated Press

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – A suicide bomber carried out an attack early Monday near a U.S. diplomatic site in the Red Sea city of Jiddah, according to state-linked Saudi news sites.

Okaz news website said the bomber died in the attack, and that no other deaths were immediately reported. The bomber was apparently headed in a car toward a mosque and hospital that are near the U.S. consulate in Jiddah. Most of the consulate’s staff had reportedly moved offices to a new location.

Sabq news website reported that two security guards were wounded in the bombing.

U.S. Embassy officials in Saudi Arabia and Interior Ministry officials could not be immediately reached for comment. A State Department spokesperson, who was not authorized to be named and spoke on condition of anonymity, said U.S. officials are aware of reports of an explosion in Jiddah and are working with Saudi authorities to collect more information.

Read more via KLove

#Breaking July2,2016 Another ISIS Attack #Baghdad #Iraq At least 120 Dead 200 Wounded #International #News – International Breaking News of ISIS terror attacks Baghdad Iraq

Updated death toll now at 120 DEAD at least 200 wounded as of July 3rd, 2016

Updated death toll now at 83 DEAD at least 160 wounded in 2 separate bomb attacks claimed by ISIS in Iraq



Baghdad Iraq July 2 2016 ISIS claimed attack

USDefenseLeague – International Breaking News of ISIS terror

We can expect more Islamic terrorist attacks such as what has just occurred in Iraq as well as Bangladesh, Israel and Orlando, since it is still the Moslem’s ‘holy’ month of Ramadan in which Shahids earn extra rewards towards Paradise, or so they are taught by their Islamic Imams globally.

Ibn Qudaamah  may  Allaah  have  mercy  upon  him said:Indeed, the reward of the martyr who dies in the battlefield fighting against the disbelievers is greater (than the one killed in the battle against the Muslims who rebel against the Muslim ruler) and he is higher in rank. It has been reported that he will be allowed to intercede on behalf of seventy of his family. His (the latter’s) virtue does not extend to such a person and the same legal determinations do not pertain to him, because an analogy is only drawn between a thing and its like.” [Al-Mughni]


At least 75 people have been killed and some 100 injured in two bombings carried out by so-called Islamic State in Baghdad, officials say.

In the first attack late on Saturday, a suicide car bomb exploded near a restaurant and shopping area in the central district of Karrada.

The street was busy with shoppers after sundown in the holy month of Ramadan.

A second bomb exploded later in a predominantly Shia area north of the capital.

The bombings come a week after Iraqi security forces recaptured the city of Falluja from Islamic State militants.

Authorities say the city was used as a launching pad for attacks on Baghdad by IS.

The jihadist group on Saturday claimed responsibility for the suicide car bomb in Karrada, which caused

Read More at BBC

#Breaking #Instanbul #Turkey Death Toll Has Risen to 51 At least 147 Injured #IslamicTerror Attack

– M. Katherine Orts reporting for

Our of all the news intel in the world, the ones we trust most are the Israelis according to their information obtained there are now 51 (FIFTY-ONE) dead and at least 147 (ONE HUNDRED and FORTY SEVEN ) injured w three suicide bombers not yet found, three suicide bombers dead and one captured bringing total of Islamic terrorists to 7 (SEVEN)



As of last minute Turkish media reports the death toll has risen yet again to 50 (FIFTY DEAD) and at least 147 injured.


Death Toll Rises once more per Turkish Prime Minister, the death toll is now 36 persons killed


Update on the number of Muslim terrorists: Turkish authorities believe there were at least 7 (seven) Islamic terrorists involved in today’s Islamic terror attack at an the aiport in Instanbul, Turkey. 1 (one) is told to be held in custody at present.

H/T @anonpress

Death Toll has Risen to at least 31 dead 147 people injured as of 36 minutes ago so that would be  7:15pm ET UStime

H/T to @anonpress for updates on death toll rising


Scene outside Instanbul after 3 Muslim suicide bombers detonated their vests killing 28 injuring at least 60 people


H/T @obozolies

Approximately 2 hours ago at least three Muslim suicide bombers exploded themselves and others in an Instanbul Airport in Turkey killing 28 and wounding at least 60 more.


