Tonight on the broadcast I want to talk about how over stated Rush’s “slut” comment was.

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Below is a list of companies who are pulling ads from Rush. I could easily go on a rant here about the feckless left, but we’ll save that for this weeks PBN Live broadcasts . I do want to say however, how important we freedom embracing lovers of America MUST focus and finish this fight by wholly destroying and utterly annihilating while humiliating the left. They are trying to get Rush off the air, they have been waiting for this opportunity… Not Happening! These little fat rats are abandoning a ship of free speech. Boycott them.  They are going to try and use Rush for re-implementation of some version of “The Fairness Doctrine”   Warn the powers that be, that America will not stand to be dummied down, now or ever. And, on another short note. Let’s go after liberals when they start their trash attacking conservatives, only this time, let’s NOT take any prisoners. Molon Labe!  God Bless America, Dave Orts
Updated 03/06/2012  6:40 pm et
  • Sleep Number: “Recent comments by Rush Limbaugh do not align w/our values, so we made decision to immediately suspend all advertising on that program,” tweeted March 2.
  • The Sleep Train: “As a diverse company, Sleep Train does not condone such negative comments directed toward any person,” vice president of marketing Mike Wilson said in a statement March 2.
  • Quicken Loans: “Due to continued inflammatory comments– along w/valuable feedback from clients & team members– QL has suspended ads on Rush Limbaugh program,” tweeted March 2.
  • Legal Zoom: “As of today, LegalZoom has suspended all advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show,”tweeted March 2.
  • Citrix: “Over the past day, we’ve heard from many great Citrix customers about our advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show. These customers have expressed their growing concern that some of his recent comments seem inconsistent with the core values Citrix has always stood for – humility, integrity and respect. While Citrix obviously does not control any show’s content or endorse opinions of their hosts, we do take the concerns of our customers seriously. When they are upset about something, we listen. After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue our advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show,” posted on Facebook March 9.
  • Carbonite: “No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke, and I have two, could possibly abide the insult and abuse heaped upon this courageous and well-intentioned young lady. Mr. Limbaugh, with his highly personal attacks on Miss Fluke, overstepped any reasonable bounds of decency. Even though Mr. Limbaugh has now issued an apology, we have nonetheless decided to withdraw our advertising from his show. We hope that our action, along with the other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse,” CEO David Friend posted on the company’s website March 3.
  • ProFlowers: “At ProFlowers, our mission is to delight our customers with fresh and long lasting flowers, and that is our singular focus each and every day. We do not base our advertising decisions to align with any particular political view or opinion as our employees and customers are as diverse as the USA. Mr. Limbaugh’s recent comments went beyond political discourse to a personal attack and do not reflect our values as a company. As such, ProFlowers has suspended advertising on The Rush Limbaugh radio program,” posted on the company’s Facebook page March 4.
  • Thompson Creek Windows: @RushWMALads @rushlimbaugh @wmalnews we have requested our ads be pulled from his show. They should be completely removed tomorrow,” tweeted March 4.
  • Hadeed Carpet: “As of this past weekend, ALL our #rushlimbaugh commercial spots have been PULLED. We do not support his inexcusable words/beliefs. Thank u,” tweeted March 5.
  • Tax Resolution: “Thank you for your comments and concerns. We have decided to join other advertisers and suspend our sponsorship of The Rush Limbaugh Show,” tweeted March 5.
  • AOL: “At AOL one of our core values is that we act with integrity. We have monitored the unfolding events and have determined that Mr. Limbaugh’s comments are not in line with our values. As a result we have made the decision to suspend advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Radio show,” posted on its Facebook page March 5.
  • Bonobos: “Looks like we were running on it, but we’ve told them to pull us from the show indefinitely. Thanks for letting us know!” tweeted March 5.
  • Sears: “Sears and Kmart did not intentionally advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show. Sears Holdings has taken actions to ensure our ads do not run on this show. We appreciate our customers, fans and followers and thank you for your business,” tweeted March 5.
  • Allstate Insurance: “Allstate does not advertise on or sponsor the Rush Limbaugh show,” posted on Facebook March 5.
  • Vitacost: “Mr. Limbaugh’s unsettling comments are not in line with our values, and we’ve decided to remove our advertising from the program,” tweeted March 5.
  • Sensa: “Rush Limbaugh’s comments are not in line with SENSA values so we are pulling our ads indefinitely which shud be down in the next couple days,” tweeted March 5.
