English Embassy, Another Obama Blunder

Obama has been notoriously slow in the past to criticize the brutal actions of the Iranian government after initially extending the hand of friendship to it., but he finally condemned the disgraceful storming of the British Embassy in Tehran by thugs acting at the behest of the Iranian regime…

But he didn’t do it without another foreign policy gaffe…the president referred in stumbling fashion to the “English Embassy” in Iran instead of the British Embassy. One can only imagine the kind of howls of derision that would greet any presidential contender if that kind of basic error were made before, say, the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In case the president is unaware, England forms part of Great Britain, which also includes Scotland and Wales, though not Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. There is no such thing as an “English” embassy anywhere in the world, and there hasn’t been one for several centuries.

Obama’s latest gaffe also raises questions about his overall approach to the Special Relationship. This has been a presidency that has significantly downgraded traditional US alliances, from Britain and Israel to eastern and central Europe, while appeasing brutal enemies like Iran as well as strategic adversaries such as Russia. All too often, Washington’s allies have been taken for granted, and even undermined.

Senate defies Obama veto threat in terrorist custody vote

Defying a veto threat by President Obama, the Senate voted Tuesday to give the U.S. military first crack at holding al Qaeda operatives, even if they are captured in the U.S. and are American citizens, and also reaffirmed the policy of indefinite detention.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who has fought the Bush and Obama administrations on treatment of suspected terrorist detainees said:
“We’re no longer going to have an absurd result that if we capture you overseas where you’re planning an attack on the United States, we can blow you up or put you in a military prison indefinitely, but if you make it to America, all of a sudden you get Miranda rights and you go to federal court,”!

Tuesday’s 61-37 vote to buck Mr. Obama and grant the military dibs exposed a deep rift within the Democratic Party. Sixteen Democrats and one independent who caucuses with them defied the veto threat and joined 44 Republicans.
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S&P downgrades ratings On World’s Largest Banks

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has lowered its credit ratings for many of the world’s largest financial institutions, including the biggest banks in the U.S.

Among the banks downgraded are: Bank of America Corp. Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo & Co.

Bank of New York Mellon Corp., the sixth biggest bank in the U.S., was cut to “A+” from “AA-,” and some units were downgraded. Bank of New York Mellon is a custodian bank, which collects dividends on stocks and holds cash deposits, among other things, on behalf of its customers, which are mainly large pension funds and money market funds.

Ratings downgrades are never seen as positive, but this round may be particularly damaging for Bank of America.
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Breaking News: Fed, global central banks move to boost financial system

Release Date: November 30, 2011
For release at 8:00 a.m. EST

The Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Swiss National Bank are today announcing coordinated actions to enhance their capacity to provide liquidity support to the global financial system. The purpose of these actions is to ease strains in financial markets and thereby mitigate the effects of such strains on the supply of credit to households and businesses and so help foster economic activity.
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Richmond VA Audits Tea Party Over OWS

This should tick off any law biding citizen, taxpayer and every conservative in this nation…

The City of Richmond charged the local tea party $10,000 to hold three rallies at the Kanawha Plaza … But, the #Occupy squatters were allowed to set up a tent city on the plaza for free.

In late October the Richmond Tea Party sent a letter to city officials demanding a refund for the $10,000 the group spent on permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency personnel for three rallies held at same plaza where the Occupy Richmond squatters set up their camp. Now the tea party is being audited.
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Iranian protesters storm UK embassy

Dozens of young Iranian men have entered buildings inside the British embassy compound in Tehran, throwing rocks, petrol bombs and burning documents looted from the offices.

The semi-official Fars news agency said that earlier in the day, security forces were trying to eject the protesters, who were a minority from a larger group staging an anti-UK demonstration outside the compound.

The agency referred to the protesters as students who were chanting “Death to America”, “Death to England” and “Death to Israel” among other slogans.
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China To Make U.S. Vaccines

China’s food and drug safety record in recent years hardly inspires confidence: in 2007, Chinese cough syrup killed 93 people in Central America; one year later, contaminated blood thinner led to dozens of deaths in the United States while tainted milk powder poisoned hundreds of thousands of Chinese babies and killed six.

Not forgetting the dog food that came here from China that sickened or killed many pets…

But get ready Americans,   and the world should get ready for a new Made in China product — vaccines.
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Latest Chuck Woolery Video Features…a Farting Cow?

in true Woolery comedic fashion, the suggest programs to save are some of the most ridiculous ones the government has sponsored — including studying cow flatulence.


Occupiers Cry Over Dismantling of Encampment

The Canadian cousin of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement had been camped out in St. James Park since October 15. On Wednesday, city bylaw officers dismantled the campers tents while acting on a court order that the camp be taken down. The night before the eviction, one demonstrator (who appears to be the camp’s librarian) got emotional as the move day was quickly approaching. He lost it…
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American Airlines Seeking Chapter 11, Thanks to the Unions

American Airlines’ parent company is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it seeks to unload massive debt built up by years of accelerating jet fuel prices and labor struggles.

The nation’s third largest airline also said Tuesday that its CEO Gerard Arpey will step down. He’s being replaced by Thomas Horton, currently the company’s president.

Fort Worth, Texas-based AMR Corp., along with its regional affiliate AMR Eagle Holding Corp., said Tuesday that they filed voluntary petitions to reorganize.

American is the only U.S. legacy airline that hasn’t filed for bankruptcy protection. The last major airline to file for bankruptcy protection was Delta in 2005.

American says labor-contract rules force it to spend at least $600 million more than other airlines.
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Obama Admin. Changes More Federal Rules Than Bush

A new report from the liberal Center for Progressive Reform (CPR) says that the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) under the Obama Administration has made more changes to federal regulations– including EPA rules– than their Bush Administration predecessors..

The Obama Administration has further entrenched a regulatory system in which White House officials trump agency expertise with decisions based on raw politics. While the Bush Administration changed 64 percent of regulations under this process, the Obama Administration has changed 76 percent.

OIRA  is  “the last hurdle that every proposed regulation must surmount before seeing the light of day” and “an office that most people have never heard of” that affects millions of Americans’ lives.

The study delivers a harsh criticism of President Obama for meeting with industry representatives far more often than with public safety advocates.
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Chris Christie Tears Into Obamaa

We all know Chris Christie can tell it like it is and yesterday he let loose on obama by asking, “what the hell are we paying you for”

He called Obama “a bystander in the Oval Office,” the outspoken New Jersey governor said the White House spent the weekend tossing out a whole lot of “spin” about the supercommittee’s inability to come to an agreement before the Nov. 23 deadline.

“I was angry this weekend, listening to the spin coming out of the administration, about the failure of the supercommittee, and that the president knew it was doomed for failure, so he didn’t get involved. Well then what the hell are we paying you for?” Christie said during a press conference in Camden, N.J. “It’s doomed for failure so I’m not getting involved? Well, what have you been doing, exactly?”
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