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  2. The sad part of all this is Obama stands there and takes credit for “saving GM”, He did not! He “TOOK” your 70 Billion dollars and handed it over to them. I repeat. He took your money and my money. It would be one thing if GM paid it back with interest……but they have done no such thing. How about saving the television industry or the garment industry with OUR money? He could do it as well/ Be sure to vote for Mitt. Buffy

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  3. If we as Americans that love our country, don’t wake up quick, we will not be the America that I love and cherish. I gladley and proudly sent my oldest son to Iraq along with his Marines Brothers. The population that this administration spoon feeds can’t even get up off thier welfare checks to protect thier so called president. Give me a break! Get rid of this imposter once and for all while we still are somewhat solvent! He has so many of his voters on welfare this will be a very tight race. Oh and by the way I am a proud union steward who doesn’t agree with anything this administration stands for. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

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  4. Yes, you would love Obama if you were a UAW member. But not if you were a stockholder in GM or held their bonds. Those people got screwed and Obama gave the union their stake. Disgusting and un-American, but what do you expect from a Marxist fraud?

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  5. The article states “79% of GM’s sales last month was government purchased.” The news that I read says that GM’s government sales INCREASED by 79% in June. That is a huge difference. Obvious manipulation of the data.

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  6. I have bought GM since 1955, Olds 88. Last, Cadallac DTS. My GM bond whent to UAW bailout. Now I have 2010 Lexus and a 2011 Genesis. Unions have cost millions of USA jobs and have ruined our school system.

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  7. I stopped buying American-made autos a long time ago. I detest the corrupt labor unions and their strong-arm tactics. The Democrat Party financially props-up the unions. The auto bailout is a good example of how they do it. I own a Japanese made auto and a South Korean made auto. Their great products. I’ll buy American when the auto unions are out of the picture, which means I’ll probably not buy American again in my lifetime. I’m a retired U. S. Army officer and I love my country. But, I detest the labor unions.

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  8. I would buy either GM or Chrysler. They took bail out money but Ford didn’t and they increased their sales. My wife and I had some GM stock which is now worthless. However, the “boys” at the union office got a nifty chunk of the “new” GM stock and didn’t pay a dime for it! When will America wake up, start reading and learn what this administration is really about. Can you imagine the outcry if a republican president had done something as devilish as this?

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    • Chrysler’s is NOT AN AMERICAN CORPORATION, it’s Italian, check the Italian stock exchange. Didn’t Romney say NO BAILOUT, LET THEM DECLARE BANKRUPTCY, guess he may understand business better than Obama, unless Obama has another plan.

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  10. Not “totally false”, Larry……..”GM sales to fleet customers, such as governments and rental-car companies, rose 36 percent last month, making up 32 percent of the company’s sales. Ford said its fleet sales accounted for 35 percent of its deliveries, down from 37 percent a year earlier.” (Not bailed out) Ford saw deliveries drop but GM’s rose significantly. Hmmmm http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-07-03/chrysler-u-s-sales-beat-estimates-as-industry-pace-slows.htm


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  11. I’m sorry. I must apologize for my the last joke I made. It’s not very Christian of me and I may not care for President Obama, but certainly I don’t wish any harm upon him. My joke about the president assassinators was very stupid and foolish. Actually, I do pray for President Obama in hopes that he will see how he’s failing our country and I hope that God will guide him to change.

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  13. When is America going to wake up to what this so called man is doing? Good grief. The next time I hear the GM president say they paid back all the stimulus money I will keep laughing. Buy Ford or Dodge!!!!

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