Instanbul Security Camera Shows Detonation of Muslim Suicide Bombers at time of explosion. Security guards do not act surprised and subsequently photograph the evolving event

H/T @LaShawnGreeeen

This is a developing story.

H/T to @ObozoLies @LaShawnGreeeen who both brought story to my attention right away. Thank you both.

M. Katherine Orts reporting for aka in association with

“Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name above all Names!

June 17th 2016 – At least 24 US Military Trained K9 Dogs Brutally Massacred by Muslims in Kuwait


U.S. K9 Trained Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Massacred By Muslims In Kuwait

By Walid Shoebat

St. Francis once said: “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” This is the case every time. When someone is cruel to animals, they are cruel to human beings. In fact, Christianity is the best for the care of animals.

Dozens of American-trained dogs were killed by a Kuwaiti-based company last week, according to multiple reports, though there are conflicting explanations for the deaths.

While several news agencies reported the story, they fail to also report that it becomes obvious by looking at the dog-killer that his mustache is trimmed and his beard elongated and stepping on the slaughtered dog the issue becomes clear this is a Muslim dog-hater.

Islam views dogs as impure, and the Islamic legal tradition has developed several injunctions that warn Muslims against contact with dogs. Muslims view this to justify the abuse and neglect of these friendly animals. While Islam provides a story where Muhammad rescued a thirsty dog to equate that animals are “communities like you” this is a part of Islam’s reversalist agenda. Islam like liberalism equates animals with humans to minimize human value while holding the top rank of human and animal abuse in the world. Islam prohibits prostitution and allows Misyar marriage where Muslim men can rent a wife for a day (legal prostitution) and allows sex with Read More via Shoebat


And for the record, even leftist Snopes doesn’t dispute this massacre of US K9s occurred in Kuwait. Snope’s review questions exactly which Muslims were responsible however.

M. Katherine Orts cross-posting story w/ proper attribution given for author/publishers via & in association with

“Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name above all Names

Under The Radar – Obama Passes New Executive GLOBAL Order Just Days Ago June 24th 2016 #RedAlertUSA

President Barack Obama jokes backstage with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Dr. John L. Hennessy (left), President of Stanford University and other panelists before the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford Memorial Auditorium at Stanford University, Calif., June 24, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Our US Congress holds the power of the purse. So we ask, who is funding this global mandate (see below) just given via Executive Order only a few days ago by Barack H Obama?
M. Katherine Orts – Reporting for aka in association with

– – – – – – –

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

Executive Order
Global Entrepreneurship


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. The American spirit of entrepreneurship is one of our most admired values around the world, and the United States has produced many of the world’s most respected businesses and inspiring business creators. At a time when many societies confront extremism, unemployment, and slow economic growth, entrepreneurship holds out the promise of opportunity, prosperity, and security.

It is in the national interest for the Federal Government to support innovation, global entrepreneurship, and the American private sector. Linking entrepreneurs with capital, new networks, and markets and providing skills and training will allow them to grow their businesses and positively impact their communities. It is also necessary that we help enable our global partners to invest in the tools and infrastructure that make this possible, including high-speed broadband; business incubators and accelerators; regional economic development programs and extension services; international people-to-people exchange programs; and the technical, export, and business assistance and mentoring that entrepreneurs need worldwide in order to drive economic growth and job creation.

This order sets forth the administration and goals of several programs designed to connect American and foreign entrepreneurs with the Federal Government and promote entrepreneurship across the United States and around the world by sharing the knowledge, experience, and connectivity necessary to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Sec. 2. Administration of the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship Program. (a) The Secretary of Commerce (Secretary) shall administer the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship Program (PAGE Program) to enable individuals who exemplify the spirit of American entrepreneurship and who have proven track records to use their networks, platforms, and voices to support aspiring entrepreneurs and advance public policies that encourage entrepreneurship in the United States and around the globe. Individuals selected for participation in the PAGE Program shall be known as PAGE Members.

