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John Edwards Found Not Guilty

Edwards was found not guilty on one count,but were deadlocked on the remaining five, resulting in the mistrial decision by Judge Catherine Eagles.

Spitballs – Violent Criminal Conduct, Blame Unions

In 2010, freshman Andrew Mikel was suspended from his Virginia high school.

The Charge: “Violent criminal conduct” for using a “weapon” at school.

Public run school system seemingly to seek to remove the human in Human Being, at least ones that go against their grain. Why? Compliant easy to control citizens in the future perhaps. Using fear to urge compliance will lead to loss of liberty for everyone, unless of course you are a friend of the controlling elitist powers. This was just a schoolboy who has charges now that will follow him for life, for what, for acting like a boy.

“This is the most ridiculous case,” says his lawyer, John Whitehead. “This is what’s wrong with our society.”Whitehead points out the “weapon” the 14-year-old used was a pen hollowed out like a straw. And the “criminal conduct” he supposedly committed was shooting plastic spitballs at fellow students during lunch. read more

Axelrod To Protesters You Can’t Handle The Truth

David Axelrod, Senior Obama Campaign Advisor, lost his cool on a group of rowdy Mitt Romney supporters protesting his press conference on the steps of the Massachusetts State House.

The crowd was  shouting Where are the job..

“You can’t handle the truth, my friends!” Axelrod yelled at the protesters. “If you could handle the truth, then you would quiet down.”

Surrounded by a crew of Massachusetts Democrats, Axelrod attempted to open up the Obama campaign’s new front against Romney, attacking his record as governor of Massachusetts.

But this morning’s remarks were drowned out by the protesters, made up mostly of Romney campaign staffers and volunteers, who booed, blew bubbles, and shouted things like “Solyndra!” “Cory Booker!” “Elect Mitt!” and “Go Home!”

Romney is winning on his Record, Obama doesn’t have a record to run on… So Obama is trying to run on Romney’s record too!

Republican offers Dream option for illegals

A key House Republican on Wednesday introduced the GOP’s first version of the Dream Act in this Congress in a bill that would give a select group of high-achieving illegal immigrants the chance to become U.S. citizens.

Mr. Rivera’s bill, which he named the Studying Towards Adjusted Residency Status Act, or Stars Act, would apply to students who were brought to the U.S. before age 16, who received their diplomas, kept out of trouble and were accepted to four-year colleges or universities.

They would be eligible to apply for a five-year visa to stay and study in the U.S. If they graduate from college, they would be able to apply to stay longer and be put on a path to citizenship.
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Bilderberg Conference Security Tighter Than Ever

The Washington Times was told by law enforcement Wednesday that any attempt to get close to the building where the Bilderberg Conference is being held, would result in arrest.

Hundreds of demonstrators are expected to protest the highly secretive gathering, which kicks off Thursday and lasts through the weekend. The off-the-record meeting, well known in conspiracy lore but typically given little to no media attention each year, once again will bring together heads of state, billionaire bankers, leading businessmen and other international movers and shakers.

Tight security is nothing new at the infamous meeting, but more press coverage in recent years — driven largely by social media and radio host Alex Jones, among others — has led organizers to thicken the protective shell around the conference to new heights.

Fairfax County police say that some reports — including rumors on Twitter and elsewhere that law enforcement personnel have threatened would-be trespassers with machine guns — are being blown out of proportion.
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Condoleezza Rice Endorses Mitt Romney

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice endorsed Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential nominee at a fundraiser in California last night, saying he understands the nation’s special place in the world.

Rice, 57, spoke at an event the former Massachusetts governor attended in Hillsborough, California, near where she teaches at Stanford University. Romney clinched the nomination two days ago, winning the party primary in Texas.

“If America is going to rebuild its strength at home, rebuild its sense of who we are, it needs a leader that also understands how really exceptional the United States of America is, and is not afraid to lead on the basis of that exceptionalism,” Rice told about 300 donors. “The only thing that people dislike more than unilateral American leadership is no American leadership at all.”
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Artur Davis Former Co-Chairman For obama Leaves the Democratic Party

Artur Davis a former co-chairman for Obama’s presidential campaign, announced Tuesday that he was leaving the Democratic Party for good. A wise choice Mr. Davis!

