When I heard that Andrew Breitbart had died suddenly, the first thing that came to mind was foul play, as the day went by, I realized I wasn’t alone in my thinking, others also felt the same way I did. With technology being top notch these days, my question is, would an autopsy even reveal foul play, if in fact he was murdered?

Andrew W. Griffin a friend of Andrew Breitbart had some interesting things to say about Breitbart on the Alex Jones show today.

Breitbart did not shy away from controversy. He spoke his mind and would defend people like James O’Keefe and the pimp/prostitute stunt. He understood what got the attention of the media and that and other “stunts” attracted attention and exposed what organizations like ACORN were really up to.

So, conveniently when Breitbart is at the top of his game, when he was working on some big, new projects, and is a conservative hero, he suddenly dies.

Breitbart said he had tapes of Obama’s early years – college and political, from the sound of it – and how damaging they would be. He made these statements as he spoke last month at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in Washington.

Breitbart: (via Mediaite.com): “The videos are going to come out, the narrative is going to come out, that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails in the 1980s, like Bill (Ayers) and Bernadine (Dohrn), who said one day we would have the presidency, and the rest of us slept as they plotted, and they plotted, and they plotted and they oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in the Annenberg Challenge and they had real money, from real capitalists. Then they became communists. We got to work on that.

That is a parenthesis. Barack Obama is a radical, we should not be afraid to say that! Okay? And Barack Obama was launched from Bill and Bernadine’s salon. I’ve been there.”

At CPAC, Breitbat was telling Occupy protesters to “stop raping people” and yelling “behave yourself! Behave yourself!”
like a father talking to a child. He let the Occupiers have it, screaming at them: “Filthy freaks! “You’re freaks and animals!” It’s a little startling to watch. He was like a mad dog. The Occupiers, at the end of the video, seemed a little startled by their encounter with Breitbart.

But Breitbart was unapologetic about being a conservative and letting others know about it. He loved individualism and despised collectivism. He saw Occupy as a bunch of spoiled kids and ineffectual liberal jerkoffs buying into the dead-end street of collectivism.

Breitbart knew he was a major target and that his enemies were numerous as he went after various liberal/left outfits like ACORN, Planned Parenthood and others.

Breitbart said “I am public enemy No. 1 or 2 to the Democratic Party, the progressive movement and the Obama administration based upon the successes my journalism has had.”

Here is a brief of the Alex Jones show today from Andrew Griffin.
I was asked to talk about Breitbart on The Alex Jones Show today. I told Jones and his massive audience that I admired Breitbart and his work and passion but that I also thought there is a chance he may have been murdered. I hated to think that, but knowing what an influential voice Breitbart had, it’s hard not to think that was the case, just as U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.) was a big anti-war voice and died saying he was not going to support the upcoming invasion of Iraq.

Will we see the tapes? Maybe some? Maybe all? The timing just seems way too coincidental. Alex Jones said he found it curious that Breitbart was talking so much about the tapes. Jones said Breitbart thought he was “bulletproof.” He also noted that there seems to be a “purge” of true conservative/libertarian media figures like Judge Andrew Napolitano and his excellent Freedom Watch show. Again, it’s all a little curious.

“My gut is telling me they killed Andrew Breitbart,” Alex Jones said on his show today. Sadly, I agree with him.

Do you think Andrew Breitbart was murdered?

sources: andrew griffin, red dirt report

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  • Very, very possible Angel.

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  • With this information, I do believe it is questionable and should be investigated. Can it be proven that it was murder? Depends how well the tracks are covered AND what facts Andrew was going to expose. IT reminds me of JFK and the ‘conspiracy’ of more than one shooter, who was actually behind the assassination.

    On that note, I highly recommend Stephen King’s book, 11/22/63.
    The premise of Time Travel is fiction, of course, but it really digs into alternate theories of JFK’s assassination, the political environment, and the possible result if the assassination did not take place (his theory would surprise you since he is a liberal, evident in a few lines that show his disdain for the right).

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    • Davey

      You make some good point Kelly. That looks like a good book, too. :)

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    • Yeah, wow, too bad King is such a loony-toon daffy liberal progressive. Good post!

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