(b) The PAGE Program shall be administered by a Director, appointed by the Secretary under authorities of the Department of Commerce (Commerce). Commerce shall provide necessary staff, resources, and administrative support for the PAGE Program to the extent permitted by law and within existing appropriations.

Sec. 3. PAGE Advisory Board. (a) The Secretary shall establish an Advisory Board to advise the Secretary by recommending such priorities, standards, and partnerships as may be beneficial to fulfill the goals of the PAGE Program and to identify potential opportunities for PAGE Members to support the PAGE Program.

(b) The Secretary shall serve as Chair of the Advisory Board. In addition to the Chair, the membership of the Advisory Board shall include the Secretary of State, the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), and the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), read more

.@thedemocrats @HouseDemocrats Desecrate Dead Vow No More Moments of Silence #MAGA #TrumpTrain #2A

Democrats routinely desecrate the dead.

Just a few days ago, the US Democratic party recently did a #NoFlyNoBuy #NoBillNoBreak 25 hour #sitin on our US House Floor.

Democrats en masse, tweeted #NoMoreSilence and adamantly stated they would no longer hold moments of silence honoring our US dead on our US House Floor in our US Capitol in our Republic of The United States of America. Democrats shouted down Speaker Paul Ryan directly after he led the House in a bi-partisan moment of silence for the victims of the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida.


Democratic Party’s ultimate goal? To deny US Citizens our Constitutional right to bear arms. No gun law would’ve stopped the Orlando, Islamic Terrorist Omar Mateen who passed, with flying colors, a Federal background check as a US contracted security guard and had obtained his weapon and ammo legally. Omar had been on the Homeland Security’s terror watch list and had been investigated by the FBI. Mateen had been removed from the list probably at the behest of the Obama administration who had all Islamic muslim Jihadist words expunged from the FBI’s training manual on terror.

How do you look for an Islamic Muslim terrorist when those words aren’t even allowed in the training manual? Great question. Let’s demand FBI, Homeland Security all of our US Congress, the Executive and Judicial branches put those words back into all documents, training and otherwise.

We are living in a time where leftist manufactured political correctness is white-washing history even directly as it is happening. The Orlando 9-11 calls were originally released as a censored partial transcript then re-released still censored with substitute meanings falsely inserted into the transcript such as the word God substituted for Allah etcetera. We The People want to hear the voice of Omar Mateen speaking his allegiance to ISIS in Arabic.

Let the truth come fully out. USA can handle it.

Omar Mateen’s motive? He said what his motive was, Islam. Omar had pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Omar killed gays with a fury not because of homophobia but because Muhammad said to kill gays, the Quran teaches kill gays, yet states it’s ok to sodomize young boys it’s not a sin because they aren’t females so it’s not rape. Killing gays is still taught in mosques today. In fact killing gays was taught right before the Orlando Islamic terror attack in a mosque in Orlando, Florida.

ISIS throws gays off of roof tops when a rope isn’t handy or desired.


ISIS in Ninevah throwing gays off of a rooftop. Muslims are all taught to kill gays per Muhammad’s orders.

The problem is not with law-abiding US citizens seeking to protect self and neighbors against bad guys/girls with guns. The problem is with the Democrats denying there is a problem with Islamic fiends who seek our destruction by any method or by any means. If not a gun, then a Muslim obeying Muhammad will kill the ‘Kafir’ (unbeliever) with a  knife, or a pressure cooker, or a bomb, or gasoline, or water, or rocks or you name it.

