So it seems some of obama’s jobs bill will pass, extension of payroll tax cut and long-term unemployment benefits seem to be a go but his calls for new spending and a surtax on millionaires seem doomed.

Despite of all the blaming on Republicans obama is going around the Nation doing it was Senate Democrats who forced a rewrite of the jobs bill last week. And even now, it’s unlikely he has enough support within his own party to assure a majority.

So why is obama going around on his million dollar bus blaming Republicans, well according to Mitch McConnell “He’s trying to change the topic,”  “He wants to deflect attention from that 1.5 million job loss” since he took office. “For two years, the president got everything he wanted from the Democrats in Congress,” McConnell added.

At $179 billion over a decade, is the largest single item in the legislation and has drawn no significant opposition from Republicans.

A proposal to give employers a break on payroll taxes, a $69 billion provision, could pass, as well.

An extension of unemployment insurance, likely to pass, carries a price tag of $48.5 billion.

Far less likely to become law, given Republican opposition, are the president’s requests for $50 billion over a decade for transportation projects, $35 billion to help the states hire teachers and first responders, $30 billion for school modernization and $15 billion for a neighborhood stabilization fund.

The states obama is visiting is primarily the ones he won in 2008, here is how they rank in unemployment before he took office til now…

North Carolina, 9.7 in Jan 09, 10.4 now
Virginia 6 percent then, 6.3 now
Pennsylvania: 7 percent in  2009 but 8.2 percent now.
Ohio: 8.8 percent then, 9.1 percent now.
Colorado, 6.6 percent then, 8.5 percent now;
Washington, 7.8 percent then, 9.3 percent now;
California 10.1 percent then, 12.1 percent now
and Florida, 8.6 percent then and 10.7 percent now.

Mr. obama, Americans are not stupid, we have had enough of your lies, your blame game, and the attacks upon our Constitution…
America vote this man out of office in 2012….For Freedoms Sake!

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