Hillary Clinton “Ok I will only talk with Whites then” #AllLivesMatter VS #BlackLivesMatter [VIDEO]

At one point Hillary Clinton says, “There has to be a Reckoning. I agree with you.” to head of movement #BlackLivesMatter

H/T Good Magazine

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New #ISIS Video Shows New Ways To Kill Innocents | Reminder: @realDonaldTrump “There’s a Muslim problem”

Reminder: We here at PBN as well as Donald Trump have been talking about this for a long time. This terrorism goes back many, many centuries and even when defeated remnants of it always exist. There is nothing new under the sun. The US must always be vigilant. –PBN

They have burnt men alive and drowned prisoners in metal cages but now ISIS have released a new video showing off their new horrific method of committing murder.

Filmed in an unknown location in Afghanistan, ISIS militants are shown burying several explosive charges beneath the ground before covering them with earth.

The ten prisoners are blindfolded and led up to where the bombs have been buried before they are forced to their knees. The bloodthirsty jihadis detonate the charges, killing all the prisoners.


Appalling: the victims are forced to knee where the bombs have been secretly hidden by the ISIS militants


Devastating violence: The charges are set off with the video ending with graphic scenes of the dead bodies

Devastating violence: The charges are set off with the video ending with graphic scenes of the dead bodies

read more

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Obama returns to Satan’s original crime scene same location of Garden of Eden proven DNA #AddisAbaba #Ethiopia #Lucy #Africa #FalseTrinity #Pentagram #EthiopianFlag [5VIDEOS]


Many are wondering why POTUS went to Africa’s Kenya and Ethiopia, now. Why did he choose to speak in Ethiopia as the platform to speak to the African Union on the African continent for the very first time? He’s the first sitting US President to visit Kenya and the very first to address the African Union in Africa.

Are you aware of the symbolism on the two Ethiopian flags on either side of Barack Obama? The Ethiopian flags were draped properly (for a Pagan Satanist or Wiccan) with the Pentagram pointing down meaning an embracing of the Satanic Pentagram. Research of the current deceptive meaning states that the Pentagram signifies “Unity for Ethiopia” or “Unity for All Civilization” aka The One World Order birthplace, since Ethiopia has long been thought to be, and recently scientifically proven to be the cradle or birthplace of all civilization. In fact in Obama’s speech to the African Union, he himself described Africa as “the cradle of humanity” and “one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.” read more

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Obama AirForce One Landed in Ethiopia – Kenyan President Kenyetta Also Present [VIDEO]

[jwplayer config=”PBN” mediaid=”290631″]



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Obama Lands in African Homeland Greets Signs SOMETHING for Kenyan President Then Meets At #UN Headquarters – #GES Summit #Kenya #Nairobi #GES #UN [VIDEO]

WHAT exactly is Barack Obama doing at his welcome home visit in Nairobi, Kenya? Is he secretly meeting with UN officials signing documents concerning our Republic under the guise of encouraging the Kenyan entrepreneurial spirit? Is he signing or creating one or more treaties without the informed consent of our US Congress? He, Obama,  just recently had our US Secretary of State confess that Iran had a separate “Road Map” agreement with the IAEA. Sshhh! According to SOS John Kerry “that’s classified I would be happy to talk more about this and what we are going to do in a classified setting.”

~ Prologue and running discussion by M. Katherine Orts wife to Pastor David A. Orts reporting for and founders of USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” & WorldWideBroadcasters.com Reaching The Globe for God’s Glory IJN+Obama.UN.Summit.07.25.2015





    Crossposted by USDefenseLeague.com

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Obama’s Half Sister Auma, Steals Show after Airforce One landed late evening Friday July 24th, 2015 in Kenya.

Auma, Barack Obama's Kenyan Half Sister

Auma, Barack Obama’s Kenyan Half Sister, Barack Obama & Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta

See additional Kenyan article by Olive Burrows.


Obama is greeted by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta then Obama signs what exactly?



Seated next to standing OKenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, US President Barack Obama is seen signing something, we don’t know what exactly. We surmise that it could be a Kenyan Presidential pardon as there were International Criminal Charges which are apparently mysteriously dropped. But no confirmation yet exactly what that piece of paper said

Obama is seen signing something at a desk preset by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on the Kenyan airport tarmac, we don’t know what exactly. We surmise that it could be a Kenyan Presidential pardon as there were International Criminal Charges which are apparently mysteriously dropped. But no confirmation yet exactly what that piece of paper said.

UPDATE! According to local news, KBCChannel1, Barack Obama was signing the Kenyan President’s Guestbook.


