Tim Scott Tea Party Patriot Favorite Succeeds DeMint

Rep. Tim Scott, a South Carolina Republican backed by tea-party groups, made history Monday when he was appointed to fill the seat of departing Sen. Jim DeMint.

Mr. Scott, who will be the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction, instantly became the GOP’s highest-profile African-American, as the party isn’t represented by any other black members of Congress or any black governors.

South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley said she chose Mr. Scott because he was a successful small-business man and fiscal conservative with the same philosophy as Mr. DeMint.

Ms. Haley said it was important to her as an Indian-American to say that she chose Mr. Scott for his merits, adding that he “earned this seat for the person that he is.”

Mr. Scott said he would seek to uphold Mr. DeMint’s record, and shares his hard-line approach on negotiations on the fiscal cliff, looming year-end spending cuts and tax increases. Mr. Scott said raising taxes on the nation’s wealthiest people would damage business owners and cause jobs to be lost.

“That’s not the right direction,” he said. read more

We have the ‘painful privilege’ of strongly supporting gun control in America.

I confess I stole this wordage from Bill Bennett Tweet: “We will discuss the CT shootings at length with Dr. Curtis Adams, and the implications for gun control with @ByronYork. A painful privilege. ” It is unseemly to be speaking about gun control at this time of tragedy. Our hearts and minds and thoughts go to the families and children in Connecticut. The left feels they are now able to threaten you physically, and it’s their right to do so. It’s amazing we didn’t hear the LSM an iota when Stephen Crowder was threatened by union violence and gun. Now we have leaders of the NRA’s lives being threatened, but this is okay because the left is bigger than the situation.  We have a feckless leader who will never condemn such actions, only encourage them.

It is absolutely shameless of the Democrats. Obama is the top SHAME. Nevermind the country is going off a fiscal cliff. The president could care less. We have maintained all along that Obama hates the US Constitution. Therefore he hates all the Amendments, especially the 2nd: The right to bear arms. Remember, it is the 2nd amendment that protects the 1st Amendment,  right to free speech. Michael Bloomberg is a constant shill for gun control. Diane Feinstein is going to make sure gun control is in the next bill. The left loves to ram this down our throats, as to give a purpose and meaning for their lives. Therefore, they contrive these meanings and purposes in their life.  Gun control is one of the ways the left feeds themselves.

This is not the time, but it was made to time. It’s a painful privilege at this time to share my undying support of the Second Amendment. Guns save many more lives, up to 250,000 a year. These kind of events can be prevented if schools and organizations have an open honest gun policy. Why aren’t schools preparing to be ready, instead of preparing to be the next victims. America was built upon the Second Amendment. This is the time to tell others to prepare for such events.

Gun Expert Lott: Let Teachers Carry Arms, Ban Gun-Free Zones to Halt Mass Shootings

Banning gun-free zones and allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons could help eliminate mass shootings at schools, John R. Lott, one of the nation’s leading gun experts, tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview Saturday.

Lott, an author and college professor, told Newsmax that gun-free zones become “a magnet” for deranged killers who hope to burn their names into the history books by running up a big body count.

Lott’s landmark book “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws” is in its 3rd edition. He told Newsmax there is a “very good chance” the Connecticut school shooting could have been averted, if teachers there were permitted to carry concealed handguns.

It is no accident, he said, that mass shootings repeatedly have occurred in designated gun-free zones, which attract lunatics looking to murder as many souls as possible before they turn their guns on themselves. read more