Merkel and Obama

While America’s economy is in a mess, and we have a president who is worried more about campaigning than working with Congress, he isn’t to busy to tell Europe to move faster in fighting it’s debt crisis.

But Germany has a message for obama, Germany’s minister is rejecting US president obama’s calls on Europe’s crisis, he told obama to get the American deficit under control instead.

Wolfgang Schaeuble told public broadcaster ZDF in an interview late Sunday that “people are always very quick at giving others advice.”

He says: “Mr. Obama should first of all take care of reducing the American deficit, which is higher than in the euro-zone.”

The 17-nation eurozone is struggling to overhaul its institutions and streamline its decision making to restore investors’ confidence. The bloc’s debt relative to its economic output stands at about 80 percent, while it is about 100 percent in the U.S.

Thats obama for you he thinks he is a cure all for the whole worlds ills even though he doesn’t have any inclination of how to fix his own arrogant attitude, much less our or anyone else government.

  • Carpenter

    who is Angela Merkel? (the lady in the picture)
    She is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union. She is a CHRISTIAN!

    and who is Wolfgang Schäuble?
    He is a German politician from the Christian Democratic Union. He is a CHRISTIAN!

    OK what is the Christian Democratic Union?
    the CDU is a Christian democratic and conservative political party in Germany. It is major party of the centre-right in German politics. They are not COMMUNISTS. They are CHRISTIANS!

    and finally who is Barack Obama?
    Barack Hussein Obama is a MUSLIM
    Communist from Kemya. Obama is a NOT a CHRISTIAN!. Obama is a NOT a Democrat!. He is a COMMUNIST.

    So of course they rebuked the Communist leader of America and rebuffed his Communist advice. Also I’d like to note that Vladimir Putin is a right leaning Christian Conservative who had words with our Media anointed Communist Dictator.

    WE (meaning the USA) saved Europe, Germany and Russia from the COMMUNISTS many years ago. It sure would be nice if they would returned the favor.

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