M. Katherine Orts wife to Pastor David A. Orts reporting for and founders of USDefenseLeague.com  “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” & WorldWideBroadcasters.com Reaching The Globe for God’s Glory IJN+

MORE related articles on International News:

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Iran Says Israel Has #Iranophobia & Only Obstacle In Its Way Now #IranDeal #SideDeal is called #RoadMap #WWIII


There is no one to hold Iran accountable at this present moment in history. The IAEA has a separate agreement between the inspectors and Iran. The IAEA must give 24 days advance notice before they arrive to observe any one of Iran’s multiple Nuclear facilities. They will be building a research and development facility in order to absorb the secrets of Nuclear ballistics technology that Barack Obama gave away on behalf of the American people. It is indeed a traitorous time. The script can be found in the Book of Revelation. Israel stands alone as the armies of the earth prepare for battle. Let us not, as Americans, be on the wrong side of God’s Chosen people. For whoever blesses Israel God blesses, whoever curses Israel God curses. The elect can see exactly who our POTUS is. Let us pray for Wisdom IJN+ and repent giving thanks to God The Father in advance for what He has already done, is doing and will do until His triumphant return as the Church’s Warrior King ~ Prologue by M. Katherine Orts Pastor’s wife to husband Pastor David A. Orts founders of USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”


In this context, it is also not surprising that the Israeli regime is the only obstacle in the way of establishing a Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in the Middle East that my country initiated more than forty years ago and has ever since promoted. We believe that nuclear warheads stockpiled by the Israeli regime constitute a grave threat to peace and security in our unstable region, and the Security Council should live up to its primary responsibility under the UN Charter and take necessary action to neutralize this threat. ~ H.E. Mr. Gholamali Khoshroo, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Full text of Iran UN envoy statement on endorsing JCPOA

read more

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When Green Turned Empire State Beauty Into Evil #Chattanooga5 #ChattanoogaStrong


Empire State Building Lit Up Green for Ramadan – Photo Credit Beliefnet

New York City’s Empire State Building was crowned with green lights last Friday to honor Islam’s prophet Muhammad’s favorite color for #EID as some Muslims and most liberal politicians celebrated amidst the deaths of five brave US Troops ( 4 US Marines 1 US Navy Sailor), two remain hospitalized (1 US Marine 1 TN Police Officer). Hashtags used on twitter started off with #ChattanoogaShooting #Chattanooga4 #Chattanooga5 turning into #ChatanoogaTerror as most liberal politicians ignored our nation’s finest and turned their politically correct vision towards Islam’s Muslims on the last day of Ramadan

Related Story:

Is is out of fear or ignorance we wonder? This atrocious inexplicable cowtowing to our enemies at home and abroad? CNN is now empathizing with the Muslim shooter digging up whatever convenient excuses there might be to explain the obvious.

The Chatanooga Shooter was a Moslem monster deceived by Muslim teachings into thinking if he committed an act of Islamic Jihad during the month of Ramadan that he would be guaranteed entrance into Paradise.

The truth is the radicalized 24 year old, Kuwaiti born Islamic young man gained entrance into an eternity of pain, suffering, darkness, cold, fire and gnashing of teeth. Unless someone took the time to share the truth about the Gospel and Forgiveness of Jesus in his last moments dying, there was no hope of entering Heaven.

Where was NY State’s governor’s comment on the Islamic terror in Chattanooga TN? Where was NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio’s comments? There were none on his official .gov site on the date of the shooting or since that horrible day 7.16.2015.

We know the shooting ambush of our brave US Military didn’t take place in NY but in TN. Why then should the NYC Mayor or NY Governor comment? Well, Cuomo commented on Ramadan’s last day to Muslims yet said nary a word to our US Military neither did DeBlasio. New York City is the Emerald City, the Capital of the entire world. One would think it appropriate to address the nation, but hey maybe they all caught up with each other in NYC somewhere,  domestic political feud with pasta, cannoli and all.


New York Governor wishes Muslims blessed Eid #EidMubarak says nothing to US Military families #ChattanoogaShooting #ChattanoogaStrong

“If you can make it here you’ll make it anywhere” go the lyrics to New York New York infamously sung by Frank Sinatra to the delight of all ol time roller skaters and ice skaters in rinks across our great USA.

This rank behavior towards our courageous US Military continued with our CIC/POTUS’ meek speech which gave zero compassion or sense of urgency to meet the bare minimum requirements of consoling the grieving families of our fallen and wounded brave US Military in their time of need. Where did Mr. Obama go instead? Obama took his daughters to NYC to see a Broadway Show.


PHOTO – Bizpac Story – July 18, 2015 | Tom Tillison |No time to mourn: After Marines killed, Obama runs off to fundraiser and Broadway show – what, no golf?

Prologue written by M. Katherine Orts wife to Pastor David A. Orts founders of USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Against Tyranny With Truth”

The color green is believed to be Mohammed’s favorite color. One passage from the Quran says that people will “wear green garments of fine silk” in paradise.


NYC’s Empire State Building Lit Up For Eid-al-Fitr last Day Ramadan 7.17.2015 Less Than 24 Hours After #ChattanoogaShooting

The Empire State Building in New York has lit up to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the end of Muslim’s Holy month of Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Muslims learn self-discipline, sacrifice, and empathy. Beginning upon sight of a new moon during the ninth month of the Muslim year, those who are able abstain from food, drink (including water), smoking, and sex from dawn until dusk until the next new moon.

Eid al-Fitr begins when the new moon at the end of Ramadan is seen. During the festival, the end of Ramadan is celebrated with food, charity, and prayer. The color green is believed to be Mohammed’s favorite color. One passage from the Quran says that people will “wear green garments of fine silk” in paradise.

