Our deficit in the last 20 months has been raised 4 trillion dollars… Moody’s Investors Service has put the U.S. under review for downgrade.

Today Moody  with a note  for Congress  said they shouldn’t just increase the debt limit, but they should just remove it altogether. They claim the United States should do away with the debt ceiling altogether to bring greater certainty to investors in U.S. Treasury bonds.

Moody’s has considered the debt ceiling an “event risk’.  Is this just more fear mongering used  by obama repeatedly,  as he has said  not raising the debt ceiling is Armageddon, it will be a major catastrophe.

obama claims the oil industry gets a special tax break, that is of course a complete lie, they do not receive special tax breaks, most of the people he is attacking like, Bloomberg who has paid taxes on his money already, but obama wants to tax that same exact money again…

If there is not a limit set, then the evil governments can just spend unprecedented. obama doesn’t care how much money is spent, he said “I have several hundred thousand of dollars lying around that I doesn’t need” So living off the backs of the poor is right up his game..

The top 1% of all taxpayers paid over 40% of the taxes in the United States  What’s shocking is that the top 1% paid more than the bottom 95% of all taxpayers combined. (first time ever in history) This also means that 1.4 million taxpayers paid more into the system than 134 million other citizens within the country.

Once again obama ignored, like the liberal that he is, the insane amount of taxes that that top bracket pays in relation to everyone else.  That unfair 1% of the evil richest Americans pay… 40% of the federal tax bill!

When obama talks about raising taxes, he isn’t just talking about millionaires or billionaires , he is speaking of those who make 200k who are generally small business owners who use part of that money to pay their employees...

Should we listen to Moody’s?

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