  • Bare Escentuals: “All, we take your feedback to heart and can assure u we did not authorize the airing of our ads during The Rush Limbaugh Show… We’ve taken steps to ensure that our radio ads do not air on this program,” tweeted March 5.
  • Goodwill: “Goodwill is a non-partisan nonprofit organization. Public service announcements are not paid advertisements and should not be considered endorsements of a particular political or ideological point of view. The Goodwill public service announcement that aired on WMAL or other stations affiliated with the Rush Limbaugh show aired without Goodwill’s knowledge or consent. No further Goodwill public service announcements will be aired without our permission,” posted on its Facebook page March 5. As for the ad we heard Monday, Goodwill explains via email, “The PSA that aired was intended for a DC-area music station but a sister station that airs Rush Limbaugh ran the PSA without our knowledge or consent.”
  • Service Magic: “It has come to our attention that some of our advertisements have inadvertently been airing in conjunction with the Rush Limbaugh show. While we at ServiceMagic respect the individual political beliefs held by our customers, recent comments on the show do not align with the values we hold at the core of our company and as such, have requested to remove our support as an advertiser,” posted March 5.
  • Bethesda Sedation Dentistry: “Bethesda Sedation Dentistry is happy to join the fight! Effective immediately, we will pull our Rush ads,” tweeted March 5.
  • Cascades Dental: “Mr. Limbaugh’s comments are inconsistent with the values of our practice. We have canceled all our advertising on his show,” tweeted March 5.
  • AccuQuote Life Insurance: “AccuQuote has instructed our media agency to immediately pull all our advertising campaigns that support Rush Limbaugh. His recent comments do not reflect the values of AccuQuote,” posted on Facebook March 5.
  • Geico: “In 2004 when Rush Limbaugh’s program also carried remarks that were inappropriate, we ceased all advertising on his show. We don’t advertise there to this day. On occasion, a local station may mistakenly run a GEICO ad in the wrong time slot. We are directing our ad buyers to make sure that doesn’t happen,” the company said in a statement March 5.
  • Netflix: The company has emailed to say it doesn’t advertise on Limbaugh’s shows, though we heard its ad Monday. It’s likely the company is in the same situation as several other companies that bought airtime but not specifically for Limbaugh’s show. Some companies — like Geico and Capital One — say their ads ran on the show in error. Update Tuesday 3:19p.m.: Netflix writes to add, “What you’re hearing is a network ad buy, dropped inside the program during network time, and not an ad that supports the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Netflix does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Long ago we instructed the agency that buys ads for Netflix not to have any Netflix ads appear on the network time the airs inside the show (at half-hour breaks) so those ads have appeared in error.  They are being removed.”
  • PolyCom: “Polycom does some syndicated radio advertising, including spots on WMAL, however we had no intention to run ads on the Rush Limbaugh Show. The recent comments by Mr. Limbaugh go against our core values, and we have taken action to discontinue advertising on this program,” posted on Facebook March 6.
  • John Deere: “Deere is reviewing the placement of these advertisements, as the company has not chosen to be a current advertiser,” Kenneth Golden, director of global public relations, told BloombergMarch 6, explaining that dealers had bought the ads through a network.
  • “Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments do not align with our company values, and as such, has suspended advertising on the Rush Limbaugh radio program,” the company said in a statement March 6.
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center: “We agreee that Mr. Limbaugh’s recent derogatory comments regarding an individual testifying before Congress are not acceptable,” the company said March 6.
  • Capital One: “Capital One does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show (and hasn’t for some time).  If a Capital One ad ran during the program, it was without our permission. We are investigating to see if an error was made by one of our media partners,” the company said in a statement March 6. Update Tuesday 3:31p.m.: The company denies placing any ads on the WMAL stream of Rush Limbaugh. We and they are still trying to answer how it ended up on Monday’s show.
  • Network Capital: The company’s Alex Ramirez emailed March 6 to say the company buys ads on WMAL, the D.C. radio station, not Limbaugh’s show. He writes, “Our ad campaign is directly affiliated with WMAL as a broadcast station; their programming director dictates the placement of our ads daily. Network Capital does not agree nor condone Mr. Limbaugh’s opinions or statements.”
UPDATE 05/06/2012
2nd Station Drops Rush – Pittsfield, Massachusetts– 96.9 FM, WBEC

12 total sponsers bail Sleep Number, The Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom, Citrix, Carbonite, ProFlowers, Tax Resolution, AOL, Bonobos, Sears, and Allstate Insurance have pulled ads from the program, and several others are considering following their lead.