Davis reflected on his experiences as a Democrat, and condemned the path he believes the party is taking. He said. “I have taken issue with an administration that has lapsed into a bloc by bloc appeal to group grievances when the country is already too fractured: frankly, the symbolism of Barack Obama winning has not given us the substance of a united country.”

In a post published Tuesday on his website, Davis was vague about his future political endeavors, but declared: “If I were to run, it would be as a Republican. And I am in the process of changing my voter registration from Alabama to Virginia, a development which likely does represent a closing of one chapter and perhaps the opening of another.”
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Presidential tradition: Bush is back

Obama who can’t stop blaming Bush for everything and keeps on bad mouthing him, will welcome GW Bush today and preside as Bush’s image and legacy are enshrined at the White House forever.

Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will join Bush and his wife, Laura, as their official portraits are unveiled. The incumbent is keeping up a presidential tradition typically defined by cheer and graciousness, but not without some uneasiness.

Hardly a day goes by without Obama or his aides talking about the mess they inherited — meaning, from Bush.

Remember only last week when obama turned Bush into a punch line: Obama depicted Republican rival Mitt Romney as a peddler of bad economic ideas, helping the rich at the expense of the middle class, and then added to laughs: “That was tried, remember? The last guy did all this.”
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West, ‘Let’s Talk About The President Doing Blow’

Rep. Allen West at a town hall meeting in Florida was ask about his service in the U.S Army he brushed it off and said let’s talk about a president who snorted blow…

The story they wanted to know about West and his Army days went like this:
Intent on foiling a reported plot to ambush him and his men, Colonel West, a battalion commander, made a calculated decision to intimidate the Iraqi officer with a show of force. An interrogation under way was going nowhere, Colonel West said in an interview, and he chose to take the matter into his own hands.
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New Farrakahn Audio Praising Sharia Law and Threatening ‘Death’ unless ‘America submits’ [VIDEO]

Farrakhan erupts in fervent conclusion to nearly three-hour speech
Speaks favorably of sharia law and seems highlights violent actions within it
Says that if the U.S. bombs Iran, Allah will “take out” U.S. cities “with earthquakes”
Farrakhan promises that Allah will “kill a lot” and bring calamity until “America submits”
The Blaze’s Benny Johnson contributed to this report.

The Minister Louis Farrakhan isn’t one to avoid controversial language. In his Sunday address in San Diego, the Nation of Islam leader slammed Israel, lamented Mexico’s loss of land at the hands of American “trickery” and derided President Barack Obama for his endorsement of same-sex marriage. But that’s only a portion of what was uttered in his nearly three-hour address. During the last 10 minutes, the fiery Farrakhan erupted with fervency, applauding the violence of sharia law and giving some cryptic warnings to America regarding Iranian intervention.

In speaking to his “Arab brothers,” Farrakhan said that they should not kill their children who shame them. But rather than merely lambasting those who participate in honor crimes, he turned the discussion into a referendum on America (in all fairness, while making these comments, he did say that “Islam needs reform,“ and that his Arab brothers need ”mercy from God“ so they can get ”strong enough to live sharia” — but both statements came without proper explanation). Video below the fold. read more

Presidential Medal of Freedom Awarded to Socialist Loving Dolores Huerta


The Presidential Medal of Freedom stands as the highest honor a civilian can receive from the President of the United States. Nor are potential recipients limited to civilians.

obama honored Dolores Huerta the Presidential Medal of Freedom. an openly socialist admirer of Hugo Chavez. Obama admits he stole her phrase, YES WE CAN..Huerta makes it known that she believes Republicans hate Latinos and she encourages illegal immigrants to join with unions in agitating against their employers.

Huerta does not keep her political leanings a secret. She is an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America and after praising dictator Chavez in 2006 for his policies in Venezuela, she asked, “why can’t we do that here in the United States?”

Obama THEN, Obama NOW

Fox and Friends had a look at obama’s hope and change, and he is to date the worse liar and president America has ever had…

Welcome U. S. Defense League – Push Back Now

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