[VIDEO] Wal-Mart Stores Close Same Day Wal-Mart wins Gun-sales Case

Nationwide – Several Wal-Mart locations Have Suddenly Shut Down their fully stocked stores. Their respective spokespeople are all giving the same reason of “plumbing issues” as reason for closures, Though to our knowledge, permits for contracting or plumbing work have not yet even been applied for any of the Wal-Mart store locations.

Several Wal-Mart stores closed abruptly today, with just a few hours notice to Wal-Mart staff and the general public. The official close for up to six month shutdowns occurred in at least five Wal-Mart locations across USA. These shocking announcements happened coincidentally, or not, on the same day Wal-Mart won a court case over gun magazines being banned from being sold at its stores. The suit was filed at the request of one of its larger investors, Trinity Church located in NYC. Trinity Church made headlines during the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy in read more

How the Feds Plan to Use the APA, NSA and Obamacare to Get Your Guns

How the Feds Plan to Use the APA, NSA and Obamacare to Get Your GunsPosted By on Jan 7, 2014

I read an article recently, by Brandon Turbeville, about the Executive Actions Obama signed January 3 further limiting our gun rights, and it got me to thinking about the “Axis of Evil” which have now joined forces to disarm us.  Although there are plenty of tertiary players, it’s mainly Obamacare, NSA and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) who make up this merry collaboration of oppressors.

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NYC alarms with notice: ‘Immediately surrender your rifle’

Liberals in local, state, and federal government continue to make more and more power grabs by the day. Will We the People throw them out of office come election time? We’re currently less than one year away from America’s midterm elections, it’s time to once again become active in the political fight against those who would take away our freedoms. –PBN

New York City authorities have been sending out notices to residents who own guns that now violate new ammunition capability laws, demanding they relinquish their weapons — and even though the notifications may just be standard police procedure, the text is a shocker.

At issue: Weapons that hold more than five rounds of ammo, The Blaze reported.

One such notice to a city resident, dated Nov. 18 and posted on The Blaze, reads: “Immediately surrender your rifle and/or shotgun to your local police precinct, and notify this office of the invoice number. The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the City of New York thereafter. Permanently remove your rifle and/or shotgun from New York City.”

The letter also advises that the recipient “may call to discuss the matter if you believe your firearm is in compliance, or you may request the option to bring your firearm to a licensed gunsmith for a permanent modification and certification proving that it is permanently modified and in compliance.”

The Associated Press reported that it wasn’t clear if police were taking aggressive steps to root out those who ignored the demands of the letter.

Source: The Washington Times

Gun Control Sprouts from Racists Soil – NRA Has Standing to Fight Gun Control with The Militia Act of 1903

Gun control springs from racist soil. Dixiecrats (Dems) wanted to control people.

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“God created man, Sam Colt made them equal.”

It’ is only because of the lies of the Democrats that all blacks are not Conservative. How blacks can be so supportive of Democrats who continuously  seek to own them  through handouts, and the fear of being  independent. Dems talk about freedom but the Democratic brand of freedom is  apathy and continuous enslavement to govt programs.

Fortunately the NRA has standing with The Militia Act of 1903, also known as the Dick act of 1902.
Further Asserting the Second Amendment as Untouchable.  

Progressives in the House and Senate, be very afraid of failure, because you will fail!  Any gun control law breaking.

We have laws on the books that the lawmakers are ignorant of.  Maybe Congress, the Judiciary and Executive branches should get busy keeping the laws we have but first they’ll need to know the present laws prior to trying to enact  any more!

Truth about Travon Martin & Zimmerman’s Case – Now Let’s Move On

While the racist left are denying the truth about the Zimmerman case, we want to share the truth and journalistic expertise in this video from Bill Whittle. Please watch entire 10 min of video and share with the left.

“To connect Martin Luther King to this travesty, is an outrage and it’s disgusting and it’s perpetrated by outrageous and disgusting people”

America needs to pray for the Zimmermans protection and the knowledge wisdom and understanding for the Lord’s leadership in their lives. We also as a nation, well at least real Americans need to step away from what the left are trying to distract us from, which is the ruination of our Nation by this crop of vile Dems. God Blesses America, and God Blesses real Americans while He deals with the malignant murderous balance of lawbreakers and vile fabricators in our borders. We are the majority, let’s act like it. God Bless you -PBN

“The Left Inject Race Into Trayvon Case” Deneen & Tom Borelli [VIDEO]

There is nothing here but opportunity for the race card players AKA Democrats. USA is better than this.

God Bless the Borellis for speaking capital “T” truth to power.


Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. strongly condemned “stand your ground” laws Tuesday, saying the measures “senselessly expand the concept of self-defense” and may encourage “violent situations to escalate.”

The National Rifle Association was not pleased with Holder’s statements and released the following to Fox News: 

Chris W. Cox, executive director NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, claimed Holder went too far in extending the debate to “stand-your-ground” laws.

“The attorney general fails to understand that self-defense is not a concept, it’s a fundamental human right,” he said in a statement. “To send a message that legitimate self-defense is to blame is unconscionable, and demonstrates once again that this administration will exploit tragedies to push their political agenda.”

