#PriestsForLife Call #USA To #Prayer As Case Is Heard by #SCOTUS 03.25.2014 & 03.28.2014

Rev. Frank PavoneNational Director Fr. Frank Pavone with Priests for Life, who once said “Sue the hell out of the Obama administration!“ is inviting all Americans and the public who support the rights of the unborn, to be born safely into this world without prejudice, mutilation or murder, to join with Priests for Life in prayer and in person, if able, at their public prayer rally “Rally For Religious Freedom” to be held at the: Supreme Court of the U. S. One First Street, NE Washington, DC 20543 9:30am til 11:30am tomorrow, Tuesday March 25th, 2014.
Listen to an apropos sermon by Father Frank Pavone
There is a sign-up for those who wish to commit to pray in agreement with Priests For Life in regards to the upcoming read more

Film ‘Noah’ banned in Middle Eastern countries [VIDEO]

Two of my personal favorites, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly lead in Paramount Pictures telling of ’Noah’. Lord willing  we’re going to see it as a family. Films like Noah and Son of God are not only refreshing , but truth in action.  Could it be that We the People are making an impact on Hollywood? Yes, I think so. Is Hollywood returning to more family oriented standards like eras gone by and awry? Amen yes again.
We at PBN, USDL are standing upon Truth as led of the Lord.  What is not truthful in our opinion but is an attempt to cease the telling of the truth is following quote.
“Depicting prophets in art is a crime; not art, that is harmful to the image of prophets.” -Sheikh Sameh Abdel Hameed
Depicting prophets in art is a crime? But stabbing your daughter or wife because they embarrassed you is okay? Sharing the truth of scripture defined by the Lord as sinful?  But holding prisoners and lopping of innocent heads for your god isn’t? Control is terrorism.
God will not be mocked and has a response for this dark and dying world, His name is Jesus and He loves you and wants to know you.  -DAO


CAIRO, March 7 (UPI) – Several Middle Eastern countries have chosen to ban director Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming epic Noah.The upcoming movie has come under fire because it contradicts Islamic law with its portrayal of a prophet on film. The objection is based on the belief that such depiction of holy figures cannot be accurate, and that actors cannot imitate the prophets’ actual behaviors and mannerisms. An inaccurate portrayal is thought to open the door for believers to then question that prophet’s behavior.
Censorship boards in Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, upset by the depiction, reportedly informed Paramount that they will not allow a release of the film. Jordan and Kuwait are expected to follow.

Translation needed

Objection has been raised in Egypt as well. Leading Egyptian Sunni Muslim institute Al-Azhar is said to have issued a statement on Thursday that condemned the movie and called for the film to be banned. The institute said that such depictions are “contrary to faith and to the fundamentals of the Islamic Sharia,” and that Al-Azhar “renews its rejection to the screening of any production that characterizes Allah’s prophets and messengers and the companions of the Prophet [Mohammad].”

The movie has a tentative release date of March 26 in Egypt. Paramount insiders apparently said that the studio foresaw problems with the film’s release in Muslim countries.

Noah will debut in theaters on March 28 here in the U.S. and also features Anthony HopkinsEmma Watson.
[Source The Hollywood Reporter]

@NaghmehAbedini Stands Strong to #SaveSaeed “For Such A Time As This” [VIDEO]

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Naghmeh Abedini is married to Pastor Saeed Abedini who is fighting for his life and is currently being held against his will serving an eight year prison sentence in an Iranian prison soley due to his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You can follow Naghmeh on twitter @NaghmehAbedini  and on Facebook: Pray For Pastor Saeed Abedini

~Michelle K. Orts & Pastor David A. Orts for PBN

Mini-Documentary Credit Josh Wiese

BeHeardProject.com in association with ACLJ

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February 25th, 2013 ACLJ reported:


46 Reps., 20 Senators Send Bipartisan Letter to President Obama Thanking Him for Speaking Out for Pastor Saeed

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Naghmeh Abedini Talks About Real Anger #MakeDCListen

Air1 interviews Naghmeh Abedini about her husband Saeed Abedini’s torture and imprisonment in Iran for being a Christian. Naghmeh reveals her true anger “in my flesh” rising up toward her husband’s captors and how God enables her to “let go and give it to God “and “pray for my enemies.” ~PBN

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Britian’s All Party Parlimentary Group (APPG) Urges Iran To Release #SaeedAbedini

APPG Press Release: Pastor Saeed Abedini

Published: 11 FEBRUARY 2014
All Party Parliamentary Group on International Freedom of Religion or Belief

Issued: 10 February 2014, London


The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on International Freedom of Religion or Belief welcomes recent statements by Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif with respect to Saeed Abedini, an American Pastor imprisoned in Iran. The group especially appreciates his statement about the “various clemency measures in Iran that can be introduced, [have] happened in the past, [and] can be introduced again in these cases.”

