Ever wondered how much we the “taxpayers” are paying for these haters of America to go out and riot against Free Markets and Capitalism.

We are paying a lot..

Occupy L.A. 4.3 million, the city said the cost will be offset by unspecified budget cuts… oops there goes some social programs cut into…

Occupy Asheville – $170,000
Occupy Atlanta – $652,000
Occupy Austin – $800,000
Occupy Bellingham – $51,000
Occupy Boston – $1,025,000 plus $50,000 to repair park
Occupy Charlotte – $447,000
Occupy Chicago – $49,000
Occupy Cincinnati – $128,000
Occupy DC – $1,640,000
Occupy Denver – $782,689
Occupy DesMoines – $7,800
Occupy Eugene – $130,000
Occupy Fresno – $110,000
Occupy Hartford – $45,000
Occupy Irvine – $23,000
Occupy LA – $4,700,000

Below are more city costs and the total.

Occupy Irvine – $23,000
Occupy LA – $4,700,000
Occupy Lansing – $20,000
Occupy Long Beach – $40,000
Occupy Minnesota – $400,000
Occupy Nashville – $4,500
Occupy New Haven – $145,000
Occupy New Orleans – $50,000
Occupy New York – $7,000,000
Occupy Oakland – $3,000,000
Occupy OKC — $85,000
Occupy Olympia – $252,000
Occupy Palm Desert – $88,786
Occupy Philadelphia – $1,000,000
Occupy Phoenix – $204,162
Occupy Portland – $1,290,000 + $130,000 to repair damaged parks
Occupy Providence – $9,000
Occupy Raleigh – $60, 000
Occupy Richmond – $33,691
Occupy Sacramento – $300,000
Occupy San Diego – $2,400,000
Occupy San Francisco – $950,000 plus $50,000 to restore park
Occupy Santa Cruz – $40,000
Occupy St. Louis – $2,200
Occupy Seattle – $625,999
Occupy Tucson – $170,000

Total: $29,110,827 Million

One comment on “Cost of Occupiers In Their Quest To Kill Capitalism

  1. The dollar always inflates … it is due to the laws of physics and a remedy would be using an alternative method that does include an audit of everything the Republicans and Democrats do not want anyone to know. Exampled by records for paid assassins and secret agents.The necessity then is a requirement there not be verifiable audit. That covers a huge portion of what Capitalism is all about.Loss…
    Apart from the figure reported … the dollar decreased in value at least 1/3 last year due to inflation created by interest payments for loans etc. and will continue to increase due to people like Obama now being worth an estimated 10 million today in comparison with when he entered the office worth around 2 million. Members of Congress traditionally do the same things that politicians always have done…advantage the economic system and result the most.
    The president and his financial associates are actually happy that the occupy wall street people are there…they are used to capitalizing on the events economically. Each dollar that goes through their hands is reduced considerably by their expertise.
    That goes for entitlements as well … an arguable contest between the two political parties is very beneficial in keeping both poised against each other…and students etc. get labeled as destroyers of what is so customary practicing capitalism and exchanging property and electronic data.
    Everyone have an enjoyable day …

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