It’s my contention and belief that this naming convention meme/tagline process, or progressive progression of “progress” FORWARD by our President is intentional in both it’s literal manifestation and the obvious Marxist stance. Really Barry “Fundamentally transform America.” I don’t think so.

November 6th will be the defining time for the next 100 years of America. If Obama wins, this nation will go the way of Europe and eventually die. If the opposition to Obama wins, we at least have a chance as a nation to set things right over the next few election cycles.

Write the representatives you don’t agree with and tell them they are being fired if they don’t toe-the-line. Write letters, fax, email attend functions pick a point and share it everywhere you go, make a flag even, if you must. Inform the uninformed. Be responsible.

Simply put, whoever Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama is, he is seriously not good for America and YOU need to do something personally about it. Take heart, we will help!

Below a plethora of links, please understand, there is no hiding this president as anything but an Engels loving Marxist embracing socialist. It’s not his fault, that’s the way he was raised. And since he is a lib, he is to stubborn and/or stupid too understand how wrong he is, or admit it for that matter. The campaign video is 7 minutes long and they hold all comments for approval in this wondrous and transparent administration!  –@DaveOrts

  1. News for Obama’s forward campaign

Obama’s campaign team has released a new ad, and it begins by reminding the viewer that he inherited a really, really bad economy from President George W. Bush. From there, the mini-documentary launches into a litany of all the things President Obama has been able to achieve despite opposition from the “violent,“ ”angry,“ and ”racist” Tea Party. You know, the people who said “America’s best days were behind us,” according to the ad.

“But instead of working together to lift America up, Republicans were waging a campaign to tear the president down,” the ad claims over pictures of conservative commentators Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.

Obama ad Debuts New Forward Campaign Slogan, Attacks Glenn Beck & Rush LimbaughLater in the video, after singling out Republican politicians including House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the mini-documentary reveals the Obama reelection campaign’s new slogan: “forward.”

If you think that sounds awfully familiar, consider MSNBC’s marketing phrase “lean forward.”

Obama ad Debuts New Forward Campaign Slogan, Attacks Glenn Beck & Rush LimbaughAnd weren’t those ads directed by Spike Lee?

Here are just a few of the other things the video boasts about:

But that’s not all! The president also fought credit card companies, reformed Wall Street, and passed the his signature health care bill.

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  • Carpenter

    When Resident Obama told George Stephenopolous,
    “I’d Rather Be A Really Good One-Term President
    Than A Mediocre Two-Term President”

    This is exactly what he meant!

    What we have is what it means to be a “Really Good President” as far as Obama is concerned. To start a Neo-Bolshevik Revolution based on Class Warfare is “Really Good”. That’s what Mussolini did. Thats what Lenin and Stalin did in 1917.

    Now to the Democrats,
    whether or not we differ politically, and we always will on some issues, Obama’s goals are not “Really Good”. Its all about Absolute Power and Total Control over all human rights. Making all rights derived from the STATE which is about as Un-American as you can get.

    Barack Obama has a European Socialist Worldview.

    He is a STATIST. Now his overall goals for America might be genuinely good in nature but he is using the same methodology that Lenin, Stalin and Mussolini used. Bishop Jenky was correct. I am sorry but its true.

    There is nothing “Really Good” about Class Warfare, Economic Re-Distribution, Total Government Control or the highest Corporate Tax rates in the world. This kind of thinking has led to nothing but division, violence, misery, wars and poverty since the late 1800’s.

    There is nothing “Really Good” about Barack Obama’s European Socialist Worldview.

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    • Obama the REALLY BAD one-term president!

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      • Carpenter

        thus speaketh PushBackNow:
        “Obama the REALLY BAD one-term president!”

        Yes I know but that’s the point.

        Do you remember the 2010 Harris Interactive Poll that revealed
        24% of Republicans said YES
        Obama may be the Anti-christ

        45% of Republicans said YES
        Obama Was Not Born in the United States
        and so is not eligible to be president.

        38% of Republicans said YES
        Obama is doing many things that Hitler did.
        and so on…

        But the really revealing stuff was that MOST Democrats and Independents said YES too! And he was their guy!

        you have to ask
        if the Dems thought that Obama might be the Anti-Christ
        and that he will do many of the things that Hitler did
        and that he was NOT born in the United States…

        The answer is
        Thats exactly WHY they voted for Obama!

        They hoped Obama would be the Anti-Christ
        that he will do what Hitler did and they don’t
        care if he was born in the United States..

        You see REALLY REALLY BAD
        (in their twisted worldview)
        is Really Good.

        So when Obama said,
        “I’d Rather Be A Really Good One-Term President
        Than A Mediocre Two-Term President”,

        he really meant,
        “I’d Rather Be A Really Really BAD One-Term President
        Than A damned GOOD Two-Term President”

        ‘Stupid is as Stupid Does? Obama is as Obama does’ – Forrest Gump

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  • Forward, to all obama followers, that means lean forward grab your ankles , you know what you have been doing for the last 4 years, so obama can keep shoving his communist politics up your, behind closed doors….
    for the rest of us, it means lean forward and hold on as we watch the destruction of America continue….

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