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George Zimmerman was released from jail in Florida around Midnight last evening…

Zimmerman walked out of the Seminole County Jail, staring straight ahead and ignoring photographers as he stepped into a waiting SUV and drove away.

His attorney would only say that Zimmerman will be in a secure and secret location, likely outside of Florida.

“I think there is a lot of emotion wrapped around the case and we’re worried that some of those emotions are still negative that that may play out against George,” said Mark O’Mara

Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz contends that the Arrest Affidavit that was filed against George Zimmerman is “Irresponsible and Unethical” because “everything in the affidavit is completely consistent with a defense of self-defense. Everything.”

The heightened charge filed by Corey, murder two, has many legal analyst saying that no judge is going to let this pass on the evidence presented.

Richard Hornsby, who is a defense attorney in Florida, contends, “There’s a “high likelihood it could be dismissed by the judge even before the jury gets to hear the case,” and Karin Moore, who is one of the assistant professors of law at Florida A&M University, says that the law “puts a tremendous burden on the state to prove that it wasn’t self-defense.” From the evidence that we have seen in the public, this is going to be next to impossible to do.

Mean while we have those ignorant people on Twitter posting these kind of Tweets:
‘Ima kill Zimmerman myself *loads semi* where he at’

‘I think imma personally kill George Zimmerman…anyone’s welcome to join (: …Leggggoooo !’


‘Someone pass me a gun, imma go follow zimmerman, shoot and kill him and say #imstandingmyground’

‘Lets kill #zimmerman’

‘They let Zimmerman free lets kill that MF’

‘George Zimmerman Released From Jail 150,000 Bail! WTF! Ni**a You Are About To Die, Start Writing Your Will!…

As Twitchy notes, the calls for violence include some “genius” posts, like this one, which confuses “double jeopardy” with being released on bail:

Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman.

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One comment on “George Zimmerman Leaves Jail

  1. Boy did I ever guess this one RIGHT from the start!

    They want RIOTS!
    They want Black Panthers at the POLLS!
    They want whitey to stay home on election day
    and they want to intimidate Republican voters!!!

    This particular district is crucial to Obama’s re-election.
    In fact this is where Al Gore lost the 2000 election.

    This has never been about Martin or Zimmerman.
    It’s the RIOT stupid. Its all about intimidation and violence

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