Battle for #Turkey Pro Coup Turkish Military Takes Over #CNNTurk #TurkeyCoup [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Above video shows graphic video of civilian casualties in Turkey as dead bodies line a sidewalk. Do not know how they were killed. It appears by extreme blast of some sort. Bodies are unrecognizable. – M. Katherine Orts reporting for aka “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name!


Tukish Civilians w/ sticks allegedly unfriendly towards Pro-Coup Military rush into CNN Turk headquarters as soon as Military went off air.



Pro Coup Turkish Military seemingly take over CNN Turk headquarters Turkish President Erdogan had been using FB to Face Time his message to CNN Seems there is a war for who can control the media may win.


PRO coup Turkish forces enter CNN Turk headquarters to seize control of all media outgoing

Empty CNN Turk News Desk as PRO Coup Turkish Military vacate the premises taking hold of the CNN headquarters in Turkey


Military Turkish helicopter shoots at civilians Turkey Time – Turkey

The military coup for a new Turkish government is underway.

This is a developing story of global proportions. We will keep you apprised.

#BreakingNews #EiffelTower #France Under Attack? Fire Explodes Nearby #International #IslamicJihad – France, Paris

Updated death tolls of Nice, France, are now at 80 confirmed dead. Reports state anywhere from 50 to 100 people reported injured depending upon news source.

French officials said to not spread rumors. That a truck containing fireworks simply caught on fire right next to the worldwide symbol of Paris, The Eiffel Tower. Yet the fire due to “technical issues” seems highly suspicious, given the massacre in Nice of 80 people now confirmed dead and some reports say up to 100 injured, on the same night of Bastille Day. The party goers on the South of France were mowed down by a man shouting “allah hu akbar” driving a large truck. The truck traveled at least one mile without stopping with bodies flung “like bowling pins” one news outlet stated.

Horrific evil.

ISIS produced these posters of the Eiffel Tower all of Paris on fire.
H/T to Pamela Geller – Paris, France

It appears there may be another Islamic related terror incident. French authorities had told French citizens to go home earlier in Nice, the south of France when a large truck plowed through a crowd of Bastille Day fireworks onlookers. At least 73 are confirmed dead and 100 are confirmed injured.

Now the Eiffel Tower seems to have been targeted by what appears to be Islamic terrorism. This is a developing story. We will keep you all updated.

French officials were stating that the fire near the Eiffel Tower was just a “technical issue” yet pro ISIS accounts are already celebrating both the Nice attack and the fire near the Eiffel tower as reported by Israel News Flash


– M. Katherine Orts reporting for & “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name above all Names!

H/T Melanie for the video find

#BreakingNews #Racine #Wisconsin Police Arrest Man For Terrorist Threats Against White Police Officers

Police in Racine, Wis., say they’ve arrested a man who allegedly posted calls on social media for black men to kill white police officers and their families.

Police issued a news release saying the department received tips from citizens and other law enforcement agencies from across the country Friday about the postings. One of the postings urged every black man in America to “strap it up” and kill white police officers in their homes. The posting also warned officers that they could find bodies sprawled around their houses.

Police determined the poster was a Racine resident. Detectives and FBI agents took the 43-year-old man into custody at his home without incident. He was arrested on suspicion of making threats to hurt police and making terroristic threats.

Read More Via – Chicago Tribune

.@DallasPD Says “Search has concluded” No suspicious Persons or Items Found #Dallas #TX – M. Katherine Orts reporting
Updated 7:52PM CT – Dallas TX
Updated 7:49PM – CT Dallas TX

Updated 7:25PM – CT Dallas TX

Though the Dallas PD is not on lockdown it appears, the neighborhood, is still on a 5 block radius lockdown at present. H/T Elizabeth

Updated 6:54PM CT – Dallas TX

Video taken 2 minutes ago appears to contradict reports coming direct from Dallas PD but we don’t know facts yet.
H/T Peter

Confusing reports are being fomented around the globe right now regarding an anonymous threat that the Dallas Police Department was going to be attacked.

