Ever wondered what the story is behind the famous Anonymous mask?  It is a cartoon like man with a pointy beard, closed mouth smile and mysterious eyes…

It comes from a guy back in 1605, Guy Fawkes, an Englishman who tried to bomb the British Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605…

One protester Alexandra Ricciardelli said they are very meaningful mask, “It’s not about bombing anything; it’s about being anonymous — and peaceful.”

To another guy from Keyport, N.J., the Fawkes mask “is about being against The Man — the power that keeps you down.”

A nearly 30-year-old graphic novel and a five-year-old movie led to the mask popularity, the movie was based on a violent anarchist anti-hero guy who fashioned himself as a modern-day Guy Fawkes who rebels against a fascist government.

Warner Brothers holds the licensing rights to the Guy Fawkes mask, several protesters said they were using foreign-made copies to circumvent the corporation.

After the book and the movie People began thinking of Fawkes as a libertarian or even anarchist hero.

The Mask carries a stronger connotationsthan some of the Occupy protesters seem to understand.

While Fawkes’ image has been romanticized over the past 400 years, he was a criminal who tried to blow up a government building.  Sounds a lot like Bill Ayers……It would be hard to imagine Americans one day wearing Timothy McVeigh masks to protest the government or corporate greed.

Before the movie he was originally seen as a terrorist trying to destroy England.  Now he’s seen more as a freedom fighter, a fighter for individual liberty against an oppressive regime. The political meaning of that figure has transformed.”

Nearly two years after the film “V for Vendetta” was released, the hacker group Anonymous wore the Guy Fawkes masks depicted in the movie during protests against the Church of Scientology. Then came Wikileaks and the Occupy movement.

Fawkes was executed for the bombing attempt. In the years immediately following his execution, Nov. 5 was England’s official celebration for defeating Fawkes…

At Zuccotti Park in New York, the Guy Fawkes masks have been worn over the past month by Occupy protesters ranging from self-proclaimed anarchists to drummers to those impersonating “zombie” bankers.

How sad it is to try to unify the world under one symbol that represents terrorism and murder…

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  • Look.. They Story That I Just Read I Believe Is %100 True. I’m Not A Real “Fan” Of Anonymous. The Hacker Group. I Think What Their Doing Is COMPLETELY Wrong! Like Today July 5, 2012 I Started Hearing About Them. And How They Hack. These Hackers Ain’t Playing Around. And I’m Not Either. I Want To Make Us Using The Internet A FREE Right. They Shouldn’t Start Taking Down Websites.I’m Not Afraid Nor Scared Of Them! And You Shouldn’t Be Too. So I Say Let Us Be Us! Leave It Alone!

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  • Vlad

    “How sad it is to try to unify the world under one symbol that represents terrorism and murder…”

    That is just plain false. The mask represents a fighter for freedom, the fighting side of a repressive 1984-esque world. THE MASK meaning is translated in this reality as a symbol of rebellion and general frustration of how the world is being managed by capitalism and profit as a religion.
    The voices of the people are different and with a society of fear and illusion fueled by misfortune of others, it not suprising to have agressive idols.
    How ever you look at it, it is a stand against the STATE, which was the core message of Guy Fawkes myth.

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  • Michael Ricciardelli

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    • well unfortunately for you I didn’t get the story from msnbc…. I could care less where she is from, or who she is… the story is on the Mask and what it means, not necessarily the person you keep harping on…. now get back to you position at the protest, and leave the real story to us…..

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