Other Media  Contacts on TAB top of page.
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The left is at war with our First Amendment rights.

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  • Rick Williams

    I am looking for a list of all the sponsors that are pulling their advertising boycotting Rush’s show. Hear this!! I am boycotting you!! This is a perfect opportunity to find out who the liberal biased companies are, who I wouldn’t do business with in the first place had I known what they stood for. I and my friends WILL NEVER purchase product from you again!! I found out Toyota was one? Guess what I am changing my mind on this week!!! Order cancelled.

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    • way to go Rick, we stand with you!

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  • Mary

    Is there a list of the sponsors who have stuck with Rush? I would like to SUPPORT those guys. – Mary

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  • 2prtygirls

    P.S., Alec, you might want to find the website where you can be in agreement with all of those posting. This one isn’t it and from what I see you are being ignored. In other words…just go away!!

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  • 2prtygirls

    Well here we are again…the “Left” trying to crucify Rush just like that have Gingrich, Lott, or anyone else that says something they don’t like or does something they don’t like.

    I tell ya, I’m sick and tired of this double standard. I’m so sick of it. I’m sick of the Republican’s mostly though because they bow down to the pressure and resign vs. fight. What, they think it will tarnish the party. Everyone knows that in Politics, nothing is off limits.

    From what I can see, this site isn’t going to get it done. I googled sites boycotting those advertisers pulling from Rush and this is what popped up. There aren’t enough people here! We need the Tea Party support. I will “DEFINITELY” boycott these advertisers pulling their ads. I’ll be upset about Netflix though as my children love it!

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  • Alec

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    • Ms Fluke? The two bit bought and paid for left-wing prevaricating perjurer and liberal failure. LOL

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      • Alec

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • I got a great Idea Alec, we did our research, you do yours! Then you can come back and apologize for your inept disregard for truth and side in with the lying ineffective destroyers of life and our nation.

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  • Alec, Alec. Your spelling and punctuation are horrible, as well.

    Pot calling the kettle black!

    Oh wait…is that racist?

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  • Alec

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    • More lies. The site did NOT hide your comment, you just didn’t get any raves loser.

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  • Alec

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    • Remuniration for efforts expended not ROI. You are a liberal, therefore, you are a failure.

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      • Alec

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        • A substantial argument requires a substantial opponent. You are lacking in intellectual prowess and honesty.

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  • Alec

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    • We can always count on the self-righteous kindergarten teacher types like you to tell us when we’re wrong and find every available opportunity to correct. Your wall of half-baked text is as repugnant and feckless as the spirit in which it was written. Fluke is another preposterous poser progressive, a liar and lousy setup. You’re going to get it soon enough. Keep coming back for more ownership Alec Failure.

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  • I think this is outrageous and it gets more sickening as time goes on. She has lied to the American public about who she is and what she is. I do think we need to push back, because its the left that tries to silence the right or anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda. I’m finding it hard to not to call her a few choice words myself.

    Does anyone know if the mainstream media, or any left-to-center blogger has pointed out her deception?

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 31 Thumb down 2

    • The double standard that the liberals have been trying to employ is deplorable. But, we will win because of heart, passion and far better ideas. She was going by Susan and Sandra the 23/30 year old. Your post is greatly appreciated Tsarina1!

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  • Fluke spoke, was exposed as a fraud. Rush saw through her, & called her out on her lies. And for that, these businesses are bailing? What Cowards!

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    • Debra (a powerful woman in the OT) you nailed it succinctly. This is one of tose situations however, where “Those who laugh last, laugh loudest” The left want a war, let’s FINALLY give it to them. Thanks for your post!

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