The Dallas Police Department is NOT on lockdown but there is a search ongoing for a suspicious person in the police department parking garage.

This just in from @DallasPD

Updated 7:12PM CT – Dallas, TX



#BreakingNews UNSEALED Court Docs Reveal #ISIS Jihadi Planned to Attack #Ohio #Police Station & Kill #USMilitary Personnel

OHIO – ISIS Planned Attacks of Ohio Police Station & Military Personnel – M. Katherine Orts – Reporting

Columbus Dispatch article written by –



Ohio court records have just been unsealed, revealing that a Muslim man, Munir Abdulkader, was in direct contact with ISIS, was attempting to attack at least one police agency. Abdulkader was set to attack the Ohio police station one year prior to the recent Islam inspired Dallas, Texas terror ambush by Micah X. Johnson. Johnson, it was found out today, was a former member of the Blank Panther’s Party and had been named after Malcom X. > Micah X.

Munir was arrested in May of 2015 when he attempted to purchase a firearm. His plans included going to or returning to Syria to continue to fight with ISIS after he committed his murders.

If I were a cop, I would say the Dallas, TX incident had something in common with this pre-meditated attempt of ambushing another police station and US Military personnel. See our related story about the ISIS influenced Dallas sniper, a former Black Panther party member, Muslim, Micah X. Johnson. We believe these two stories are related and should be investigated by our law enforcement.

Read the entire Columbus Dispatch article here:

H/T Pamela Geller for sighting this story first.

H/T Also to Israel Supporters SA for helping me to see her article.




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#BreakingNews Nationwide #BlackLivesMatter VS Police &USMilitary – Protestors Throwing Rocks – M. Katherine Orts reporting on Atlanta, Georgia protesters versus Georgia State Police and what appears to be members of US Military/National Guard forces assembling. We will be updating throughout the night AND the same is being seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All happening now.

Time 12:54AM CT Happening LIVE now in Phoenix, AZ 10:55PM MST Local Time

Protesters are throwing rocks at police in Phoenix, AZ
#BlackLivesMatter is acting like stone throwing Moslems

Earlier in Phoenix as tear gas was flowing:

Black Lives Matter is a global movement
London, England today

Another #BLM protest Detroit, MI

Crowd of protesters are clearly chanting “Black Lives Matter”

Time Stamp 9:07PM CT Baton Rouge LA

One hour ago a citizen took this video in GA. This is a developing story.

Another picture of Atlanta, Georgia highway shutdown as reported by Fox News’ The Oreilly Factor
a standoff between protesters and Georgia State Police H/T USDefenseLaague’s own David A. Orts for photo

Here’s a video of same Atlanta Georgia Black Lives Matter protest vs GA State Patrol shutting down highway


This video below was from Oakland, California BlackLivesMatter protestor (LAST NIGHT’s protests same night as #Dallas #TX BLM sniper massacre) walking onto active highway allmost causing multiple collisions throwing fireworks at cars

#JamesComey @FBI Director’s Official Statement “No Charges” RE @hillaryclinton ‘s Emails

Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on the Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Personal E-Mail System
Washington, D.C.July 05, 2016
  • FBI National Press Office(202) 324-3691

Remarks prepared for delivery at press briefing.

Good morning. I’m here to give you an update on the FBI’s investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail system during her time as Secretary of State.

After a tremendous amount of work over the last year, the FBI is completing its investigation and referring the case to the Department of Justice for a prosecutive decision. What I would like to do today is tell you three things: what we did; what we found; and what we are recommending to the Department of Justice.

This will be an unusual statement in at least a couple ways. First, I am going to include more detail about our process than I ordinarily would, because I think the American people deserve those details in a case of intense public interest. Second, I have not coordinated or reviewed this statement in any way with the Department of Justice or any other part of the government. They do not know what I am about to say.

I want to start by thanking the FBI employees who did remarkable work in this case. Once you have a better sense of how much we have done, you will understand why I am so grateful and proud of their efforts.