In 2007, Eid-al-Fatr became the first Muslim holiday to be honored by the Empire State Building’s tower lights. In his speech at the Islamic Center of Washington, President George W. Bush emphasized the importance of the Muslim community. ~ Inquisitr

read more

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WH Lit Like #IranianFlag & Ramadan Rooster Obama Spouts Cockadoodledoo While Heroes Die #Chattanooga5 #GunFreeZonesKill

A fifth has died: “Friends mourn U.S. Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith, shot to death in Chattanooga shooting”

Updated 7.18.2015 A total of 5 now reported to have died (4 Marines 1 Navy)  It appears there was/is confusion among the MSM as well as Fox as to the correct sex of the US Navy Sailor who was mistakenly reported to be female, who was injured severely by the Muslim shooter in Chattanooga TN 2 days ago. The sailor has now died after heroic surgical and medical efforts to save the sailors life.

Related Story 7.20.2015:

Updated 1:03PM ET -All four US Marines have now been identified by 3rd parties as DOD has not yet officially listed their names yet.

PRAYERS IJN+ for our four fallen US Marine heroes and their families as well as three other wounded including a Sailor who underwent several hours of lifesaving surgery last night into today:

U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Skip Wells of Marietta, Georgia, was identified Friday by relatives the New York Daily News reported. 

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan of Springfield, Massachusetts, was identified on FB by India Battery, 3rd Battalion, 12th Marines early Friday.

U.S. Marine David Wyatt, of Chattanooga, was identified by friends & family Friday on FB, the Tennessean reported.

Marine Sgt. Carson Holmquist, a Wisconsin native who resided in Jacksonville, North Carolina, according to USA Today.

One of four US Marines that were slaughtered by a Kuwaiti born Muslim extremist have been identified, his name is Thomas Sullivan, decorated Iraq veteran from MA. Our prayers IJN+ go out to his family and friends as well as the other soldiers families. We will keep you updated.


And Obama wishes everyone err Muslims this?

Michelle and I hope today brings joy to all of your homes, both here in the U.S. and around the world. From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!

This the same day that our brave US Marines were killed, shot dead by a Muslim Islamic Jihadist terrorist in Chattanooga, TN. Three others were injured, one Navy injured severely (she is still in surgery at the writing of this post) as well as a Tennessee State police officer. A total of 50 shots were allegedly fired by the Kuwait born terrorist, killing four of our brave men who were ambushed unarmed.

The FBI identified the shooter, now deceased, as naturalized American citizen from Kuwait, Mohammod Youssef Abdulazeez. He was trained as an engineer and worked for the City of Chattanooga as a policeman (unarmed) in the Department of Public Works Stormwater Management Division.

7.17.2015 Update 6:18AM-ET It has been confirmed by trusted terror expert that ISIS ordered the attack responsible for Chattanooga deaths and injuries of US Marines, Naval officer and TN police officer. Will update as more details evolve and are confirmed.

The White House was lit up like an Iranian Flag to honor the suicidal Iran deal propelling Iran into completing their long awaited ICBM’s. The Joint Chiefs of Staff warned Obama that giving Iran ballistics technology is off the table. So at the last minute Obama gave Iran’s Rouhani ballistics technology too. This is WWIII in the making while our POTUS sides with the opposing team.

Why isn’t our flag flying at half mast in honor of the shooting victims? I’m not speaking of the photo below but since the terror attack in TN it has not been lowered at all.

Exclusive Photo Credit Ben Shapiro Twitterfeed

White House draped with light in Iranian flag colors 7.15.2015

(Publisher’s Note The authenticity of the White House pic lit up like Iran’s flag is widely debated but not yet debunked we are awaiting @BenShapiro to comment on his public upload and sharing of pic on date of the Iran deal 7.15.2015)

Four US Marines were senselessly targeted and gunned down by an Islamic Moslem monster in Tennessee yesterday. An additional three were shot and injured, one seriously who underwent surgery.

Our POTUS response? We will investigate this…

Mr. Barack Obama is all over the map as usual. Obama had a busy week giving up all leverage to Iran by giving them everything that they wanted plus more, much more: ICBM’s, Uranium, HEAVY water, access to all 19000 of their centrifuges to be whittled down (allegedly) to 6000 with the difference being 6 weeks versus 6 months to produce a working nuclear intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile. Iran now has an extra 150,000,000 (BILLION) US dollars to fund their Islamic global Jihad attacks with the crown jewels being nuking the USA (great Satan) and nuking Israel (the little Satan). Iran’s Rouhani gladly accepted all gifts all the while he led “Death to America” chants in his Parliament.

Oh, and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspectors only observe Iran’s nuclear facilities and write reports after giving Iran twenty-four (24) days advance notice. The US has no representative that will be part of the inspecting process by the IAEA. And the clincher? There is no way for any nation, including USA, to verify the validity of those reports or Iran’s actual compliance to anything at any time. The Iran Deal is based upon the in-house agreement called “The Road Map” The only two parties in the room for the official signing were representatives from Iran and the IAEA.
Prologue Written by M. Katherine Orts for USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”

Newsmax- Ashley Edwardson As authorities investigate a deadly attack in Tennessee as a potential case of terrorism, which occurred on the heels of several attacks across the globe in recent weeks, President Barack Obama issued a statement Thursday wishing Muslims a happy Ramadan.

The Muslim holy month ends Friday.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has made several calls for its followers to launch terror attacks during Ramadan, and members of the U.S. military and law enforcement have also been singled out as potential targets.

