rare.british.mtg.US..06.10.2014Why is USA meeting with Britain over alleged ongoing pullout of troops in Afghanistan? It probably isn’t. The two military allies haven’t met like this since World War II. The last published public meeting was in the 1940’s. This is significant as it tends towards there being a silent active World War III happening. Right now. Obama just authorized 275 Special Ops only: “boots on the ground in Iraq” even though he said he wouldn’t. If we are going back into active Middle East conflict again it should be to win, not to get our best spec ops troops cornered and killed by ISIS and/or Iran. If you hadn’t heard Secretary of State John Kerry was authorized, by our Islamist sympathizing POTUS, Barack Obama, to consider immediately allying with Iran to fight ISIS in Iraq. Iran, the same militant political Islamist government that has been torturing and holding captive the US Pastor Saeed Abedini solely for his Christian faith.

~M.Katherine Orts and husband Pastor David A. Orts founders of USDefenseLeague.com “Pushing Back Tyranny With Truth” Subscribe for free now. Donate to become a USDefenseLeague.com Patriot ($5.oo monthly) Only Donate as led and able after first providing for your own family’s needs and tithing to your own church/synagogue of choice. Jesus Loves you and so do we. Please pray IJN+ for USA & Freedom for all Christians, Jews and non-Sharia compliant Muslims around the world. USA and our allies are at war with the Muslim terrorist political militant ideology called Islam of all branches in every nation right now. 

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Dempsey, Service Chiefs Meet With British Prime Minister
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, June 10, 2014 – Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the U.S. service chiefs met in London today with British Prime Minister David Cameron at No. 10 Downing Street and with their counterparts at the British Defense Ministry.

A statement from the British Defense Ministry said the day-long series of discussions among the military leaders at defense headquarters in Whitehall marked the first time the Combined Chiefs of Staff had met since the 1940s.

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U.S. Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his wife, Deanie, exchange greetings with British Navy Rear Adm. Mackay as they arrive on Stansted Airfield, England, June 9, 2014. Dempsey later met with British Prime Minister David Cameron at his residence at No. 10 Downing Street and with defense counterparts at the British Defense Ministry. DOD photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel Hinton

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Dempsey and the U.S. service chiefs met with Britain’s chief of defense staff, Gen. Sir Nicholas Houghton, and the United Kingdom service chiefs. Topics included how to continue the successful collaboration between the respective armed forces once the drawdown from Afghanistan has been completed and the importance of the transatlantic security alliance in advance of September’s NATO Summit, the Defense Ministry’s statement said.

“We share a remarkably close relationship — not just as nations but as militaries,” Dempsey said after the discussions, according to the statement. “It’s one founded on our history, our values and genuine friendships. Whether we’re deployed in combat operations or in London addressing common priorities, our combined strength and experience make us better.”

Houghton echoed Dempsey’s sentiments.

“This important meeting of the combined U.K. and U.S. chiefs of staff comes at a significant time for both our militaries as we transition beyond combat operations in Afghanistan and reconfigure for emerging challenges,” he said. “Discussions today have reflected the enduring and historic links between our two armed forces and underlined the closeness and strength of our military relationship.”

The Combined Chiefs of Staff met regularly during World War II between 1942 and the end of the war, but also convened in 1948 in response to the Berlin Blockade, the Defense Ministry statement said.


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  • Thank you for noticing the egregrious typo BMan Editor shall fix promptly. And we agree Obama “sucks” USDefenseLeague.com thinks he and all aiders/abetters to our Islamist Terrorist enemies of all sorts should be immediately arrested and tried for treason.

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  • Obama sucks. Putting our spec ops in harms way just to have them fragged by Muslim terrorist infiltrators is no way to fight. Take the restraints off our troops and let us win. The bullshit engagement rules you commie pigs started in Vietnam are killing our men. Let the generals win the wars and let’s keep you liberal progressive rat politicians out if it. You’ve proven yourselves inept at every turn. Rules of engagement make you politicians murderers.

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  • It’s Dempsey, not “Demsey”.

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