Law professor John Eastman also found the ruling somewhat questionable, stating that the role of the Supreme Court is to tell Congress whether they have or don’t have the authority to do something. And for Roberts to do what he did and find and alternative way to keep it constitutional, Eastman concluded that the chief justice needs to resign.

“If the assumption is right, that he thinks was unconstitutional but found a way to uphold it to preserve the integrity of the court, then he really ought to resign because it proves he doesn’t have the judicial fortitude to do the job that he’s been chosen to do.”

Aslo Charles Krauthammer thinks so too:
Here’s the issue–

Roberts like any of the SCOTUS justices are supposed to follow the rule of law.

Roberts did not do this.

He bent way left and has become the biggest tax increaser in the history of the country –right next to Obama.

4.2 billion dollars in taxes accessed against the middle class. That doesn’t even count the mandate tax.

Roberts can’t even give the tax a name–because it doesn’t exist.

Roberts caved in to Obama’s bullying and the from the media to give an out and let this POS bill stand.

Throws up his robed arms and says to the People–”It’s your problem now”.

My humble opinion is that Chief Justice Roberts should resign.

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends Friday morning to give his take on yesterday’s Supreme Court health care ruling, particularly where Chief Justice Roberts’ explanation is concerned.

“I don’t think he made the right decision,” said Napolitano. “I don’t think he made the sensible decision. I don’t think he made the constitutional decision. Because, basically, what he said was the Congress can’t force you to do anything but it can tax you if you don’t do it. Now, the practical effect is the same. So he’s basically unleashed the taxing power of the Congress by saying Congress’ ability to regulate you, to tell you you have to eat broccoli so that you won’t get sick and your health bills will be low, but it can tax you if you don’t eat broccoli.”

  • Roberts is the most morally repugnant and inept chief justice to ever have been appointed to SCOTUS. His decision to declare the constitutionality of a bill that will bankrupt the nation based on language not in the bill is nothing short of criminal and so far afield from the legal guidelines the court uses to declare laws constitutional or unconstitutional that it undermines the integrity of the court. The stench from the bench is that of a dying nation poisoned by the treachery of a Chief Justice unworthy of his position. Nothing will become Roberts so in life as his leaving of it.