A Tweet from an ISIS-linked Twitter account, meanwhile, seemed to give warning to Thursday’s attacks, mentioning Chattanooga. The time stamp of the Tweet was 10:34 a.m. Thursday; the shooting began at about 10:50 a.m.

It’s not clear what time Thursday the aforementioned White House statement was released, but Obama wished Muslims in the United States and across the world “joy” as Ramadan comes to a close.

read more

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DOD Releases Unclassified Stats on Operation Inherent Resolve Against ISIS #tcot #ccot #pjnet


Iraq and Syria: ISIL’s Reduced Operating Areas as of April 2015

The president has authorized U.S. Central Command to work with partner nations to conduct targeted airstrikes of Iraq and Syria as part of the comprehensive strategy to degrade and defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL.


Targets Damaged/Destroyed as of May 8, 2015

As of April 9, 2015, the total cost of operations related to ISIL since kinetic operations started on Aug. 8, 2014, is $2.11 billion and the average daily cost is $8.6 million.

Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq

From a Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve News Release

SOUTHWEST ASIA, May 21, 2015 – U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, which took place between 8 a.m. yesterday and 8 a.m. today, local time, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Airstrikes in Syria

Attack, bomber, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted eight airstrikes in Syria:

— Near Hasakah, one airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and an ISIL trench system, destroying two ISIL fighting positions.

— Near Aleppo, one airstrike destroyed an ISIL vehicle bomb.

— Near Raqqah, one airstrike struck an ISIL staging area.

— Near Kobani, five airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying two ISIL fighting positons, two ISIL mortar positions and an ISIL vehicle.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Attack and fighter aircraft conducted 10 airstrikes in Iraq, approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense:

— Near Beiji, two airstrikes struck one large and one small ISIL tactical unit, destroying three ISIL fighting positions and an ISIL structure.

— Near Fallujah, one airstrike destroyed an ISIL vehicle.

— Near Makhmur, one airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying an ISIL building and an ISIL heavy machine gun.

— Near Mosul, three airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units and an ISIL tunnel system, destroying three ISIL buildings and three ISIL heavy machine guns.

— Near Sinjar, one airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying two ISIL buildings and two ISIL heavy machine guns.

— Near Tal Afar, two airstrikes struck an ISIL tunnel system, destroying an ISIL vehicle bomb.

Part of Operation Inherent Resolve

The strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to eliminate the ISIL terrorist group and the threat they pose to Iraq, Syria, the region, and the wider international community. The destruction of ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq further limits the terrorist group’s ability to project terror and conduct operations, officials said.

Coalition nations conducting airstrikes in Iraq include the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Jordan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Coalition nations conducting airstrikes in Syria include the United States, Bahrain, Canada, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


It irks us, and probably most Americans, that our POTUS, acting as CIC of our US Military, continues to insist on calling IS/ISIS/The Islamic State/Daesh ISIL.

Calling our Islamic jihadist military enemies ISIL only feeds the growing Islamic State’s megalomaniacal evil desire of wiping our ally Israel and USA off the global map.

Militant Muslims of Islam desire to conquer every square inch of the globe for the ultimate goal of establishing a one world Sharia compliant government aka global Islamic Caliphate in the name of allah & Muhammad.

We would hope all US Military leadership would understand the wrongful act of defining our allies as enemies and our enemies as allies. USA can’t obviously win wars without the definition of Islamic being applied and targeting of the Islamic enemy as the enemy.

We must all stop appeasing the Islamic enemies of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, The Triune Judeo Christian God IJN+ it only makes Islamic evil temporarily more empowered. The Lion of Judah, King Jesus has already won the Eternal War and is coming again soon to defend Israel.

~by M. Katherine Orts & husband Pastor David Orts founders WorldwideBroadcasting.com & USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”

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Source Data: DOD (US Department of Defense & CENTCOM)

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.@FBI Was Engineer Knocked Out Before #Amtrak188 Crash? Witness Saw Shadowy Figure Leaving Scene of Derailment [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Brandon.BostianIn America, all are innocent until proven guilty. The Amtrak train engineer, Brandon Bostian, who remembers nothing preceding the Amtrak #188 derailment and violent crash may have been knocked out by a projectile shot or rock thrown, shattering through the train’s front windshield. The FBI is examining the new witnesses details as well as the Amtrak train’s windshield after employees reported projectiles thrown at other trains. Two other trains experienced shattered windows on the same track the same day and reported it over radios.

We linked in our initial reporting of #Amtrak188 tragedy to the fact that the FBI had issued warnings to all law enforcement agencies stating RailRoad Derailment devices were being stolen via its in-house Weekly Intelligence Bulletin which is not accessible to the general public. Yet ABC must have had an inside source and ran intel story May 8th, 2015 alluding to the FBI’s warning of stolen derailment devices.

We wrote and quoted an excerpted ABC Story on our site here: #RedAlert USA FBI Warned Railroad Derailment Devices Stolen 05.08.2015 Purposefully Derailed by Islamic Terrorists? #Amtrak188 #PhillyAmtrak

We were one of the first journalists to put two and two together. This wasn’t the engineer’s fault at all. Too many out of the ordinary security warnings going on here

Another like minded individual pieced together similar concerns in his article. H/T KevBakerShow

USDefenseLeague.com Related Posts:

There is new evidence of a projectile possibly having caused the inexplicable increased speed of 106MPH. The engineer has no recollection of anything preceding the Amtrak #188 derailment which killed eight and injured 200+ people. Someone in the Engine car pulled on the emergency brake at the last minute, bringing the speed down to 102MPH but not enough to make the sharp left-hand turn which has maximum speed of 50MPH.