The ideology behind Islam is the problem not guns which are our means to protect ourselves against Islamic Jihadists who seek to kill as many of us as possible in the name of Muhammad and Allah. Islam is a government which seeks global domination by committing Jihad by any means in order to further the goals of Islam. No other religions are allowed to exist in an Islamic Republic. You will not see a church in Saudi Arabia under Islamic rule ever. And in case you didn’t know this side note:


Location Karachi Pakistan 2016

Dogs are not allowed in Islam. Pakistan recently culled dozens of dogs. The media went along with the narrative that they were wild. But the truth is NO DOGS are ever allowed in Islamic countries to be owned by ANY Muslims with rare exception for guarding property or a road. All dogs are routinely killed per Muhammad’s mandate via the Hadith which is fulfilled obeying Islamic Sharia Law. Ask a Muslim living in the USA if they should follow Sharia law versus the laws of our nation or our US Constitution. Majority of Muslims will say Sharia, for if they don’t follow it, they will be killed most likely by their own family members. #IslamIsTheProblem

Via Shoebat- Related Story June 25th, 2016

US K9 Unit Bomb Sniffing Dogs Were Massacred in Kuwait by Muslim ‘CareTakers’

Democrats  literally took turns sitting  on the floor shouting mantras of #NoBillNoBreak #NoFlyNoBuy

They took turns tweeting out signs holding up signs with hashtag #SilenceNoMore

Jim Himes – All I know is that the regular moments of silence on the House floor do not honor the victims of violence. They are an affront. In the chamber where change is made, they are a tepid, self-satisfying emblem of impotence and willful negligence. It is action that will stop next week’s mass shooting. I will not be silent.

With the same flippancy tweeting about no more silence, Jim Himes tweeted #NoMoreTakeout

I heard with my own ears (watching the US House via streaming Periscope) many Democrats stating they would now, all of them, no longer hold moments of silence honoring our US dead on the House Floor. How insane. So now, is my assertion that the Democrats are desecrating the dead, wrong? How could I say such an atrocious thing? How dare I associate the left with unfeeling demonic death culture of Islam? Abortion? How about Benghazi, Libya? How about then Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, sending out Susan Rice to lie to the American public five times in one weekend to blame a video? The maker of the video was innocent of the charges yet he was conveniently imprisoned. Hillary continues to lie about Benghazi even to the faces of the family members who lost their loved ones. And HRC does not revere our US Military or our US flag either.

How about Barack Obama’s recent meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, just days after his Pro Islam Anti-American, Anti-Israel, Flag Day Speech (#TheScolding) on June 14th, 2016 attacking not the perpetrators of the Orlando massacre but guns and Republicans? I say anti-Israel because Obama always uses ISIL vs ISIS which infers the use of Levant in the acronym. Levant is Arabic geography of the Middle East which omits Israel on any world map. Obama gave a 45 plus minute speech attacking not Omar Mateen, the ISIS pledged Radical Islamic Terrorist, but Republicans and all of us American citizens who are proponents of our #2A.

We just had a historic change in Europe. The United Kingdom voted to break away from the 28 members of the EU controlled by bureaucrats in Brussels.  The Prime Minister David Cameron resigned within the day. Unheard of in the entire history of the United Kingdom. It would be as if Barack Obama suddenly quit being POTUS due to a vote regarding border security. Astonishingly wonderful.

German stocks plummeted 9.94% within the first few hours. Nigel Farage who had been leading the UK break away from the EU for many years celebrated alongside UK citizens who were ecstatic to see the Sovereignty reclaimed by the United Kingdom once again.

How can you have a nation without borders? How can you protect national security when others are telling you who can cross into and work and live among you? You can’t. That’s why #brexit succeeded that’s why #MAGA (#MakeAmericaGreatAgain) the trademark of Donald J. Trump, looks like it will succeed.

Republican Presidential nominee, Mr. Donald J. Trump sees clearly the threats We The People face. Mr. Trump has, many times, addressed the reality that, without strict border control and immigration control, we won’t have a nation for long.

Here is Mr. Trump’s official written response to #brixit via FB trump.on.brixit

The Democrats deny the problem of Islam and they attempt to shame the rest of the nation into siding with their idiotic stance, that if we don’t name the enemy, well then the enemy just doesn’t exist. Democrats have attempted to change the narrative from the reality of Islamic Jihadists Terrorists who seek to kill all who do not agree with Muhammad, to it’s all about gun violence. Really?