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State Department Finally Names Terrorist Groups Behind Benghazi Strike

It’s about time. Many months later, the State Dept. finally comes clean. Anyone who stills believes this was a “out of control protest” needs to refresh their talking points. As we get closer to the midterm elections it will be interesting to see what truths the liberals reveal in an attempt to garner more moderate support. Only time will tell. –PBN

State Department Admits Terrorist Groups Behind Benghazi Strike and Names ThemWASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration for the first time on Friday identified two militant groups in Libya, including one led by a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, as being allegedly involved in the attack in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

The department designated the two branches of the Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, those in the cities of Darnah and Benghazi, and a third branch in Tunisia as foreign terrorist organizations.

It also named Sufian bin Qumu, the leader of the Darnah branch, and Ahmed Abu Khattala, a senior leader of the Benghazi branch, as specially designated global terrorists.

The Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi is still a political issue in Washington. Republicans in Congress criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the attack and the level of security at the diplomatic outpost.

U.S. officials have said that Khattala and an unspecified number of others have been named in a sealed complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, but it’s unclear what they have been charged with. No one has been arrested in the attack in which a group of militants set fire to the diplomatic mission and killed the four.

Qumu, who was released from Guantanamo Bay in 2007 and later freed in Libya, was described as read more

Graphic Reveals How People in Muslim-Majority Countries Believe Women Should Dress

Graphic Reveals How People in Muslim Majority Countries Believe Women Should Dress

Saying that these garments are “conservative” puts it far too lightly. Why is it that liberals always point at the US first when it comes to women’s rights? If questioned, most liberals would tell you that it’s okay “because it’s their religion”. So then, why is it that fundamental Christians can’t believe that homosexuality is a sin without constant persecution? The double standard is, as always, astounding. –PBN

The way women dress is an important social issue in most Middle Eastern countries, where more conservative clothing is generally the rule of thumb.

While social norms vary by location, a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research yielded some fascinating results.

The survey, which was conducted in Muslim-majority countries, including Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Lebanon, Oakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, found that most people there prefer that read more

Obama Admin Denies Retreat Policy Failure While Iraqi Violence Rises

BEIRUT — A rejuvenated al-Qaeda-affiliated force asserted control over the western Iraqi city of Fallujah on Friday, raising its flag over government buildings and declaring an Islamic state in one of the most crucial areas that U.S. troops fought to pacify before withdrawing from Iraq two years ago.



The capture of Fallujah came amid an explosion of violence across the western desert province of Anbar in which local tribes, Iraqi security forces and al-Qaeda-affiliated militants have been fighting one another for days in a confusingly chaotic three-way war.Elsewhere in the province, local tribal militias claimed they were gaining ground against the al-Qaeda militants who surged into urban areas from their desert strongholds this week after clashes erupted between local residents and the Iraqi security forces. read more

Former FBI Agent Turned Covert CIA OP: Levinson Still Stranded in Iran

Robert Levinson Still Needs our help USA.

Robert Levinson Still Needs our help USA.

WASHINGTON — In March 2007, retired FBI agent Robert Levinson flew to Kish Island, an Iranian resort awash with tourists, smugglers and organized crime figures. Days later, after an arranged meeting with an admitted killer, he checked out of his hotel, slipped into a taxi and vanished. For years, the U.S. has publicly described him as a private citizen who traveled to the tiny Persian Gulf island on private business.

But that was just a cover story. An Associated Press investigation reveals that Levinson was working for the CIA. In an extraordinary breach of the most basic CIA rules, a team of analysts — with no authority to run spy operations — paid Levinson to gather intelligence from some of the world’s darkest corners. He vanished while investigating the Iranian government for the U.S.

The CIA was slow to respond to Levinson’s disappearance and spent the first several months denying any involvement. When Congress eventually discovered what happened, one of the biggest scandals in recent CIA history erupted.