Who was it that pulled the emergency brake if the engineer wasn’t conscious at that point? Was the man pulling the emergency brake already on the train? Or had he been the one outside the train who threw or shot a projectile or rock which catapulted the engineer into unconsciousness?  A witness, telling authorities, said she saw a man with black hair and beard quickly leaving the crash scene. Is it possible that the engineer was knocked out prior from someone with nefarious intentions on the train? Or did the projectile hit him in the head causing him to fall onto the gear causing the acceleration? ISIS (The Islamic State) had just made a recent detailed public announcement to attack USA. Who was the blackhaired bearded man standing by then running away from the crash scene? Was he an accomplice shooting or throwing projectiles at oncoming trains? Or just someone walking.

Was there a derailment device found at the crash site of Amtrak188? A lot of unanswered important questions still. God Bless the FBI and local law enforcement. And we also pray truth will come out with proper coordination between agencies working with NTSB.

We believe it is possible that this was a lone wolf ISIS attack or was even more organized. According to our count 238 passengers, 5 crew, 8 deceased, along with hospital number counts of persons treated, there are 7 persons yet to be accounted for. There were 7 train cars. This is a working theory by USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth”

#RedAlert USA FBI Warned Railroad Derailment Devices Stolen 05.08.2015 Purposefully Derailed by Islamic Terrorists? #Amtrak188 #PhillyAmtrak Another like minded individual pieced together similar concerns in his article. H/T KevBakerShow

USDefenseLeague.com Related Posts:


Saturday, May 16, 2015 11:42PM

As investigators try to determine whether Amtrak train 188 was hit by something just before crashed, for the first time – we’re hearing the frantic call made by transit police about another incident on the same night.

Action News has obtained a SEPTA Police scanner call from the night of the terrible incident.

“An unknown object made contact with that train shattering the windshield,” one person is heard saying.

In it they are responding to reports that a SEPTA train was hit by an unknown object.

The engineer of that SEPTA train is expected to be interviewed by the NTSB this weekend.

SEPTA says something hit the front window of one of their trains, about 20 minutes before the Amtrak train crashed.

That’s what the SEPTA engineer was discussing with the Amtrak engineer over the radio shortly before derailment.

The conversation, which was captured on tape, was turned over to the NTSB.

It was on Friday that the NTSB first revealed that an interview with an assistant conductor indicated something may have hit Amtrak 188 before Tuesday night’s wreck that left eight people dead.

Robert Sumwalt of the NTSB described an interview with one of the train’s assistant conductors.

The assistant conductor allegedly told investigators that she heard engineer Brandon Bostian talking to a SEPTA engineer.

The SEPTA engineer said something may have hit his train or his train had been shot at, the assistant conductor recalled.

The train on the SEPTA Trenton line was hit by an object around 9:10 p.m., shortly before the Amtrak crash.

Meanwhile, Bostian told the SEPTA engineer he believed something hit his train as well, the assistant conductor said, according to the NTSB.

She felt a rumbling and then the train tipped over, she told the NTSB

Sumwalt described Bostian as “very cooperative.” He said Bostian remembered ringing a bell as he passed through the North Philadelphia train station, but doesn’t remember anything after that.

Bostian had a good working knowledge of the territory, Sumwalt said, and said he was not tired or sick.

Meanwhile, federal officials announced Saturday that Amtrak must immediately expand its use of a speed restriction system on Philadelphia’s northbound rails.

The Federal Railroad Administration said an emergency order would be issued in coming days that calls for Amtrak to ensure the presence of the automatic train control system that notifies an engineer when a train is above the speed limit and automatically applies the brakes if the engineer doesn’t act to slow the train down.

The system is already being used for southbound trains approaching the curve where Tuesday’s derailment occurred.

e SEPTA train wasn’t the only train hit that night. Action News has confirmed that an Acela train was hit by an object just minutes before at 9:05 p.m.

Sumwalt said the NTSB also interviewed Bostian on Friday. According to Sumwalt, Bostian did not report being struck by anything and, when asked by the NTSB, he did not recall saying the train was.

The NTSB says a forward-facing camera on Amtrak 188 did not immediately indicate anything striking the train.

Sumwalt said, “Our investigation has not independently confirmed this information, but we have seen damage to the left-hand lower portion of the Amtrak windshield, that we have asked the FBI to come in and look at for us.”

Sumwalt described Bostian as “very cooperative.” He said Bostian remembered ringing a bell as he passed through the North Philadelphia train station, but doesn’t remember anything after that.

Bostian had a good working knowledge of the territory, Sumwalt said, and said he was not tired or sick.

Meanwhile, federal officials announced Saturday that Amtrak must immediately expand its use of a speed restriction system on Philadelphia’s northbound rails.

The Federal Railroad Administration said an emergency order would be issued in coming days that calls for Amtrak to ensure the presence of the automatic train control system that notifies an engineer when a train is above the speed limit and automatically applies the brakes if the engineer doesn’t act to slow the train down.

The system is already being used for southbound trains approaching the curve where Tuesday’s derailment occurred.