Democrats pledged not to have any further ‘moment’s of silence’ on the house floor. Not even to remember our US citizens who died at the hands of Islamic terrorists on US Soil in Orlando at the Pulse Nightclub. 49 innocent people were murdered. 50+ were injured.

The Democrats state that it is more honorable to scream bloody mantras instead of honor the dead among us with a moment of silence. This is coming from the same Democratic party who denied God, actually booed God Himself at their last Democratic convention in 2012.

We must not let Hillary Clinton lead our nation into the next four to eight years. We won’t survive.

In order to point out the sheer audacity, self-serving, idolatrous, infantile behavior of The Democratic Party, my husband who is a Pastor, David A. Orts came up with hashtag:


Many of us on social media have started using the comical hashtag #DonkeysWithBinkys to illustrate how immature the Democratic left’s argument is how small their thinking, when it comes to preserving Americans freedoms and national security in the time of war. What the left attempted to do, against even all of the rules of their own Democratic party prescribed in Robert’s Rules of Order, was to attempt a literal ‘coup’ on our #2A The Democratic are aiding and abetting Islamic enemies both domestic and foreign in a time of war. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, John Kerry, et al all are Islamic sympathizers and have committed treason by its very definition.

Paul Ryan could’ve had them all arrested. I wish he would have. We need Republicans with guts to stand up against this political correctness which is not only stupid but down right suicidal as a nation. Speak up. Speak out. Islamic evils are among us now. We are in war against an Islamic enemy ISIS (yes even ISIS says it is Islamic unlike BHO) and its sympathizers in the Democrat Party.

The Democrats are dangerous and do not care about desecrating the fallen among us.

Here is one of many rhymes I wrote and shared via twitter to sum up the Democrats demonic behavior towards us Freedom loving Americans. In my mind it’s kind of like how the bubonic plague was summed up with Ring Around the Rosy

M. Katherine Orts reporting for in association with “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name above all Names!

#TheScolding #USA 3Days 5 #ISIS attacks #USA #France #China NotAboutGUNS #RadicalIslamicTerrorists


Kunming – CHINA – International News – M. Katherine Orts reporting for in conjunction with

Radical Islamic terrorists attacked innocent civilians at a train station in Kunming, China. The Chinese government said the perpatrators belonged to a separatist group called Xinjiang Separatist Forces, so-named by the Chinese government, which are actually Turkish Syrian ISIS fighters. The Turkish Syrian ISIS jihadist attacked en-masse with knives, not guns*,  at least 29 people using knives in a Chinese rail station in Kunming, China. 130 have been injured by the Islamic attackers the fatality rate may increase. There are spouses and family members still awaiting to hear from their loved ones.

(KNIVES killed in this ISIS attack in China, NOT GUNS* It’s not about limiting access to guns or making more gun laws people – I must emphasize this point to our politically incorrect and ignorant liberal US media and celebrities who would lead their audiences and their fans to the slaughter. Note to reader: The China attack took place in 2014, March the point is people kill people not knives, or guns.)

In more recent news, the United States – In the past three days, there have been at least two ISIS related terror attacks in Orlando, Florida. The widely known attack was committed by, acknowledged (by ISIS) member Omar Mateen, in a gay Nightclub called Pulse Orlando resulting in the deaths of 49 unarmed individuals and at least 50 persons who were injured some of whom are still clinging to life in Orlando hospitals. All patrons were simply trying to have a nice night out.

There is an ongoing debate for independent journalists whether this was indeed committed by just one or two people. It is alleged by an eyewitness, a survivor of the carnage that night, there were five ISIS attackers the night at Pulse, Orlando Islamic terror.

The other non-reported IS attack occurred at an Orlando Wal-Mart.

I had left the police scanner on for the Orlando PD on overnight as I had been listening to the Fire/PD convos regarding the Pulse Orlando situation. It was the following morning I heard about the bomb threat at the Orlando, Florida Wal-Mart.