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Report: Obama Arranging Tehran Visit for Next Year

Obama in CairoIt’s curious that Obama is choosing to go to Tehran next year, instead of right now. For one, Iran’s nuclear program isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so if he really thinks he can help the situation by talking to Iran, why doesn’t he go sooner? And secondly, Pastor Saeed is still stuck in an Iranian prison. Priorities, Mr. President. –PBN

The Kuwaiti news outlet Al-Jarida reports that President Obama is seeking to arrange a trip to Tehran, Iran next year.

“Al-Jarida has learned from a U.S. diplomat that President Barack Obama is seeking to visit Tehran in the middle of next year,” the report reads, based on a translation using Google Translate.

“The source said that the desire to visit is shared, and that Tehran and Washington are waiting for the conclusion of the arrangements prior to Iranian President Hassan Rohani issuing an official invitation to his American counterpart to visit Tehran.

“He pointed out that the most important detail that is outstanding regarding the meeting is the question of a meeting with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the possibility of not holding the meeting.

“The source said that Obama was waiting for the invitation to devote his new administration’s policy in the region based on the principle of non-military involvement and balance. He wants to be the first U.S. president to visit Iran since the Khomeini revolution in order to show that he is an advocate of peace and dialogue even with those who chant death to America.”

The article was originally published in Arabic.

A State Department spokeswoman did not respond to a request for confirmation of the Al-Jarida report.

But in an email, one former high ranking U.S. national security official says, “I don’t believe it.”

Last weekend, President Obama, in announcing a nuclear deal between the U.S., other countries, and Iran, said, “the United States — together with our close allies and partners — took an important first step toward a comprehensive solution that addresses our concerns with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program.”

Obama concluded those remarks by saying, “Ultimately, only diplomacy can bring about a durable solution to the challenge posed by Iran’s nuclear program.  As President and Commander-in-Chief, I will do what is necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  But I have a profound responsibility to try to resolve our differences peacefully, rather than rush towards conflict.  Today, we have a real opportunity to achieve a comprehensive, peaceful settlement, and I believe we must test it.

“The first step that we’ve taken today marks the most significant and tangible progress that we’ve made with Iran since I took office.  And now we must use the months ahead to pursue a lasting and comprehensive settlement that would resolve an issue that has threatened our security — and the security of our allies — for decades.  It won’t be easy, and huge challenges remain ahead.  But through strong and principled diplomacy, the United States of America will do our part on behalf of a world of greater peace, security, and cooperation among nations.”

Source: The Weekly Standard

Senior Homeland Security Adviser Formerly CAIR Official

At the bottom of this article the question “How does someone with this record get into such a prestigious position?”. We here at PBN know exactly how that happens. Our banal Islamist president either endorses or allows it! Come this time next year, America’s next midterm elections will be over. Will we the people have started the process of voting out the evil ones on Capitol Hill? We here at PBN pray that America will. –PBN

Mohamed ElibiarySenior Department of Homeland Security advisor Mohamed Elibiary used to be an official of the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism-financing trial in the country’s history.

Elibiary is a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council and was promoted in September. He also served on the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism Working Group and the Faith-based Security and Communications Advisory Committee.

Elibiary is also a long-time Texas Republican Party official and was a delegate for Senator John McCain in 2008.

On November 16, the Investigative Project on Terrorism tweeted a copy of the 2003 form 990 for CAIR’s Dallas-Fort Worth chapter. It lists Elibiary as a board member.

That same year, the Austin American-Statesman reported that Elibiary “works on political activities for the council’s Dallas-Fort Worth chapter.”

In 2007, the U.S. government labeled CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for financing Hamas. The Foundation was a key component of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network.

Federal prosecutors said that CAIR is also an “entity” of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, specifically its secret Palestine Committee that was established to support read more

Time to Stand up to Muslim Bullies, Happy Chanukah! – VIDEO: Singing Jews Cause Near-Riot on Temple Mount

Happy Chanukah to all in the Jewish faith in Israel, America, and around the world! We here at PBN pray that all Jews are safe during this holy time, and at all times during all years. We pray imprecatory prayers against the Muslims who would seek to do harm against those in the Jewish faith, and that God would stop them in his righteous might. –PBN

Israeli Jews on Sunday were again denied freedom of religion at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, of all places, when a near-riot by read more