Amtrak said it would abide by the federal directive and others announced Saturday, adding that Amtrak’s “overarching goal is to provide safe and secure rail passenger travel.”

It was on Thursday that the NTSB said in the last minute or so before the derailment, the Washington-to-New York train sped up from 70 mph until it reached more than 100 mph at a sharp bend where the maximum speed is 50 mph.

Sumwalt said Thursday it was unclear whether the speed was increased manually by engineer Brandon Bostian.

So far, investigators have found no problems with the track, the signals or the locomotive, and the train was running on time, Sumwalt said.

Bostian was in the cab in the front of the high-tech engine. On the left, there is a throttle handle to increase speed. There is also a red alert button the engineer has to hit a few times each minute or the engine goes into emergency shutdown mode.

On the LCD screen in front of him, there is a speedometer which would tell him how fast he’s going and, to the right, is the red-handled train break. The NTSB says it’s one of the newer models of engines Amtrak is putting into service.

“And this particular locomotive was placed into service just over a year ago,” said Sumwalt.

Investigators say there were no signs warning to reduce speed ahead like you may see on roadways. Engineers must rely on memory.

“There is no sign alongside the track. That is part of the engineer’s qualifications that they’re supposed to know,” said Sumwalt.

The new information comes on the same day that the first funeral for the victims was held.

Services for Justin Zemser, a 20-year-old midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, took place on Long Island on Friday morning.

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This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR West. I’m Arun Rath. The mystery over the derailment of an Amtrak train near Philadelphia just took another twist. There are reports of objects hitting trains in the area just before the crash. Since the deadly derailment last Tuesday, much of the focus has been on the engineer and why the train increased speed to 106 miles per hour before entering a curve with a 50 mile per hour speed limit. NPR’s Jeff Brady has the latest.

JEFF BRADY, BYLINE: The National Transportation Safety Board on Friday interviewed workers who were on that Amtrak train when it derailed. Robert Sumwalt with the NTSB says an assistant conductor reported hearing a radio transmission that a nearby regional train had been struck by something or shot at.


ROBERT SUMWALT: She also believed that she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something.

BRADY: But Sumwalt says the Amtrak engineer told investigators he doesn’t remember anything in the moments before the train derailed. Sumwalt says the assistant conductor reports that those radio transmissions came just before the accident.


SUMWALT: Our investigation has not independently confirmed this information, but we have seen damage to the left-hand lower portion of the Amtrak windshield.

BRADY: Sumwalt says the FBI is examining the windshield damage. Meantime, passengers on a third train also report an object hitting their car in the same area just 15 or 20 minutes before the derailment. Doug Harris says he was on that train from New York to Washington.

DOUG HARRIS: I had headphones on. As we were approaching Philadelphia, I heard a loud thump. I looked up, and two rows in front of me and on the opposite side of the train, a passenger was pointing out his window, which now had a large crack in the glass that obviously hadn’t been there before.

BRADY: Harris says Amtrak workers in Philadelphia examined the 8-to-10-inch circular crack and decided it was safe for the train to continue. He says no one saw what hit the window.

HARRIS: Just given the size of it and the thump, it just kind of instinctively felt like a rock to those of us around.

BRADY: All this new information has some in the neighborhood near the accident site speculating about what happened. Just a few blocks from where the train derailed, a truck passes by Sharon Achuff’s house. Tuesday night, she says she was outside visiting with neighbors.

SHARON ACHUFF: That night that the train accident happened, we were sitting out on the step. And a light of blue come right across the wires – I mean (whistling) so fast.

BRADY: Her neighbor, Debbie Chappell, says at first, she thought it was lightning. But they soon realized something bad happened up on the train tracks. Chappell says that’s when they saw a shadowy figure quickly leaving the scene.

DEBBIE CHAPPELL: Then we see this guy coming down on the opposite side of the street real fast – walking real fast. And we all said, he probably had something to do with it. I wonder what he did.

BRADY: Did you get a look at the man? Do you know what he looks like?

CHAPPELL: No. All I seen that he had black hair and a beard, and he went real fast.

  • BRADY: Could these be faulty memories of a chaotic moment or a potential lead for investigators? Philadelphia police spokeswoman Christine O’Brien tells NPR there are a lot of reasons someone might walk away from the scene. Still, she’s forwarding the information to colleagues collecting reports about the derailment. If it is determined the accident was the result of a criminal act, the investigation would transfer from the NTSB to a law enforcement agency. So far, there’s no announcement that has happened. Jeff Brady, NPR News, Philadelphia.
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Muslim’s Sabbath Slaughter 9 Innocent Children [WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 18+] #Shoebat #IslamicJihad

Saturday, the 7th day, is the Sabbath according to Jews and most Bible believing Christians. Today’s Sabbath, savage Muslim monsters calmly and cruelly continued their murderous barbarism under the guise of their “Peaceful” theocratic ruse. ~ USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Against Tyranny With Truth” Pro-Israel God Bless Shoebat & his prayer warriors around the world IJN+

Muslims Take Nine Innocent Children, And Slaughter All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat
May 16, 2015

Muslims in the Syrian city of Palmyra, all members of ISIS, took nine children and slaughtered all of them. The nine children were amongst twenty three other captives who were murdered, and ten of them were ritually beheaded (as Shoebat.com reported) . According to one report:

Extremists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group executed at least 23 civilians on Friday as they advanced towards Syria’s ancient desert metropolis of Palmyra, a monitoring group said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said nine children were among the 23 shot dead by ISIS militants near the Unesco world heritage site.

