Finally a statement I can agree with, of course all the leftist are against it even though they had no problems seeing such things said about Bush…. I say Go First Amendment…

Despite calls by Virginia Democrat Rep. Jim Moran on the Metro board to remove the ad, a Metro spokesman, citing case law, said the transit authority could not pull an ad based on its political content.

“WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their political content,” the agency said in a written statement that was provided to The Hill.

“WMATA does not endorse the advertising on our system, and ads do not reflect the position of the authority,” the Metro statement added.

So far, the advertisement is only running in the Washington metro area — and just in the Clarendon Metro station. The ad went up Feb. 13 and will run through March 11.

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    There has never been such disrespect for a president of this country. Bush lied and sent us into a war that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of our children, not to mention the maimed and disabled. No one even asked for impeachment not to mention poasting somthing like the public ad above. I understand free speech, but DC Transit should understand allowing this to be poasted shows they agree with this setiment and the disrespect. Didn’t you learn anything from Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck. sometimes the back lash may be reflected in your pocket.

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  • We Love this post TOO! Very much!

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  • A trillion thumbs up!

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  • We love this post.

    Silence is consent.
    If you don’t speak up you accept what’s happening. Speak up and push back now America!

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