This MSNBC Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy is a hater who wanted to destroy personal and private property, while claiming what she was destroying is hateful and racist.
She claimed she hurt no one but she was spraying the female in front of her with her paint, and she was hurting free speech.

These type people feel their free speech is more important and above everyone else.
Eltahawy calls what she is doing an expression of free speech. That’s the very argument supporters of the posters used to win the right to put them up. Three of the 10 posters at various subway stations were ripped or defaced during the first day that they were up.

Incidentally, this incident is actually the third time in less than a month that a person affiliated with MSNBC has had a run-in with conservatives.

During the Republican National Convention in late August, a producer for the network allegedly assaulted some GOP delegates who were razzing MSNBC host Chris Matthews about his now-famous “thrill going up my leg” remark about President Obama. Just a few days later, Matthews himself got into a verbal altercation with some other GOP delegates who also teased him about his ardent love for Obama.


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