According to Joel Pollak’s report at, “The video, which Kaczynski says was ‘licensed from a Boston television station,’ shows a young Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard Law School on behalf of Prof. Derrick Bell, a radical academic tied to Jeremiah Wright – about whom we will be releasing significant information in the coming hours.”

He reported that the video was “selectively edited – either by the Boston television station or by Buzzfeed itself.”

He promised that will release “additional footage that has been hidden by Obama’s allies in the mainstream media and academia.”

The report also said Pollak and Ben Shapiro will appear on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” show tonight to talk about the tape.

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  • berta wilder

    This is the full 11:39 minute tape from Harvard. PBS aired in 2008. Huge Scoop There Breitbart LOL! Of course you would never be one to watch PBS would you? Awww and now you can’t!

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    • PushBackNow

      LOL silly liberal, you miss the point entirely, but then again, libs are living in the dark. Thanks for your post anyway.

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