“The Islamic State group executed by gunfire 23 civilians, including nine children, in the village of Amiriyeh, north of Tadmor,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.

Palmyra, which means City of Palms, is known in Arabic as Tadmor, or City of Dates.

Abdel Rahman said family members of government employees were among those murdered.


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8 Victims Killed Now Identified #Amtrak188 #PhillyAmtrak [VIDEO]

All eight of the people killed in the Amtrak train derailment have been identified. NBC10’s Dan Corcoran gives a profile of all the victims. (Published Thursday, May 14, 2015)

Related Original, Excerpted & crossposted Stories by Worldwidebroadcasters & USDefenseLeague.com:

Updated 5 minutes ago – Source: nbcphiladelphia

A midshipman from the U.S. Naval Academy, an Associated Press staffer, a Wells Fargo senior vice president, the CEO of a tech company, a dean at Medgar Evers College and a Maryland father of two were among the eight people killed when a New York-bound Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia.

The last two victims of the crash were identified on Thursday afternoon.

The family of 47-year-old Laura Finamore of New York, an employee at Cushman & Wakefield, confirmed Thursday afternoon that she was one of the eight victims.

Ambassador of Italy to the United States, Claudio Bisogniero, confirmed the name of the eighth victim as Giuseppe Piras, an Italian national.

The death of Bob Gildersleeve Jr., whose family passed out flyers Wednesday in a desperate search for him following the crash, was confirmed Thursday afternoon by his employer. His body was found in the wreckage, officials confirmed Thursday, bringing the death toll from the crash to eight.

Train 188, a Northeast Regional, was en route from Washington to New York with 238 passengers and five crew members aboard when it derailed as it was rounding a sharp curve in the city’s Port Richmond section shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday, authorities said.

•Amtrak Train Was Going 100 MPH Just Before It Derailed: NTSB

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said Thursday that every passenger on Train 188 has now been accounted for, but he did not release the names of the unidentified victims.

“How, in this day and age, can we allow a train to go out of control at 106 miles an hour?” asked Bob Gildersleeve Sr.


Derrick Griffith, dean of student affairs and enrollment management at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York, died in the crash, said Jamilah Fraser, the assistant vice president for communications & public relations at the school.

Derrick Griffith

Photo credit: Clareese Hill

The college said the 42-year-old was a “champion for the downtrodden” who served the students at Medgar Evers and the community “with passion.”

Griffith was also founder and principal at CUNY Prep in New York City, a program that helps out-of-school youth find an alternative pathway to college, according to its website.

“We are all struggling with this terrible news and trying to find our way during this sad time,” the school said in a Facebook post Wednesday. “Cuny prep will be closed tomorrow for day school and cta students. The staff will be there to mourn together and provide support to those in need.”

Griffith recently received a doctorate of philosophy in urban education from the City University of New York Graduate Center.


The family of 39-year-old Rachel Jacobs, the CEO of Philadelphia-based tech company ApprenNet, confirmed she was killed in the derailment.

Rachel Jacobs

“This is an unthinkable tragedy,” read a statement from her family. “Rachel was a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend. She was devoted to her family, her community and the pursuit of social justice. We cannot imagine life without her. We respectfully ask for privacy so that we can begin the process of grieving.”

Coworkers said Jacobs, the mother of a 2-year-old, lived in New York.


Wells Fargo confirmed to WNBC in New York that one of its employees has died.

“It is with great sadness that Wells Fargo confirms that Abid Gilani, a valued member of our Commercial Real Estate division, has passed away,” read a statement from the company. “Our hearts go out to all those impacted by this tragedy.”

Gilani, 55, was a senior vice president with Wells Fargo Hospitality Group.

He lived in Rockville, Maryland, with his wife and commuted by train to his job in New York, according to his neighbors.

Gilani had attended his uncle’s funeral in Falls Church, Virginia, Tuesday.


Midshipman 3rd Class Justin Zemser, 20, of Rockaway Beach, New York, was on leave from the Naval Academy and on his way back home when he was killed, his mother, Susan Zemser, said.

“He was supposed to come home last night at 10:30, and when I went online to see, you know, if everything was on time, I saw there was a derailment,” Susan said Wednesday. “All night we called hospitals, but nothing.”

Midshipman 3rd Class Justin Zemser, 21, also played sprint football at the Naval Academy.

Susan says she learned Wednesday morning that her only child died in the crash.

“He was wonderful. He was absolutely wonderful. Everyone looked up to my son,” Susan said.

The Naval Academy says it notified the brigade of midshipmen, staff and faculty of Zemser’s death Wednesday morning.

“I know that the brigade and the Navy family is struggling with this, and our thoughts go out to the brigade, family brigade for losing such a crucial member of this institution,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said during a speech Wednesday, the Navy Times reports.

Zemser was an English major and an academic honor student. He was also a member of the Navy sprint football team, the Jewish Midshipman Club and the Semper Fi Society, which is a Marine Corps club.

During a press conference Thursday, his coach, teammates and rabbi remembered him as a fun, diligent and extremely driven friend.