Do dumb people have the right of way? Honest vs. Dishonest Trayvon Disparity

Dishonest racist man speaks out about the Trayvon Martin Shooting

Intellectually honest man speaks out about the Trayvon Martin Shooting

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Will America Become Америка? NSA, PRISM, KGB Spying on Americans [4 VIDEOS]

Related NSA article U.S. Government Reveals Deadly Classified Israeli Military Information to Israel’s Enemies [VIDEO]

So who is Steven Grimaud? Steven is a Senior Executive Officer at the NSA. He’s one of those faceless individuals who monitors your phone records and email at the NSA, but nobody is supposed to know his name. I’ll be happy to tell you who he is. He’s my ex-husband. We were married when he was a Russian translator for the Navy Security Agency. read more

Obama Scheduled to Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty June 3rd

Gun Control

President Obama is scheduled to sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on June 3rd, but there is a way to stop him by nullifying everything they do through the power given you as a citizen of the USA.  Read how Maryland has nullified gun laws and is standing up for her Right To Bear Arms

“If you want to own a firearm, carry a gun under your jacket or over your jacket, the Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit, period. … It has nothing to do with self-defense; it has to do with freedom from tyranny.” -Kessler

The ATT, which has, supposedly, been designed to regulate the traffic and possession of weapons between countries, has been highly criticized by gun rights organizations and other advocates of UN intervention into Second Amendment issues as the very nature of the treaty’s enforcement suggests that a registry would be necessary to enforce the provisions of the treaty as the treaty calls for a tracking of “end users” of the firearm. read more

2nd Amendment Resolution: All Gun Laws Null & Void – Maryland Standing Up For Her Right To Bear Arms

The truth never leaves and never hides. It is always with us and always waiting to be shared. This is your country, this is our God Blessed USA. SO as Obama gets ready to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty June 3rd  now would be a good time to show your passion for our sovereignty.  If this makes you angry do something like these concerned citizens did.
“If you want to own a firearm, carry a gun under your jacket or over your jacket, the Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit, period. … It has nothing to do with self-defense; it has to do with freedom from tyranny.” -Kessler
To protect our nations it will require 3,077 signatures from every sheriff  of each County, Borough or Parrish in the US to maintain our freedom and liberty and stop the tyrannical international laws that are attempting to be implemented.

The resolution quotes Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper No. 78:

“No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid. To deny this, would be to affirm, that the deputy is greater than his principal; that the servant is above his master; that the representatives of the people are superior to the people themselves; that men acting by virtue of powers, may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

Or the 1803 case of Marbury v. Madison:

“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”

“These gun-control measures are not laws,” concluded. “They are unconstitutional acts. You have the authority and duty to nullify this.” -Peroutka

Full pdf of Maryland’s resolution

Former Obama Secret Service Agent Now Guarding USA [VIDEO]

Don Bongino and Barack Obama

Dan Bongino former Secret Service Agent for Obama

Obama is the enemy of freedom and faith and all things good in the USA. He is shredding Liberty along with our Constitution and Bill of Rights daily. read more

“This isn’t Iraq dude, this is Temple Texas.” Active Duty Soldier Illegally Disarmed and Arrested

A young man out for a walk with Dad working on his 10 mile Eagle Scout patch witnessed his fathers illegal detainment and arrest in Temple Tx. Yes America, this is what we are coming to.  Gun laws are becoming as useless as the Constitution is to Obama. Below is a link to help this Iraqi/ Afghanistan war veteran.

On March 16, 2013, my son and I were hiking along country roads among pastures and fields with my 15-year old son to help him earn his hiking merit badge. I always enjoy these father/son hikes because it gives me time alone with my son. As I always do when we go on these hikes and walks, I took my trusty rifle with me as there are coyotes, wild hogs, and cougars in our area. In Texas, it is legal to openly carry a rifle or shotgun as long as you do so in a manner that isn’t calculated to cause alarm. In other words, you can’t walk around waving your rifle at people. I always carry my rifle slung across my chest dangling, not holding it in my hands.

At about the 5 mile mark of our hike, a voice behind us asked us to stop and the officer motioned for us to approach him. He got out of his car and met us a few feet later. He asked us what we were doing and I explained that we were hiking for my son’s merit badge. He then asked me what I’m doing with the rifle, to which I responded in a calm manner, “Does it matter, officer? Am I breaking the law?”

At that point, the officer grabbed my rifle without warning or indication. He didn’t ask for my rifle and he didn’t suggest he would take it from me. He simply grabbed it. This startled me and I instantly pulled back – the rifle was attached to me – and I asked what he thought he was doing because he’s not taking my rifle. He then pulled his service pistol on me and told me to take my hands off the weapon and move to his car, which I complied with. He then slammed me into the hood of his car and I remembered I had a camera on me (one of the requirements of the hiking merit badge is to document your hikes). This video is the rest of that encounter. Up to this point, I am not told why I am being stopped, why he tried to disarm me, or even that I’m under arrest.

We did not set out that Saturday morning to “make a point” or cause problems. Our goal was to complete a 10-mile hike and return home without incident. My son chose a route that away from populated areas but near our home.

The arresting officer is Officer Steve Ermis and the supervisor is Sergeant Minnicks of the Temple Police Department.

If you agree this was a gross act of exceeded authority, please help me fight these charges: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2nd-amendment-legal-defense-fund/x/2679348