Speaking at a New York fundraiser on Thursday, President Obama ceded that his 2008 campaign was not even close to perfect and that he remembered his campaign as “screwing up all the time.”

According to The Hill, Obama joked: “People remember that campaign as being flawless and so much fun.” But he said, “I don’t remember it that way … I remember us screwing up all the time.”

He didn’t list any specific examples of said missteps, however.

The Hill adds:

During the appearance at a private residence, Obama spoke for roughly 10 minutes, listing his accomplishments while in office.

While he acknowledged that “there’s still a lot of hardship” facing the country, Obama said, “the trend lines are good.” The president added that he’s working to build a “better foundation for long-term economic growth.”

According to the report, Obama drew a hearty round of applause from the affluent attendees at this first fundraiser of the evening for declaring that the Iraq war “is now over.” It was just one of four fundraisers Obama is slated to appear at in New York Thursday night.

Source: The Blaze

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  • If you look for “screwup”in the dictionary there is a picture of the DNC Donkey. Just sayin.

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  • not even ten minutes to list his accomplishments, that sounds about right and I am sure he had to stutter to get talk that long..and of course exaggerate….obama was a flop then and he is a flip now…no obama for another 4 years

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    • Not even for for 4 more seconds. He has done more dang damage to America than any foreign enemy has, ever.

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