#RedAlertUSA #JadeHelm15 Will Be ANNUALLY Repeated “Hostile Real World Exercises” w/ UN Troops Added #tcot

“Ordinary citizens are the first ones to notice something’s different.” ~ Meade

#JadeHelm15 is the brainchild of General Cleveland and staff, United States Special Operations Command, as shared by Fort Mead US Army Exercise Designer Special Operations contractor Mr. Tom Meade in the following video presentation to State of Texas.

“We need the help of all local communities.” ~Meade

“If you notice my guys, they’re probably doing something wrong.” ~Meade

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It is alleged the subsequent facts are true and verifiable. It has come to our attention that two more US States have been added to the list of involved states for the upcoming “real world hostile military exercises” code named #JadeHelm15 or #JadeHelm

JadeHelm will be repeated ANNUALLY with the expected addition of UN troops participating in the future. This is no joke America.

The two US States added to the current seven states (see map in original post with declassified doc: #JadeHelm Prepare for #USMilitary #RealWorld #HostileExcercise 07.15.2015 to 09.15.2015 #SouthWest #USA) where behind the scenes (and possible ground) operations are: Mississippi and Florida.

Arizona airports are alleged to be used for “interviews” aka interrogations.

Jade Helm from a Green Beret & US Commander’s point of view:

God Bless you all IJN+ Thank you to all US Military for your military service and sacrifice every day and night.

We are among, We The People, who believe in Our Creator, and we don’t take any of you for granted and pray always for your continued protection and provision.

~ M. Katherine Orts & husband Pastor David A. Orts founders USDefenseLeague.com & WorldWideBroadcasters.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”

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A Bowl Full of Reid’s Cherries For The Pickins At Americans Peril & Eternal Expense #MakeDCListen


There seems to be a stealth master plan of sorts to utilize a variety of Federal Government agencies for nefarious purposes aimed at diminishing or, removing altogether, the rights of the average hard-working, tax paying American citizen. Every State in the union should be on high alert that they might be next for Federal mandated selection by any variety of Federal ‘tools’ such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  to selectively pinpoint Americans staying true to the US Constitution and to Liberty within it’s well defined text as stated in The Declaration of Independence. We here at USDefenseLeague challenge all 50 States to immediately re-claim all non-ceded, or previously ceded lands and territories back from the increasing usurper of rights and freedoms the US Federal Government. We, like the Bundy’s believe that every State in our US Republic is sovereign. We are Federalists. That means we believe in State’s rights trumping Federal rights as per the 10th Amendment in our US Constitution.

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So we begin, at the beginning, with environmentally micro-focused and extraordinarily mis-aligned executor of all things Federal, the current US Senate Majority Leader  (D-Nevada) Harry Reid. Senator Reid’s pet projects just can’t get any wilder or should we say carnivorous! Just look here: read more

We are Losing our Freedoms and Lands: The Responsibility of the US Citizen #MakeDCListen


There is enough already “known” that someone could just quote the great minds in life to understand the trouble we are in as a nation.  And that is what we are going to do in this article, we hope you find it refreshing enough to share.  Subscribe Now 

Have we  lost our consciousness and ability to be responsible in the USA?  Yes, some have. Before the 1980s even arrived more people received government checks than were workers in the private sector. Is this the America you want to live in? 

“Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attentionIf once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature.” – Thomas Jefferson (Letter to Edward Carrington January 16, 1787)

“Need I infer, that it is the duty of every citizen to use his best and most unremitting endeavours for preserving it [the Constitution] pure, healthful, and vigorous? For the accomplishment of this great purpose, the exertions of no one citizen are unimportant. Let no one, therefore harbour, for a moment, the mean idea, that he is and can be of no value to his country: let the contrary manly impres­sion animate his soul. Every one can, at many times, perform, to the state, useful services; and he, who steadily pursues the road of patriotism, has the most inviting prospect of being able, at some times, to perform eminent ones.” -James Wilson (Signer of The  Declaration of Independence and the Constitution)

And the insight of those who are paying attention come to light if we are willing to research.  Listen with the scales removed from your ears so that you can hear what Albert Jay Nock clearly states in 1943 from his book “Memoirs of a Superfluous Man”

“… closer centralization; a steadily growing bureaucracy; State power and faith in State power increasing; social power and faith in social power diminishing; the State absorbing a continually larger proportion of the national income; production languishing; the State in consequence read more

UPDATE: Obama shuts Keystone XL down. Nebraska Governor Circumvents Obama’s Federal Anti Keystone Pipeline Plan.

UPDATE: Obama and his masses conducting evil against the states.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration has delayed a decision on TransCanada Corp’s rerouted Keystone XL oil pipeline until after March, even though Nebraska’s governor on Tuesday approved a plan for part of the line running through his state.

