What we have here in our country is a House of Representatives, a Senate, and a President, with three different Budgets and goals. We have a highly politically charge atmosphere that has little to do with solving problems. Each of these branches of our Government are seeming to not get that the American People want smaller government, less spending, and fiscal responsibility.

The Senate and the White House seem to think we have streets paved with gold and our bounty is so great that not only can there be a chicken in every pot, but why not a prime rib too. In an age when we are worried we cannot meet our commitments to Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, Health care, and a host of other social programs, the democrats give us a new sacred cow in Health care. A bill few have read and none feel solves the problems we have. Democrats like to call it a work in progress. Perhaps it is time to trash it and go back to the drawing board. The House of Representatives are holding onto their Defense sacred cow.

Any cuts in Government spending will cause more unemployment. At the moment we are doing nothing more than paying interest on our National Debt and yet the budget increases the need to borrow. The only person in the room that appears to be making a real effort to make cuts is being demonized. The president presented a budget in February and now here in April he has a big speech and does nothing new except represent it. Oh wait, they do have fancy new PDF on their dot Gov site. Same PDF from February but lots of bells and whistles to navigate it.

Just how much of the budget is spent creating and presenting a budget? The inmates are running the asylum in Washington. When the inmates make the rules, all we can expect is chaos. The facts are that over 40% of our citizens do not pay taxes. Socialism is an economic vehicle used to prepare masses for communism. Communists support chaos as a way to weaken a country and make it ripe for takeover from within.

“Lawmakers have increasingly used the tax code instead of government spending programs to funnel money to groups of people they want to reward. Credits have been enacted to subsidize families with children, college students, and purchasers of hybrid cars… The most significant of these socially targeted credits was the $500 per-child tax credit enacted in 1997. The 2001 and 2003 tax bills doubled the value of the credit to $1,000 and added a refundable component…

“The [Earned Income Tax Credit] and the [Bush-enhanced] child tax credit are also refundable, meaning that taxpayers are eligible to receive a check even if they have paid no income tax during the year. Those tax returns have become, in effect, a claim form for a subsidy delivered through the tax system in much the same way that a traditional government program sends out a welfare check or a farm support check.”


The links below may help as sources to explain the different perspectives in Washington:

From Reagan to Obama – 30 years of spending priorities


Paul Ryan’s – Roadmap for America Budget Plan


Fiscal Year 2012 – The President’s Budget

This contains the Budget Message of the President, information on the President’s priorities, bud­get overviews organized by agency, and summary tables.


or the newest “version” recently posted in last few days:


Despite GOP Cuts, Spending Increases


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