When you have a president who can’t talk about what he has done to Americans in the last four years, you end up with a president who ends up grasping for anything, and you can’t get any lower than when you go on public TV before the Nation and say you are for same sex marriage…

Not only has he broken God’s law, he has broken his own Christian beliefs, he is doing the work of satan for sure, as he sold his soul to the devil for a chance at four more years of power.

Obama spiritual adviser ‘disappointed’ by gay marriage endorsement and he told obama as much…

As  Obama publicly speaks out in support of gay marriage, House panel votes to ban same-sex marriage ceremonies on US military bases.

This is just more of the latest extension of Obama’s polarizing presidency. With his tenure threatened, he is growing desperate, almost pathologically so. And it’s only May.

Where once it was rare for a politician or a commentator to accuse a president of lying, it happens routinely now. Obama’s speeches are filled with distortions and fabrications. Even members of his own party don’t trust him, regarding him as ruthlessly selfish. “An uncurious man,” said one.

He hasn’t fixed the economy, in fact he has made it worse by adding 6 trillion dollars to the deficit, he is the only president who will end his first 4 years with more job losses than those gained.

The government is using fuzzy math, there are more people on food stamp under Obama, average household income has declined, there are more people in poverty, and foreclosure is still on the rise.

The Congressional Budget Office said Thursday that 45 million people in 2011 received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, a 70% increase from 2007. It said the number of people receiving the benefits, commonly known as food stamps, would continue growing.

WASHINGTON, May 4 (Reuters) – U.S. employers cut back on hiring in April and the jobless rate fell as people gave up the hunt for work. Our economy has faced unemployment above eight percent for 35 straight months, the longest stretch since the Great Depression.

Gas prices have doubled. Regular gasoline now costs $3.58 per gallon – up 101 percent since President Obama took office.

What new low will obama stoop to next, you can bet out of his own desperation, it is coming….

Our only Our “HOPE and CHANGE” is to remove him from office in November.

3 comments on “Has obama Sold His Soul To The Devil

  1. All politicians are connected and they are all putting on a show to rile us up..If we all turn off the tv and not vote or listen to these puppets who are just spewing lies for entertainment sake then we will win.

  2. Has Obama Sold His Soul To The Devil?
    Yes!! but so has Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul wants to Legalize Heroin, supports Homosexual Marriages and wants to see Israel dangling by a thread. The crazy old KOOK says that ‘WE’ (the USA) created Al Queada and that Israel created HAMAS.

    And now Ron Paul wants to cut Israel off (of any Military aid) and he wants to make it an ELECTION ISSUE to deliberately hurt the Republicans chance at beating Obama.

    Ron Paul is not on our side. Like Obama he is with the Devil.

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