“We don’t anticipate being able to conclude our own review before the end of the first quarter of this year,” said Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman at the State Department, which had previously said it would make a decision by that deadline. Full post

God Bless Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman! TransCanada just got final approval to build its pipeline from the tar sands of Alberta all the way to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Done. 

Gov. Heineman Press Release here.

Obama rejected the broader [Keystone XL] plan, saying the pipeline needed to be rerouted around Nebraska’s sensitive Sand Hills region. For that project, TransCanada needs presidential approval because it crosses an international border. The shorter portion only requires permits from state and federal agencies. TransCanada said the final of three permits it needed from the Army Corps of Engineers had been approved. The line from Cushing will help relieve a bottleneck at the Oklahoma refinery.

The governor approved a revised route for the Canada-to-Texas pipeline which his office said would avoid environmentally sensitive areas.

“Construction and operation of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, with the mitigation and commitments from Keystone would have minimal environmental impacts in Nebraska,” he wrote in a letter to Obama and Clinton.

The decision on final approval now rests with the Obama administration. The State Department is expected to decide within the next few months whether to permit the project to go forward — Heineman’s approval puts Obama in a difficult political spot.

The president had previously cited the Nebraska’s concerns about the pipeline as a key obstacle to approving the pipeline. At the same time, the president was able assuage the concerns of major environmental groups who not only voiced concern about the potential impact of a spill but also the emissions created by extracting and refining oil from what are known as oil sands in Canada.

After Obama in his inaugural address pledged to take action on climate change, the Sierra Club said it was “heartened” by Obama’s remarks and again urged the administration to reject “the dangerous tar sands pipeline.”

But supporters — including some in the president’s own party — have downplayed the environment impact and stressed the economic benefits the pipeline could bring. The pipeline is backed by the unions, and has been heavily promoted by Canadian officials. In Heineman’s letter, the governor said construction in Nebraska would yield $418 million in economic benefits.

Asked about the Nebraska governor’s decision Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney noted the State Department was still reviewing the issue.

“There are stages in this process. … I don’t want to get ahead of that process,” Carney said.

There are other hurdles beyond the federal government’s approval — needed because the pipeline crosses the U.S.-Canada border. A state court case has challenged the law that gives Heineman the power to approve such plans.

The American Petroleum Institute hailed the Nebraska decision Tuesday as a major step.

“Another major hurdle has been cleared,” API Executive Vice President Marty Durbin said. “With the approval from Nebraska in hand, the president can be confident that the remaining environmental concerns have been addressed.”

The governor said the new route would avoid the sensitive Sand Hills region, though would “cross” a vital aquifer. The governor expressed confidence that enough protections were in place to allow the project to go forward.

Full article here.

New Mexico Gov Susana Martinez, Damn We Are Republicans, lol

[jwplayer mediaid=”28231″]
Speaking at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a Mexican-American, explained how she and her husband decided to switch their party affiliation.

“I was a Democrat for many years. So were my parents,” Martinez said. “Before I ran for District Attorney, two Republicans invited my husband and me to lunch. And I knew a party-switch was exactly what they wanted.
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Where is the MSM Outrage? New Orleans Still Without Power; Patience ‘THIN’

Mayor Mitch Landrieu said that, “Although New Orleans had escaped the worst effects of the storm, the majority of the city still does not have power.“Like everyone else, my patience is wearing thin,” he said. “This is more than an inconvenience; it continues to be dangerous for everybody.”

PBN would like to know where ABC, NBC, CBS are.

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New Republican Governors Bringing Down Unemployment Quickly

Simple. Elegant. Statistical and historical truth.

The average drop in the unemployment rate in these states was 0.95%, approximately the same as the drop seen nationally. It’s interesting to note than one of these states (New York) New York – 8.2% to 8.6% = an increase of 0.4% has actually experienced an increase in its unemployment rate since January 2011.

