Obama is snubbing the annual gathering of prominent Washington journalists known as the Gridiron Dinner, this will be the third time…

Obama has only attended one dinner in his four chances since becoming president, making his attendance the worst of any president in history.

He was the first president ever to snub the group in his first year as president.

The group is 127 years old and has a limited membership list, but the dinner brings out the biggest names in Washington politics and journalism.

One regular Gridiron attendee expressed surprise that the president wasn’t attending in a reelection year. “It really is surprising for a president to blow off journalists in a year he is running,” said the Gridiron member.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will be speaking for obama at the dinner on March 24, which is ironic sense Panetta is the hands on manager of the nation’s nuclear arsenal at the South Korean summit, which is where obama will be instead of the Gridiron Dinner…

obama is good at snubbing though, just as Netanyahu!

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