Jon Corzine, former CEO of MF Global, drew sharp criticism from employees who lost their jobs Friday, Nov. 11. “His ego has ruined a lot of lives,” one employee said..

Corzine who donated millions to obama’s campaign was allegedly promised an important position in the obama administration in 2012 if obama is re-elected. With millions missing from MF Global, Corzine was forced to step down..

MF Global fired all 1,066 of its brokerage employees on Friday, triggering anger and resentment about the firm’s collapse after bad bets on European debt under former CEO Jon Corzine’s leadership..

Yvan Desparois, Vice President at the credit department said “The lives of so many people have been disrupted. We did not even get told individually, we got a group email,”

The firm has now gone into liquidation…

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