The police did not publicize the Orlando Wal-Mart incident as they did publicize the Pulse Nightclub shooting incident:



It was a bomb threat or it was an actual bomb. I do not know at this time. The police scanners shut down and changed over to cell phone communications, so we can not report on the status of exactly what occurred.

I did hear, with my own ears, the garbled conversation of bomb teams entering the Orlando Wal-Mart store to clear everyone out and follow procedures to check out the scene using code words that only LEO’s know fluently. Then the communications switched to cell-phones per audible orders I could hear, so I was left in the dark.

No one in USA, as far as I know heard what I heard. I urge all readers of our articles and those who follow us on social media to tune in to your local police/fire scanners and alert local media to report. And OR please send us #BreakingNews tips so we can get the word out to our followers and help secure safety for all Americans across the nation.

Here’s an eyewitness report made publicly available on social media, the only one I was able to find. I reached out for comment, but at time of this posting there has been no response:

One day later, June 15th, an Amarillo, Texas Wal-Mart was under attack by a lone ISIS jihadist, he had taken his co-workers hostage. He was quickly ‘neutralized’ by local Amarillo SWAT forces. Neutralized as in dead.



A dead ISIS terrorist is the only good ISIS terrorist.

The only one in the media I heard report about the Amarillo, TX, Walmart attack was Sean Hannity on his radio show one day after the incident.

Don’t mess with Texas. If ISIS intends on attacking Texans know they will shoot you dead. I only wish every state’s citizens had enough ‘chutzpah’ to protect self and others as Texans do.

A publisher’s side note:  We have a story up on Omar Mateen’s father, according to Saddique Mateen himself, as well as a picture taken outside the Secretary Clinton’s office door. The same photograph was also broadcast via Fox and Friends, a Fox News broadcast of several million viewers, so we have no reason to doubt the photo’s authenticity.

Saddique  Mateen allegedly met with the Obama administration and the US Secretary of State Department under Hillary Clinton. It is possible Saddique met also under the John Kerry administration. We will keep you posted as additional details are revealed to us.

Paris – France – Just two evenings ago, two policemen, a husband and his wife, were both slaughtered in front of their three-year old son by an ISIS knife-wielding jihadist. The father was a Police Commander in an elite force who lived in a suburb outside of Paris. He was in plain clothes that evening. The police couple were slaughtered right outside their own home by an the Muslim attacker who shouted “allah hu ackbar” before the attack.

It is Ramadan remember.

Regarding the Islamic Jihadist attack on gays in Orlando, whether individuals morally or religiously agree on other’s sexual proclivity’s or lifestyles with other consenting mature adults is besides the point. You don’t kill because you disagree with another person, unless that person intends on murdering you, or someone else, in the first place. We have a word for that in a civilized nation. It’s called self-defense. Other than that, there is zero justification to kill anyone.

Pedophilia is another matter entirely. Child-marriage and child-rape, both of which routinely occur in Islam, are barbaric and must never be allowed as a way of life in the United States of America.

As a Christian myself, I have never heard of teachings for Christians to kill gays to receive rewards in Heaven or teaching to kill anyone at all unless in the context of preserving protecting one own’s life or the life of another in an act of self-defense. Wars fought on the grounds of preserving the lives of Freedom loving Americans and our allies or others who have endured being victims of genocidal and oppressive dictatorial fascist communistic and Islamic Sharia-compliant governments are defensible. Fighting against these in-humane injustices  also count as protecting innocent lives, and so in my mind, are equally justified.

Islam preaches, teaches killing gays in honorable and just. Don’t believe me? Watch this video.

Freedom is God-given, no other government acknowledges this reality as does our US Constitution and our Declaration of Independence. All of our US Judicial system is based upon the Torah and the Bible itself. We are in fact a Judeo Christian nation founded on The Cornerstone of Christ Jesus Himself.

Why does the world want to come here? For freedom.

Except for Islam.

