Afghan authorities told NBC News on Sunday that they believe an intelligence officer may have been involved in the alarmingly brazen killing of two senior U.S. Army officers at the country’s Interior Ministry.  Sources told NBC that Abdul Saboor, 25, was a missing person and a suspect in the Saturday killing of a lieutenant colonel and a major, which took place as rage gripped the country for a fifth straight day over the burning of the Muslim holy book at a NATO base.

A gunman shot the Americans as they sat at their desks inside the government ministry building, NBC News reported. They were shot in the back of the head.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the Interior Ministry attack, saying it was retaliation for the Quran burnings, after the U.S. servicemen were found dead on the floor of an office that only people who know a numerical combination can get into, Afghan and Western officials said.

About 30 people have been killed, including four U.S. soldiers, since the Quran-burning incident came to light Tuesday.

Afghanistan’s president, meanwhile, renewed his calls for calm.

NBC News,, Reuters and The Associated Press

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