ObamaCare.F.Word.PH_image[Publisher’s Note: This article is being updated as new information rolls in April 1, 2014]

[Parental Guidance suggested. This article discusses profanity and its interpretive meaning in society. The expletive even has application to the official public listed phone number of ObamaCare in all of its public advertising in all media and is applied across the entire nation!]

Today, April 1st, 2014, Sean Hannity, on his radio show, brought up what we here at PBN have known all along. Obama’s governmental “Marketplace” for the Obamacare health Insurance phone number for the hearing impaired sends you to a phone sex line. $600,000.00 [MILLION]dollars later Obamacare allegedly works “just fine” NOT so.  The very last day of official sign up the web-site crashed twice.

The White House’s Jay Carney is touting that the Obamacare sign-ups have reached Sebelius’ goal for the nation at 7 MILLION people. NOT so. The numbers do not accurately reflect who has actually paid and who has not yet paid The sign-up numbers have not yet been fleshed out to see who had lower cost insurance and were kicked off due to Obama’s wishy washy enacting, delaying, illegal re-writing and cherry picking of when and which laws he chooses to enforce. Never before has the United States of America had its citizens been forced to purchase anything whether they wished to or not. This morning on the Rush Limbaugh show a very well spoken caller named Joyce who was a personal fitness trainer was sharing how despondent her clients were with the Obamacare mandated program. Joyce stated to Rush that she and most all of her client’s felt that they were being forced, under duress, to sign up for something or face a penalty for something that they did not wish to purchase or participate in. We must remember who ‘We The People’ are and not cave to this tyrannical malfeasance of governmental intrusion being pushed upon us all. The capitalistic free market system that we have in the Republic of The United States of America has proven to be the best system in the world with Freedom for all with Freedom being acknowledged as God-given and not man selected or served out to particular individuals with favoritism. The Democrats show favoritism to their own. The ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back’ mentality has recently been revealed with our national security at stake with  Obama’s ‘Top Gun’ Treason of granting favors to our political and historical cold-war enemies. Obama scoffed at Mitt Romney’s statement when asked during the 2012 Presidential debate that our biggest current modern-day threat is still Russia. Obama stated al Qaeda was America’s biggest threat. Well if that’s so Mr. President why are you giving al Qaeda F-16’s and aiding and abetting the Syrian Rebels who are comprised, it is thought, by over ninety percent al Qaeda fighters and why have you, are you and planning on continuing to give US Military gold standard hi-tech training equipment to Russia’s Putin while he is attempting to conquer Kiev, Ukraine, and it appears, the entire country?


Corporations and organizations routinely request catchy acronyms as part of their 1-800 NUM-BERS

There is zero chance that the foul expletive found in the sign up ObamaCare number was given, or taken, or chosen by accident.  0% chance. whomever was hired to implement the ObamaCare hotline to sign up per the Obama administration’s directive, must have had approval from the POTUS since this mandated program is his and his Democratic Congress’ “baby!” ObamaCare aka ACA aka The Affordable Care act been pushed first secretly with former Speaker Pelosi’s comment, “Let’s pass it to see what’s in it!” Then the mandate was pushed through a Judicial process where Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts, mysteriously changed his opinion mid-stream resulting in a 5-4 win for ObamaCare to be issued a as a TAX not PENALTY and not a “law of the land” since laws can ONLY originate in the US House of Congress! Obama adamantly continued to push the illegally formed Obamacare through by executive order via a suppressed SCOTUS usurping the Constitutional protocol of US Congress. Repeat for political newbies:  Only the US House of Congress can birth a law, not the US President,  NOT SCOTUS.

It hasn’t helped the ObamaCare image that its own web-page is user-hostile and has not allowed people to even sign up after multiple tries and multiple days. The site is a disaster. Worse Obama hired a Canadian firm that has been involved in similar flops for its own government in the same sector of health care infrastructure support for its people.

Apart from the recent appalling Obama provoked government acts towards everyday Patriots and heroic US Veterans who participated in a recent peaceful protests on 9/11/2013 up through 10/13/2013 such as: #2MBikers #T2SDA  #T4Vets  #1MVetMarch  and #2MBikersDC to peacefully protest the current POTUS tyranny and behavior, we see this disgusting and provocative behavior:

We see the verbal venom clearly poured out upon ‘We The People’ by our own POTUS’ program as we see the numbers on our smart phones spell

1- 800 – F [ ] U – C K Y O  The [u] is left off and is inherently implied.