Islam wants to conquer the world in its quest to dominate the world to establish its one world global Islamic Caliphate. Look to research the OIC  (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) to find out exactly how evil their goals are. They want to slaughter all who do not follow Muhammad as Muhammad himself led in the violent Jihad beheading 900 Jews in one day.

Muslims as part of their Sharia-compliant doctrines per the Q’uran, the Hadith and the Surah, routinely kill gays by multiple methods, their favorites include hanging and throwing gays off of roof tops to plummet to their deaths as has been documented in recent videos.

No one has the right to snuff out another’s innocent life in the name of allah or Muhammad or any ‘god.’

That is what Radical Islamic Jihadists do, they kill, murder shouting ‘allah hu akbar,’ thinking they will obtain a reward from their ‘god’ allah. Muslims are taught that during their Holy week of Ramadan they will obtain extra ‘points’ and secure a direct path to Paradise should they be killed as a martyr taking other’s lives especially the ‘kafir’ aka non-Muslim non believer’s life during that period of time.

Regarding today’s ISIS attack in China, I have scoured all reports and have not yet read one report of today’s mass knifing attack in China which reveals that the Xinjiang Separatist Forces are the same exact group aligned with the Islamic Republics of both Turkey and Syria members of which who live in China. They are in fact one and the same ISIS.

H/T to BBC for reporting at least on the violence in China itself, even if its reporters didn’t dig any further to elucidate the attackers were in fact ISIS Perhaps the reporters are China based and therefore have no Freedom of the press, ‘defacto’ gag ordered. I do not know.


BHO’s #FlagDay 2016 Press Conference Speech #TheScolding –

Perhaps you’ve heard about #TheScolding aboard #TrumpTrain #MAGA #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #AmericaFirst fully supporting @realdonaldtrump or even #CruzCrew undecided, or changed your mind as a democrat, and have been following the #hashtag #TheScolding


I created the hashtag for #USA the instant I heard BHO’s #FlagDay PRO-ISLAM Anti-USA speech.

The speech was reminiscent of Obama saying “The Future must not belong to those who slander the name of Islam

I was horrified that our POTUS would dare to scold USA, all of us Americans, for wanting to fight against the horrors afflicted upon Orlando, Florida. As Christians and free-thinking Americans, one and all, we defend all Americans including LGBT communities from all attacks and violence.

I encourage you to use it #TheScolding in your own tweets and in association with how you felt or think you looked when Obama gave his scolding speech to #USA on #FlagDay June 14th, 2016.

Here are two example’s from my Pastor husband David Orts and myself:



In my opinion, BHO’s meltdown rant of a speech was a form of taqiyya, saying deceptive things or outright lying, while intrinsically speaking the opposite ‘truths’  for the sole purpose to further the Islamic goals of a global Islamic Sharia compliant caliphate.

POTUS’ speech was emphatically PRO-ISLAM Anti-American PRO-ISIS PRO-Islamic Caliphate and was an attempt to shame US Citizens into speaking out against Islamic Sharia and Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Obama wants to relegate our #1A freedoms into the past. Barack’s aims and goals are the same goals of The Democratic party, to usurp all our Constitutional freedoms, especially our right to bear arms in the #2A so none of our other rights can be freely exercised. So #Never Forget and use #TheScolding to speak out for as long as it takes for Freedom to reign in our Republic, One nation under our Triune Judeo Creator God Jesus who gave all humans Freedom and free-will even those who do not believe upon His name are welcome here in The Republic of the United State of America, as long as you don’t kill us for disagreeing with you for any reason.

God Bless you The USA all US Military all in Blue #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter Shalom #Israel – MKO

Memorial Day Poem , Prayer and Video to Honor All The Fallen – God Bless the #USA

Dear Lovers of Liberty,

We want to take a moment to speak about Memorial Day which is far more than the holiday heralding summer. It is a time when our nation reflects with the deepest gratitude of the sacrifice so many in uniform have made for our freedoms, and for our liberties as a still unique, and still free nation of the people by the people and for the people.