SC – 10.6% to 9.1% = a decline of 1.5%
SD – 5.0% to 4.3% = a decline of 0.7%
FL – 10.9% to 8.6% = a decline of 2.3%
NV – 13.8% to 11.6% = a decline of 2.2%
IA – 6.1% to 5.1% = a decline of 1.0%
OH – 9.0% to 7.3% = a decline of 1.7%
KS – 6.9% to 6.1% = a decline of 0.8%
ME – 8.0% to 7.4% = a decline of 0.6%
MI – 10.9% to 8.5% = a decline of 2.4%
NM – 7.7% to 6.7% = a decline of 1.0%
OK – 6.2% to 4.8% = a decline of 1.4%
AL – 9.3% to 7.4% = a decline of 1.9%
GA – 10.1% to 8.9% = a decline of 1.2%
CO – 8.8% to 8.1% = a decline of 0.7%
NY – 8.2% to 8.6% = an increase of 0.4%
OR- 9.9% to 8.4% = a decline of 1.5%
CA – 12.1% to 10.8% = a decline of 1.3%
CT- 9.3% to 7.8% = a decline of 1.5%
HI- 6.7% to 6.3% = a decline of 0.4%
MN – 6.8% to 5.6% = a decline of 1.2%
VT – 6.0% to 4.6% = a decline of 1.4%
PA – 8.0% to 7.4% = a decline of 0.6%
TN- 9.5% to 7.9% = a decline of 1.6%
WI – 7.7% to 6.8% = a decline of 0.9%
WY – 6.3% to 5.2% = a decline of 1.1%


Based on this data, it appears that the policies being implemented at the state level by newly elected Republican governors are having a positive impact in terms of job creation.

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Gov Rick Snyder Disappointing the Majority of Michigan

Thousands, tens of thousands of Michiganders are having second thoughts about Gov. Rick.

Why did he veto Senate Bill 754 and House Bill 5061? Did the administration get to him and threaten him? I guess we’ll never know.  –PBN

[AP] Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has vetoed bills sponsored by his own party that would have required some voters to show a photo ID  before they could get an absentee ballot and mandated extra training for groups registering voters.

He also vetoed legislation to require voters to reaffirm their U.S. citizenship before receiving a ballot. The governor said in a statement Tuesday that he signed 11 other election bills into law. Common Cause of Michigan and the League of Women Voters are among groups praising Snyder’s veto of the voter registration measure.

Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger says he’s “very disappointed” his party’s governor vetoed “very reasonable” changes to election laws.Snyder says the vetoed bills could have created confusion among absentee voters and groups conducting voter registration drives.Contact the Governor.


Phone the Governor Mail the Governor
PHONE:(517) 373-3400
(517) 335-7858 – Constituent Services
(517) 335-6863Executive Office Staff List PDF icon
Governor Rick Snyder P.O. Box 30013Lansing, Michigan 48909
Northern Michigan Office234 West Baraga AvenueMarquette, MI 49855(906) 228-2850 Washington D.C. Office444 N. Capitol Street, NorthwestHall of the States, Suite 411Washington, D.C. 20001(202) 624-5840

Netroots Panel claims Nazi-like Propaganda won Wisconsin

Netroots conference live here.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was only able to survive the recall because he took over the airwaves with his propaganda machine, according to panelists at progressive Netroots Nation conference in Providence, Rhode Island.

“Imagine what Hitler could have done with Fox News,” said a Wisconsin activist and panelist. “The 1 percent have bought the media..Scott Walker’s billionaire backers have essentially bought Wisconsin.”

Despite President Obama’s impressive storehouse of campaign money and spectacular advertising team, the panelists agreed that this sort of “manipulating the message” through television advertising has, “never been seen before.”

The Democratic Party was a touchy subject for these panelists who were grassroots bloggers and activists from Wisconsin. read more

The Power of Cool by Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson

Publishers Note: This is a must read, and share. These questions need to be asked by anyone who disagrees politically with conservatism, and succumbs the elitist, limousine liberal occupy supporter lies. Yes, question them, make them uncomfortable in their own hypocrisy. We’re underwater, but  they’re all wet. We are the sharks! -PBN

From Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg, cool buys exemption.

When Barack Obama two years ago joked at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that potential suitors of his two daughters might have to deal with Predator drones (“But boys, don’t get any ideas. Two words for you: Predator drones. You will never see it coming.”), the liberal crowd roared. That failed macabre joke would have earned George W. Bush a week of headline condemnation from the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Obama, in fact, has increased those judge/jury/executioner targeted assassinations tenfold during his tenure. But apparently, the combination of Obama’s postracial “cool” and the video-game nature of such airborne death — no CNN clips of charred torsos and smoldering legs, no prisoners with their ACLU lawyers in Guantanamo, no Seymour Hersh exposé on a Waziristan granny who was vaporized for being too near her terrorist-suspect grandson, no American losses for Code Pink and Moveon.org to demonstrate against — earned general exemption for that new liberal way of war. What bothered us about the Predator strikes in 2006–2008 was not the kills per se but the uncool nature of twangy Texan George Bush, who ordered them. read more

Top 10 Reasons Obama Will Lose This Fall









The working assumption, in the modern media, is that Obama simply cannot lose his reelection bid. Obviously, they want “The One” to be around for two. While their ever-present and sometimes intense rooting for him will certainly help Obama, there are a host of reasons why Obama will lose. Here’s a list: read more