Some political analysts believe that if the court strikes down the law, it would make it easier for Obama to cast Republicans in Washington — including conservatives in the Supreme Court — as obstructionists who have worked against the interests of middle- and low-income Americans.

The conventional wisdom is that it would be a political disaster for Democratic President Barack Obama, and a boon for Republicans, if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down all or most of Obama’s healthcare overhaul.

That could be: The healthcare law – which among other things would require most Americans to buy health insurance – is Obama’s signature achievement in domestic policy, and the number-one target of many Republicans in this year’s elections.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a loss before the Supreme Court would cripple Obama’s re-election argument in November.

Full Article  Analysis: Obama could see silver lining if healthcare law rejected | Reuters.

2 comments on “Analysis: Obama could see silver lining if healthcare law rejected

  1. Obamacare was designed to make Republicans look like they would let GrandMa die, make children cry and kick a dying man. Period. Obamacare’s only purpose is to make Republicans look bad. If they actually gave a damn about people they wouldn’t have written something that is so PURPOSELY Un-Constitutional.

    And when it gets struck down the Left will make the Courts look bad simply because they followed the Constitution. The real enemy of the Left is the US Constitution because it limits thier power, for now…

    • Agreed. The entirety of the Democratic party and some of the Republicans is a dog an pony show. This is clearly exhibited by their lack of ability to do the jobs they are paid to do, like creating a budget which is well over 1000 days past due now.

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