His coach said Zemser didn’t make the team his first year, but “worked so diligently,” and made the team last fall.

“He was much, much improved and continued to show through action what kind of person he is, not just as a player but as this wonderful young man,” he said.

“Justin was relentless. First one in the weight room, last one out,” said a friend and teammate. “He made everyone want to get better. His work ethic was daunting at times.”

The rabbi said of Zemser, “He was out there making people smile, making people laugh, being out there with who he was.”

Zemser also worked as an intern for New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich.

Ulrich says Zemser was a “truly bright, talented and patriotic young man.”


Associated Press employee Jim Gaines poses for a picture, Sept. 7, 2006. Gaines, an AP video software architect, was among those killed when an Amtrak passenger train derailed Tuesday, May 12, 2015, in Philadelphia.

Photo credit: AP

Jim Gaines, an Associated Press video software architect, died at Temple Hospital overnight in the hours following the crash.

According to the AP, the 48-year-old father of two had attended meetings in Washington, and was returning home to Plainsboro, New Jersey, when the train derailed Tuesday night. His death was confirmed by his wife, Jacqueline.

He is also survived by a 16-year-old son, Oliver, and an 11-year-old daughter, Anushka.

Gaines joined the AP in 1998 and was a key factor in nearly all of the news agency’s video initiatives, including a service providing live video to hundreds of clients worldwide.

Gaines won AP’s “Geek of the Month” award in May 2012 for his “tireless dedication and contagious passion” to technological innovation. He was part of a team that won the AP Chairman’s Prize in 2006 for developing the agency’s Online Video Network.


Bob Gildersleeve’s death was confirmed Thursday afternoon by his company, a day after his family passed out flyers in a desperate search.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and colleague,” said Doug Baker, Ecolab Chairman and CEO, in a statement in part. “Bob was with Ecolab for 22 years, most recently as vice president of Corporate Accounts for our Institutional business in North America. Bob was an exceptional leader and was instrumental to our success.”

Gildersleeve’s father said his son’s cellphone was found first.

“He was in the first car,” Gildersleeve’s father, Bob Gildersleeve Sr. told News4 Washington’s Shomari Stone on Wednesday. “It’s turned inside out. They found his phone. His phone, they found. But they can’t find him or his belongings.”

Photo credit: Family Photo

Gildersleeve, 45, boarded the train in Baltimore. He lived outside Baltimore with his wife and two teenage children, according to the Wall Street Journal.

His family expressed their worry and frustration in the aftermath of the crash, as hours ticked by with no sign of him.

“We’ve seen many pictures of the train just totaled on the news,” his 13-year-old son, Marc, told Helen Urbina of the Philadelphia Daily News as the search for Gildersleeve unfolded. “It’s very scary. We have no idea where he is, what hospital he’s at, if he’s at a hospital, so we’re just trying to get as much information as we can.”

“I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on,” said Gildesleeve Sr., who was a New York firefighter for 12 years and a New York police officer for three. “That’s why I’m angry.”

Gildersleeve Jr. was the vice president of corporate accounts for Ecolab, a company that deals in “water, hygiene and energy technologies and services,” according to the company’s website. Global Communications Director Roman Blahoski said Gildersleeve has worked for Ecolab for 22 years.

“So far, I saw the engineer,” Gildersleeve Sr. said. “He looks like a decent fellow, but how can a decent fellow do 106 miles an hour around a 50 mile per hour limited turn? How does that happen?”

Gildersleeve’s wife said in a statement earlier Thursday that couple had been best friends for 29 years and had celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary just days earlier.

“He is an remarkable Dad to our daughter Ryan and son Marc,” she said. “He is a loving son, brother and is definitely the ‘fun’ Uncle to his nieces and nephews. He is funny and sarcastic and lights up any room with his presence, humor and enthusiasm. He has been a dedicated employee and friend to his Ecolab family for over two decades. Our hearts are broken and we can’t imagine a life without him.”

Laura Finamore

Photo credit: Family Photo


Laura Finamore’s death was confirmed Thursday afternoon by her family. A Manhattan resident, Finamore, 47, was on her way home from a memorial service for a college friend’s mother, a spokesman for her family said, according to The Associated Press.

Finamore had texted her mother that she was boarding the train. When they heard of the crash they began making calls to area hospitals looking for her. On Wednesday, they received word that the seventh victim of the derailment fit her description, but dental records were needed to confirm it, according to the AP

Born and raised in Douglaston, New York, Finamore worked in corporate real estate, and was a senior account director at Cushman & Wakefield.

“Laura was a tenacious deal maker and competitor who never backed down from what she thought was right,” her family said in a statement.

“Laura’s smile could light up a room and her infectious laughter will be remembered by many for years to come. She was always there when you needed her — with a hug, encouraging words or a pat on the back,” the family said.


Ambassador of Italy to the United States, Claudio Bisogniero, confirmed Giuseppe Piras, 41, was among the eight dead on Thursday afternoon.

A wine and olive oil executive from Sardinia, Italy, Piras was visting the U.S. on business, officials said, according to the AP.

Piras co-founded an olive oil and wine cooperative and was in charge of marketing its goods for export, according to Italian media.

Consul General Andrea Canepari said his family had contacted consulate officials in the U.S. after they were unable to reach Piras by phone.

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