The Arab Spring is brought to you by a grant from Barack Obama and the Muslim BrotherhoodMorsi in 2010: No to Negotiations with the Blood-Sucking, Warmongering “Descendants of Apes and Pigs”; Calls to Boycott U.S.

Products. The Arab Spring is brought to you by a grant from Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

At the beginning of the Arab Spring, Obama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama put the muscle in place to assassinate Muammar Gaddhafi.

Obama did nothing to stop the Arab Spring as it spread across the Middle East.

Obama aided the Brotherhood in Yemen with airstrikes.

Obama convinces G8 to give Muslim Brotherhood $8 billion for Arab Spring.

The liberal media aided Obama by whole heartedly embracing the Arab Spring.

After taking over Egypt, Obama then publicly declared the US-Muslim Brotherhood partnership.

• Over at Forbes, Richard Behar’s amazed that the Western press has shown zero interest in a recent video of Mohammed Morsi calling Jews apes and pigs.

• Hezbollah’s active support of the Assad regime is one of the region’s worst kept secrets. Asharq al-Awsat sheds new light on the details.

• Panetta: US Troops Securing Syria’s Chemical Weapons Not an Option in ‘Hostile Atmosphere’

Maan News: Egyptian security in the Sinai intercepted three trucks carrying 2.5 tons of explosives and mortar devices.

• Hamas told the Daily Star that 885 Palestinians have been killed in the Syrian civil war; more than 20,000 remain in Syria.
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Israel Daily News Stream

Pesach Benson

Arab Spring Winter

I studied the story’s journey and trajectory through America over the past week with Sue Radlauer, the Director of Research Services here atForbes. We gave it seven days to see if any of the so-called “mainstream media” — a pejorative phrase that too-often obscures more than it reveals — bestowed the hate speech even a few sentences of back-page ink. Nothing.

But major, seasoned reporters still need to hold Morsi’s feet to fire over such comments – if not by asking him directly about them, then at least by reporting that he uttered them. Surely, if the president of virtually any other country in the world had defamed an entire people in such a way — only a couple years before they got the top job, to boot — it would have at least gotten a few column-inches. Yet Morsi gets a free pass.

Behar’s referring to this video which Memri posted online and transcribed.

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