Watching N Korea’s New Leader

Since Kim Jong-il died on December 17, the outside world has been watching to see whether his son Kim Jong-un, aged in his 20s, would stick to its hardline “military first” policies that have seen the isolated nation move closer to nuclear weapons capacity.

North Korea sounded a bellicose note in its first communication with the outside world since the death of it’s leader , saying its confrontational stance against South Korea would not change and labeling its opponents “foolish.”

“On this occasion, we solemnly declare with confidence that foolish politicians around the world, including the puppet forces in South Korea, should not expect any changes from us,” a broadcaster on state television said on Friday.

It has threatened to turn the South’s capital Seoul into a “sea of fire” on numerous occasions and repeated that rhetoric again on Friday.
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Iran’s Nuclear Missle Test

Iran delayed promised long-range missile tests in the Gulf on Saturday and Tehran signaled it was ready for fresh talks on its disputed nuclear program.

Iran’s state media initially reported early on Saturday that long-range missiles had been launched during naval exercises, a move that may irk the West concerned over threats by Tehran to close off a vital oil shipping route in the Gulf.

Analysts say the conflicting reports on the missile test aimed to remind the West of the unforeseen consequences it risked if it ratcheted up pressure on Iran over its nuclear work, which the West says is aimed at building nuclear bombs. Tehran denies this.

“The location and the timing of the drill were very shrewd … then came reports on launching missiles that can target America’s bases in the region and Israel,” said analyst Hamid Farahvashian.
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Two Abortionist Dr’s Arrested For Murder of Fetuses

Authorities say two out-of-state doctors who traveled to Maryland to perform late-term abortions have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder, an unusual use of a law that allows for murder charges in the death of a viable fetus.

Dr. Steven Brigham, of Voorhees, N.J., was taken into custody Wednesday night and is being held in the Camden County jail, according to police in Elkton, Md. Authorities also arrested Dr. Nicola Riley in Salt Lake City and she is in jail in Utah. Each is awaiting an extradition hearing.

A grand jury indicted the two doctors after a 16-month investigation, police said.
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obama To Press Ahead Without Congress In 2012

The only thing obama hasn’t been lax on in the past three years of his presidency is spending the tax payers money…even to the extent that thousands lost their jobs due to his inability and lack of knowledge on how to run a Nation…

He wouldn’t even entertain the idea of letting the free markets put things back right, or letting the American people have a say…he did it his way, and now look where we are…

In describing 2011, few clichés seem more appropriate. For in this past year, we Americans seemed to lose control of our destiny, as events seemed to be in the saddle.

While President Barack Obama maneuvered skillfully to retain a fighting chance to be re-elected, the economy showed no signs of returning to the robustness of the Reagan or Clinton years. And Obama is all out of options.

By January 2012, he will have added $6 trillion to a national debt that just earned America a downgrade on its AAA credit rating.

What are his plans for 2012? well lets have a look, first he is all geared up for his campaign run, just like he forget about his senate job, in his first campaign run, he will lose track of his presidential job while trying to once again win another 4 years…

The few things he will cling to is spending our money, and over stepping his power when it comes to Congress and the Constitution…
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Governors Journal Picks Scott Walker As Gov of the Year

Scott Walker wins Governor of the Year, can you imagine what is going on in the minds of the public unions and their liberal democratic

Governors Journal has name Scott Walker as the Governor of the year, and with good reason….

In 2011, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker(R) served as the embodiment of the state by state battle to balance budgets and the best symbol of the struggle between the two political parties about how best to meet those fiscal challenges. His first year will extend well into his second year, quite likely culminating in a recall election to remove him from office.

He has dominated the political debate on both sides. Defining the issues. He is cited by both Democrats and Republicans as the best of example of what is wrong, or what is right with a conservative approach to government. Although they will never admit it, many Democratic governors are different from Walker only in a matter of degrees.
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Afghans to Have Approved Ringtones…Such As ‘Suicide Bomber’

A cell phone can kill you in more than one way it seems, especially if you live in Afghanistan…

We put songs or messages on our cell phones to express who we are but if you express yourself in Afghanistan it could result in death…

The Journal reports Haji Mohammad Khan, a 35-year-old man from Kabul, as saying that songs other than those from the Taliban could make the carrier of the phone seem like a “sympathizer:”

Afghans who travel beyond the capital say insurgents have forced Afghans to eat SIM cards, broken phones on owners’ heads and interrogated travelers for hours about their contacts with foreigners.
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Taxed To Death

Coined by an unknown author, “Born free, taxed to death” is a saying many of us have heard, but we could add “taxed after death” as well — at least our families might be. Americans have incurred so many taxes over the past 100 years, even the Internal Revenue Service has a difficult time listing them all.