An alleged vernacular of, the now most widely used swear word in the English language, is actually an acronym. A sentence or structure of combined words with each beginning letter making an entirely different word. Such as follows:

Consent of The

It is thought by some as a Middle Ages license of sorts to allow for the co-habitation of opposite sexes in an intimate relationship when a Priest, Pastor, Chaplain, or Rabbi could not be found or was too far away to perform the sacred ceremony of the Sacrament of Marriage. The acronym used when spelled out is the “F” word,  is allegedly an early version of a Common law Union for couples, which is still to this day acknowledged, as an alternate means of secularized marriage. There is also the Irish police-blotter inscription “booked For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” though the modern-day phrase has been traced to a number of etymological origins: Middle Dutch (fokken), Germanic (ficken), English (firk), Scottish (fukkit). Even the Latin terms futuerre (“to copulate”) bear striking resemblance to the four-letter word in the past 500 years.

(secularized not necessarily equal or blessed as a Sacrament of marriage would be if performed by clergy before man and God is this author’s opinion) in certain States of The Union in “We The People’s” Republic of the United States. This author gleaned this unusual morsel of information from a now defunct, and sadly lost treasure of a book, weighing about ten pounds. It was an early Dictionary that discussed the importance of knowledge and wisdom in civilized society in order for the people to remain free from bondage by the intrusions of over controlling governments which would inevitably result in tyranny if not corrected.  The reasoning fell along the same lines as why the some in leadership in the early Roman church were hesitant to translate the precious Word of God from its secondary language of Latin to the common language of the people. It would empower them to live “an abundant life filled with knowledge and Godly Wisdom.” Aramaic was the bibles original language and the same language spoken by the Jewish, born of the flesh of Mary, Jesus her son, and The Son of God The father!

There is power in words in general. A King gives his ear to a wise-man for example. And in the Word of God, there is Eternal power to create and choose one’s final destination. There still remains power in the tongue of an individual to speak life or death to himself or herself or to her fellow-man. It remains in one’s own authority the power to curse or to bless.

It seems that our POTUS Barack Hussein Obama chooses to attempt to curse his “people” through a hidden acronym embedded in, of all places, his most controversial and (illegally I might add by SCOTUS) executively mandated program so far, Obamacare.  The official publicized and widely distributed phone number in all media, contains the F bomb in an acronym of numbers as dialed in proper order. Shocked yet? IF so. Good!  This will not go well with the thinker, the worker, the giver or the receiver. This will not stand. This will not go well, at all, with the people of God and We The People of this great Republic of the United States of America. Please absorb the eye-popping discovery below written by author and artist: A. T. Faust about  Obama’s “Outrageous Message Hidden In Obamacare’s Official Phone Number.” ~~PBN

I have made it a point to neither curse nor use needlessly colorful language on Minutemaniac,com as it’s my view that American Patriotism must be appropriately accessible to all age groups. That policy will not change, but this particular story is far too important to ignore.

To those of us paying attention, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has always been an intentional and transparent attempt to economically destabilize America and further erode the civil liberties of Her people. It aims to do so by enforcing a series of laws specifically designed to drive up the cost of health insurance for everyone, nationwide. While some “low information voters” (read “Liberals”) still cling to the Obama Administration’s already debunked claims that the ACA will dramatically reduce the cost of health care coverage for all classes of American society (It will cost “less than your cell phone bill,”remember?), there can be little doubt as to the government’s true intentions.

You only have to look as far as Healthcare.gov‘s listed phone number: 1-800-318-2596.

Converted to letters, it spells out a shocking and offensive — and eminently telling! — phrase: 1-800-F (blank) U-CKYO.

While the last letter is implied, the message is only too clear.

Well, right back at you, Mr. President.


“Outrageous Message Hidden In Obamacare’s Official Phone Number”

Story Published & Incorporated with PBN’s story with Permission courtesy of
Original Report and Discovery by A.T. FAUST on OCTOBER 14, 2013
Many thanks to A.T. Faust from USDefenceLeague.com & PushBackNow.com

Research/Credit: Source:

Publisher’s note. This article was update at 6:40pm EST in order to reflect the zero % chance that the ObamaCare 1-800 Ph# was accidentally chosen.

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