Will Latino’s vote for a Republican candidate, if they having second thoughts perhaps a little obama history will do them some good…

Under obama more illegal immigrants have be deported than under any Republican president, just this year alone over 400,000 have been deported.

In 2008 Latino’s voted for obama over McCain 2-1 margin. So I guess all the deported Hispanics have their own people to thank for being ousted back to their own Country.

A leading Hispanic advocacy group  gives the administration of President Barack Obama a grade of “C” on issues important to Hispanics.

Lillian Rodriguez Lopez, Chairperson of NHLA and President of the Hispanic Federation said Obama has deported more Hispanic people than any other president, overshadowing other accomplishments.

NHLA’s two-year progress report is the first to assess actions over an administration on six areas: education, immigration, accountability, health, civil rights and economy.”The last seven months have been disastrous,” said Lopez.

Maybe the 67% that voted for obama in 2008 better rethink their situation…

Like the rest of us, obama has smiled and looked you in the eyes and out right lied…he is making you feel warm and fuzzy while stabbing you in the back…

Over the last two years nearly 1 million immigrants have been deported.  No other president has overseen that many deportations.

No wonder obama has put a deportation hold on 300,000 Hispanics that have been rounded up and turned over to the  federal government program…He is feeling the backlash from his Hispanic voters.

I wonder how many of those who voted for obama in 08 now is a resident of Mexico…

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