So, first, what we have done:

The investigation began as a referral from the Intelligence Community Inspector General in connection with Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State. The referral focused on whether classified information was transmitted on that personal system.

Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way, or read more

#BreakingNews Attack Near A US Embassy #SaudiArabia by Al Qaeda

AYA BATRAWY, Associated Press

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – A suicide bomber carried out an attack early Monday near a U.S. diplomatic site in the Red Sea city of Jiddah, according to state-linked Saudi news sites.

Okaz news website said the bomber died in the attack, and that no other deaths were immediately reported. The bomber was apparently headed in a car toward a mosque and hospital that are near the U.S. consulate in Jiddah. Most of the consulate’s staff had reportedly moved offices to a new location.

Sabq news website reported that two security guards were wounded in the bombing.

U.S. Embassy officials in Saudi Arabia and Interior Ministry officials could not be immediately reached for comment. A State Department spokesperson, who was not authorized to be named and spoke on condition of anonymity, said U.S. officials are aware of reports of an explosion in Jiddah and are working with Saudi authorities to collect more information.

Read more via KLove

#RedAlert Intel Group Spots Credible Threat ISIS Planning Attack #4thJuly2016 #LAX #JFK #Heathrow – Reporting Active IS Threat for #LAX #JFK #Heathrow for July 4th, 2016

Update: ClarionProject also sounding the alarm FYI


Report.UK.IS.plot.LAX.Heathrow.JFK – Reporting on ISIS Threats & attacks globally

Site Intelligence Group has spotted a credible ISIS threat for TOMORROW July 4th, 2016 for Heathrow, LAX or JFK

A pro-ISIS twitter account claimed the attacks would target jets “flying from Heathrow to the US” just days after an ISIS member killed 42 people in a strike on a Turkish airport.

In the sick threat the jihadi claimed there “will be a device placed in either Heathrow, LAX or JFK airports” on Monday.

They added that “there New York’s JFK airport is the top destination for flights leaving Heathrow – with many expected to make the journey across the Atlantic this weekend to join in with American Independence Day celebrations. are no specific or credible threats against the US this weekend

– ReportUK

If they haven’t already, we suggest all appropriate authorities look into these threats, as ISIS has made good on them in Bangladesh and in Orlando. When the Islamic State promised it would attack the geographic locations they would attack, they followed through on their evil plans and they did attack.

This is Ramadan, the height of Islamic Jihadi violence globally. Followers of Muhammad are told they will receive extra rewards in Paradise if they become martyrs aka shaheeds during Ramadan.



#Breaking July2,2016 Another ISIS Attack #Baghdad #Iraq At least 120 Dead 200 Wounded #International #News – International Breaking News of ISIS terror attacks Baghdad Iraq

Updated death toll now at 120 DEAD at least 200 wounded as of July 3rd, 2016

Updated death toll now at 83 DEAD at least 160 wounded in 2 separate bomb attacks claimed by ISIS in Iraq



Baghdad Iraq July 2 2016 ISIS claimed attack

USDefenseLeague – International Breaking News of ISIS terror

We can expect more Islamic terrorist attacks such as what has just occurred in Iraq as well as Bangladesh, Israel and Orlando, since it is still the Moslem’s ‘holy’ month of Ramadan in which Shahids earn extra rewards towards Paradise, or so they are taught by their Islamic Imams globally.

Ibn Qudaamah  may  Allaah  have  mercy  upon  him said:Indeed, the reward of the martyr who dies in the battlefield fighting against the disbelievers is greater (than the one killed in the battle against the Muslims who rebel against the Muslim ruler) and he is higher in rank. It has been reported that he will be allowed to intercede on behalf of seventy of his family. His (the latter’s) virtue does not extend to such a person and the same legal determinations do not pertain to him, because an analogy is only drawn between a thing and its like.” [Al-Mughni]


At least 75 people have been killed and some 100 injured in two bombings carried out by so-called Islamic State in Baghdad, officials say.