May you have a safe, reflective day in remembrance of those fallen.

God bless, protect and encourage you and yours, this and every day. Remember the ultimate Hero, Jesus The Christ.

Remember those who gave the ultimate price, the ultimate sacrifice.
All gave some, some gave all
There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13

Honor The Fallen Memorial Day

It should be more than just a pause
that we recognize the just cause
that soldiers fought and gave their all
because they heard a nations call they laid down their lives, the greatest gift
to put away, destroy the rift
for God gave us unalienable rights
and this is why they fought the fights for freedom sake we’ve been set free
to love each other so God can see
His creation lasts in love, for all
when we all do hear our Lord God call.
God bless you and yours this Memorial Day
God Bless America, and God bless the fallen who loved her.
Love In Christ Jesus -PBN

Join us for prayer Memorial Day Morning 10:00 am ET
Please Read
John 15:13

Galatians 5:1

god bless fallen loved john 1513 galatians 51 friday message
 Friday Message May 2012
30 minute audio

Jesus Is Lord

.@Tedcruz Suspends Campaign Does Right Thing For #USA @realdonaldtrump Wins #IN Now Set to Take On @hillaryclinton to #MAGA

Indiana Primary night for the Republican party brought a “Yuuge” surprise of the night and of historic significance with Senator Ted Cruz making an unexpected announcement. Even Donald Trump wasn’t expecting this type of gift.

All eyes were fixed upon the results of the Indiana state primary results. There was no hint of big news brewing other than clinching ever closer to the 1237 requisite delegates for US Presidential candidate and business billionaire Mr. Donald Trump. Trump took all 57 of the delegate total in Indiana.


The surprise? Ted Cruz announced he was suspending his campaign but stated, “I am not suspending my fight for liberty.” Much to the dismay of #CruzCrew and the #NeverTrump teams on social media and Cruz supporters nationwide Cruz has bowed out of the race conceding, in effect, Donald Trump has beat him fair and square.

With humility and grace, Mr. Trump during his Indiana Primary victory speech, responded to Ted Cruz announcement with some gracious words, “What Ted did is really a brave thing to do” and “He is one hell of a competitor…and he’s got an amazing future.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich is still hanging around barely, by his fingertips, we don’t know why other than to be a spoiler to attempt to thwart Trump reaching the 1237 golden number needed to prevent a contested convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

We would’ve loved to have been within ear shot of author, radio talk show host and Constitutional lawyer teacher extraordinaire, Mr. Mark Levin, who has seemingly made it his personal one man mission to dissuade his entire listenership from ever supporting The Donald.

Only God knows how Mr. Glenn Beck, radio/television talk show host and founder of Blaze TV is handling things.

We will be praying, sincerely for both hosts as well as all the #NeverTrump ers who may need some alone time right now.

Wondering how radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh will deal with this as well. He’s been, not so subtle, as to his leaning towards Ted.

Well, we aboard “TrumpTrain” who support Donald Trump, have won the first wave of the seemingly at times, endless, nominee battles. Out of a total of seventeen US Presidential candidates comprised of US Governors, Senators, politicians and only a couple non-establishment competitors, such as Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, Mr. Donald J. Trump has risen above them all. We don’t hate Ted. We wish him well and wish him success in whatever his next endeavor is to be.

We do look forward to finally getting started on our true political nemesis Hillary Rodham Clinton. We know Mr. Trump can handle his own. And we’ve got his back to help Make America Great Again along with an entire Trump army nationwide.

It’s a guaranteed win for Donald Trump at this point. He will reach the 1237, as of last evening he has 1047. Trump won. And Trump will win in November against the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

God Bless Mr. Trump, his family, his team and all who surround and support him as we fight against tyranny together by the Grace of God in Jesus Holy Name for “such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

M. Katherine Orts reporting for in association with “Pushing Back Tyranny for the Glory of God in Jesus Holy Name” to #MAGA with my husband Pastor David A. Orts

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