5 taxes unknown 40 years ago:

1. Airline and airport taxes:
A sales tax has always been added to the purchase price of a ticket, but according to the U.S. State Department, that price now includes a lengthy list of “other” taxes.

2. Health care insurance tax:
While not actually listed as a “tax,” this provision in the health care bill will (beginning with 2011 tax returns and becoming mandatory in 2012) increase the amount of taxes you pay. If your employer pays all or part of your health care benefits, it must now include that amount as part of your salary on your W-2 form.

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A Closer Look At Ron Paul

You should really think twice about Ron Paul…

Fox commentator (and former Democratic strategist) Dick Morris what he thinks about Ron Paul, After calling Ron Paul’s rise in the polls recently “horrible,” he let loose: “I think that he is absolutely the most liberal, radical left-wing person to run for president in the United States in the last 50 years.”

He then noted all the ways in which Paul is more liberal than Barack Obama, including saying “we caused 9/11“ and wanting to ”dismantle the military.”

“This guy is no conservative. This guy is a ultra, ultra left-wing radical,”

Jon Huntsman stepped far beyond the boundaries of his usually polite stump speech to repeatedly slam Ron Paul as “unelectable” because of “out there” views on foreign policy. Huntsman is the latest candidate to join an intensifying Republican crescendo of criticism of the Texas Congressman as the Iowa caucuses approach.

Huntsman told more than 150 voters at a town hall meeting in southern New Hampshire. “I’m not an isolationist. I don’t share the Ron Paul world view. I am a realist.”

Huntsman dubbed Paul’s positions on Iran and American military presence overseas as “out there enough” to be harmful to U.S. national security. With issues like Iran “on the ascent,” Huntsman warned Iran would become the “transcendent foreign policy challenge of the decade.”

Huntsman didn’t stop there. “Things like legalizing drugs — I just don’t think this is a position that is going to sell well,” Huntsman told reporters on Wednesday night. “I just don’t think he’s going to get enough mainstream support to win.”
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Officers killed in the line of duty rose sharply in 2011

Preliminary data compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund showed that 173 federal, state and local officers have been killed on the job so far this year, 13 percent more than the 153 who died in 2010 — and 42 percent more than the 122 officers who were killed in 2009.

The number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty rose sharply in 2011, according to statistics released Wednesday.

The memorial fund, a nonprofit group that runs the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, attributed the steep rise to “drastic budget cuts” that “have put our officers at grave risk.”

I hope they mean in state budget cuts, In 2009, Obama signed the stimulus into law and that stimulus provided for teachers and for law enforcement. $4 billion for state and local law enforcement agencies
$44.5 billion in aid to local school districts to prevent layoffs and cutbacks, with flexibility to use the funds for school modernization and repair.
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obama Really Does Take Money From Lobbyist

I received a letter in my email today from obama and michelle, wanting me to give 3 or more dollars to his campaign so I could be entered in a contest to have dinner with the both of them…

He said this says a lot about what kind of campaign he is running and that he doesn’t take a dime from lobbyists of special interest PAC’s, he said he never has and never will…

Well add that to the many lies obama has told, because he sure told a whopper here, just like Harry Reid and his unicorn millionaire whopper..

The New York Times reported at least 15 of Mr. Obama’s “bundlers” — supporters who contribute their own money to his campaign and solicit it from others — are involved in lobbying for Washington consulting shops or private companies. They have raised more than $5 million so far for the campaign.

They glide easily through the corridors of power in Washington, with a number of them hosting Mr. Obama at fund-raisers while also visiting the White House on policy matters and official business.
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Russia slams US for its human rights record

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has attacked the U.S. human rights record…Moscow criticized President Barack Obama for “legalizing indefinite and extrajudicial custody and the return of court-martials.”

In its first-ever report on breaches of human rights abroad, Russia focused on EU nations, Canada and Georgia, but the longest section of the report highlights violations in the U.S.

Moscow laments the ongoing operation of the “notorious” prison in Guantanomo Bay, prying into citizens’ personal lives and judicial errors.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry in the past has reacted angrily to the accusations of human rights breaches that the U.S. State Department has leveled at it in its annual reports.

Iran To Cut OFf Oil Shipments, obama creating dangerous situation

Has your gas prices shot up over night, here in Georgia it went up 15 cents over night and today it has went up 10 more cents…

You can thank obama, his administration and all his adoring followers who claim he is setting things straight in the world…

I have been telling everyone I know that obama is harming the whole world with his policies…

Iran has threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, the only sea passage for oil shipments from the Persian Gulf if the West places sanctions on the country’s oil exports.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by Iran’s vice president Mohammad-Reza Rahimi and aired on state television.

“The American behavior (obama administration) is creating a dangerous situation not only for Iran but for the whole globe. The United States is basically pushing things into the direction in which everyone is going to pay a heavy price,” he concluded.

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