In the first attack late on Saturday, a suicide car bomb exploded near a restaurant and shopping area in the central district of Karrada.

The street was busy with shoppers after sundown in the holy month of Ramadan.

A second bomb exploded later in a predominantly Shia area north of the capital.

The bombings come a week after Iraqi security forces recaptured the city of Falluja from Islamic State militants.

Authorities say the city was used as a launching pad for attacks on Baghdad by IS.

The jihadist group on Saturday claimed responsibility for the suicide car bomb in Karrada, which caused

Read More at BBC

#Breaking #Instanbul #Turkey Death Toll Has Risen to 51 At least 147 Injured #IslamicTerror Attack

– M. Katherine Orts reporting for

Our of all the news intel in the world, the ones we trust most are the Israelis according to their information obtained there are now 51 (FIFTY-ONE) dead and at least 147 (ONE HUNDRED and FORTY SEVEN ) injured w three suicide bombers not yet found, three suicide bombers dead and one captured bringing total of Islamic terrorists to 7 (SEVEN)



As of last minute Turkish media reports the death toll has risen yet again to 50 (FIFTY DEAD) and at least 147 injured.


Death Toll Rises once more per Turkish Prime Minister, the death toll is now 36 persons killed


Update on the number of Muslim terrorists: Turkish authorities believe there were at least 7 (seven) Islamic terrorists involved in today’s Islamic terror attack at an the aiport in Instanbul, Turkey. 1 (one) is told to be held in custody at present.

H/T @anonpress

Death Toll has Risen to at least 31 dead 147 people injured as of 36 minutes ago so that would be  7:15pm ET UStime

H/T to @anonpress for updates on death toll rising


Scene outside Instanbul after 3 Muslim suicide bombers detonated their vests killing 28 injuring at least 60 people


H/T @obozolies

Approximately 2 hours ago at least three Muslim suicide bombers exploded themselves and others in an Instanbul Airport in Turkey killing 28 and wounding at least 60 more.


Instanbul Security Camera Shows Detonation of Muslim Suicide Bombers at time of explosion. Security guards do not act surprised and subsequently photograph the evolving event

H/T @LaShawnGreeeen

This is a developing story.

H/T to @ObozoLies @LaShawnGreeeen who both brought story to my attention right away. Thank you both.

M. Katherine Orts reporting for aka in association with

“Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name above all Names!

June 17th 2016 – At least 24 US Military Trained K9 Dogs Brutally Massacred by Muslims in Kuwait


U.S. K9 Trained Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Massacred By Muslims In Kuwait

By Walid Shoebat

St. Francis once said: “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” This is the case every time. When someone is cruel to animals, they are cruel to human beings. In fact, Christianity is the best for the care of animals.

Dozens of American-trained dogs were killed by a Kuwaiti-based company last week, according to multiple reports, though there are conflicting explanations for the deaths.

While several news agencies reported the story, they fail to also report that it becomes obvious by looking at the dog-killer that his mustache is trimmed and his beard elongated and stepping on the slaughtered dog the issue becomes clear this is a Muslim dog-hater.

Islam views dogs as impure, and the Islamic legal tradition has developed several injunctions that warn Muslims against contact with dogs. Muslims view this to justify the abuse and neglect of these friendly animals. While Islam provides a story where Muhammad rescued a thirsty dog to equate that animals are “communities like you” this is a part of Islam’s reversalist agenda. Islam like liberalism equates animals with humans to minimize human value while holding the top rank of human and animal abuse in the world. Islam prohibits prostitution and allows Misyar marriage where Muslim men can rent a wife for a day (legal prostitution) and allows sex with Read More via Shoebat


And for the record, even leftist Snopes doesn’t dispute this massacre of US K9s occurred in Kuwait. Snope’s review questions exactly which Muslims were responsible however.

M. Katherine Orts cross-posting story w/ proper attribution given for author/publishers via & in association with

“Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” for the Glory of God in Jesus Name above all Names