obama keeps telling us all our troubles are just bumps in the road, the economy, the job market, the housing market, sagging stock markets, is just a bump in the road , obama keeps repeating it…

Rush made some excellent points on his show earlier this week, it’s been on my mind, and I wanted to get the word out because Rush makes a lot of sense…

So What exactly was it Bush did to get us in such a mess?

I’d like to quote Rush here if I might…

RUSH: The regime cannot promote itself, the regime cannot say four more years of X, do you like 9% unemployment, how about 11%? There is not one thing the regime has done that they can promise to do more of that anybody wants. It’s the exact opposite. So what their campaign is going to be, and I told you this, when they got into Washington they discovered it was far worse than they even knew, that Bush and Cheney lied to ’em, did not tell ’em how bad the economic circumstances were. Oh, my gosh, our programs are working, but it’s gonna take a lot longer than we thought to bring us out of this mess. And we’re just now starting to see some turnaround, which we’re not, but this is what they’ll say and then say you really can’t change horses the middle of the stream, no, we can’t turn this over to the people who ran the car in the ditch. Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper 19, after the debate, they talked to the former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs about Obama’s success and the campaign, and you listen and you tell me if I don’t know these people.

This is what Gibbs had to say, with my interjections of course…
GIBBS: The policies that were espoused in 2007 and 2008 that got us into the economic mess( keep in mind, this is when we had a democratic house and senate) that we’re trying to get ourselves out of tonight, that’s the economic platform that was introduced by these candidates. We have to understand what got us into this mess, and we have to make sure that we don’t hire somebody to repeat those same mistakes. If the Bush tax cuts were great for economic policy, why did we lose three and a half million jobs —
(remember Obama chose to keep those tax cuts)

We didn’t lose three and a half million jobs during the Bush years. To the contrary, millions of new jobs were created.

So what put us in this mess we are in, well the liberals say it’s because Bush gave us 2 wars,
Well, we were already fighting two wars, and we still are. George Bush had us in two; now we are in four wars!!!!

Did George W. Bush cut taxes? Is that what gave us the recession?
Well, Obama extended the Bush tax cuts last December, so what exactly did Bush do that created this recession? Did Bush increase federal spending too much? He did spend a lot, but whatever Bush spent, Obama has quadrupled it. If what Bush did was so terrible and if what Bush did gave us this recession, how come Obama doubling down on what Bush did is somehow going to get us out of it?

We all know it was the housing market that caused this mess, Fannie and Freddy, Bush tried to regulate it out of existence but Barney Frank and the Democrats basically ate those regulators up, chewed ’em up and spat ’em out in the midst of hearings. We know what led to this recession. It was nationwide lending of money to people that had no way of paying back their loans.

Thank You Rush Limbaugh

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