Intimidated by Government if you Disagree? 2nd Amendment Issue. Speak up USA!

This is a Second Amendment issue. Speak up USA!

How far will the left will go to censor anyone who disagrees with them?   We think it’s pretty clear. If you disagree with homosexuality, then you are bullying someone who might feel so bad that they commit suicide. Therefore, you need to be intimidated and silenced so that you don’t offend anyone by disagreeing with their view.  Are we clear now?

Homosexuality is against God’s will, if you don’t believe in The Lord, what’s the big deal.  If you do, go to Him and let Him get your life right. Shariah will not be the Gay agenda’s answer.  Liberals actually SUCK more than the LGBTQ crew do. -PBN

Excerpt From Christian Post:

A federal investigation has begun in an Alabama school district after a Junior ROTC instructor allegedly expressed his belief that the Bible does not support the homosexual lifestyle during class. read more

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