The  New Obama slogan “Forward” has long ties to Marxism, socialism. Just a fact.

Obama, your glass house, the one that you’re standing in, requires you to drop all bricks now. Your deceptive prevarications, falsifications, fabrications, and outright lies are a bane to these United States. As America vettes you, and those truths continue to flow, the only votes you will be getting will be from the most despicable, racially charged, anti-America, anti freedom, anti religion voters.

You got to love the “new” Obama campaign slogan, “FORWARD”, that reflects the roots of his Marxist beliefs.

The Washington Times summed it up best:

The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward” — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

…The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

The Marxists/Communists and Socialists/Progressives are flaunting their desires for America in plain view now while average Americans just yawn as they return to their slumber.

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  • George Ronald Adkisson

    After reading ther latest findings of the Cato institutute’s disclosure of recent law enforcement infractions acrioss the country, that did included exerpts from many news groups that suggested the Secret Service was very well trained for many years at employing the services of prostitutes, etc. and also finding how many years the uS air force watched and manganged a an event where a pipe line leaked jet fuel amounting to possibly 24 million gallons into the drinking water of Albuquerque New Mexico…adding all the other rpevious events of living over 60 years…I belive it’s time to ask what Sun the Republicans and Democrats are standing under.All of them…
    Otherwise,. it is wise to have a safe and pleasurable day…with limits.

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  • Carpenter

    The election of Barry Sotero makes about 40 MILLION people guilty of TREASON or at least guilty of knowingly electing someone not eligible to be the President. That is a fact! Everyone knows that Obama is not eligible (or qualified).

    On top of the obvious election crimes Hussein Obama is giving BILLIONS of US Tax Dollars (as bribes and payoffs) to Radical Muslim Organizations for their part in the fake bin Laden capture and fake EXECUTION.

    Also Obama is deliberately arming Israel’s enemies (for their part in the fake bin Laden capture) with our hard earned CASH so that they can buy weaponry to destroy Israel.

    The Liberal News Mafia is totally complicit in these crimes. Without the News Mafia none of this would be possible. And we are paying for it because we BUY PRODUCTS from companies that have paid for the COMMUNIST takeover of America.

    Did you buy a Christmas present last year? It was probably built by or shipped by a COMMUNIST. Do you go to the latest Hollywood Movies at the local cinema? If so you are supporting COMMUNISM! Do you buy the latest Pop Music? If so you are supporting COMMUNISM!

    Your new car was built by American Communist auto workers. The bus you rode in is operated by American Communist state and city workers. Even the food you eat was probably handled by American COMMUNIST grocery store workers. Your children are indoctrinated DAILY by American Communist school teachers.

    Your sales taxes are given to COMMUNISTS!
    Your property taxes are given to COMMUNISTS!
    Your Income taxes are even given to COMMUNISTS (and to Radical Muslim countries who will use your tax dollars to destroy Israel).

    COMMUNISTS control the Auto industry.
    COMMUNISTS control the Energy industry.
    COMMUNISTS control the Courts and the Cops.
    COMMUNISTS are in control of the US Military.
    COMMUNISTS control the Food and Service industry.
    And now COMMUNISTS will be in total control the Medical System.

    At this point I doubt that the USA can be salvaged. I wish it wasn’t this bad. But when 40+ MILLION PEOPLE still support a COMMUNIST (who will take over and literally destroy whats left of America) there is not much hope.

    Electing a Conservative will NOT change one single thing! Oh you might be happier for a few weeks or a month but there will still be over 40 MILLION COMMUNISTS in the USA that want to see Israel wipped off the face of the earth and that want you controlled, silenced or DEAD!

    Like it or not the USA is now a
    COMMUNIST controlled country with a
    COMMUNIST news media and a
    COMMUNIST middle school system and a
    COMMUNIST high school system and
    COMMUNIST universities and
    COMMUNIST labor unions and a
    COMMUNIST controlled economic system.

    Most of the 45 declared Communist Goals (from the congressional record 1963) have been realized thanks to people like John McCain, Hussein Obama, John Kerry, the Clintons, the Kennedys, and of course anyone guilty of Voting for Democrats.

    The bottomline is simple:
    IF Hussein Obama is the President
    THEN then United States of America
    doesn’t exist anymore.

    IF Hussein Obama is the President
    THEN the USA is a COMMUNIST country

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