Malik Shabazz aka Paris Lews and the NBPP is mad at obama, calling him the N word , a Uncle Tom and a punk…
say he should have listened to Farrakhan a long time ago!!

Shabazz and the NBPP is praying for the safety of Gadaffi..

Shabazz urges Michele to leave the N tonight, and his beautiful daughters too….

Now what is obama going to do, his brothers are mad…

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  • marilyn jackson

    I feel that Obama was pressured by his all white-man Cabinet. The President tried to please white people so bad until he has made a terrible mistake. I strongly feel that he did not want to kill Osama bin Laden, he was led to by those wicked evil sadistic people in his cabinet. I agree with Brother Malik, if anything goes wrong about how Osama bin Laden was killed, the world including hid own party will bail out on him and bring him to trial for was crimes- the same charges that should have been made on the previous President Bush. Black folks need not rejoice in this gruesome killing because we must remember the white man used to lynch, burn, and mutilate our bodies during slavery, Jim Crow era, and even now. Remember James Byrd in Texas? How soon do we forget. We must remember the words of our brother Khallid Mohommad: whatever the white do, we don’t do and whatever the white-man don’t do, we do. We must learn to separate our ideas, religion and thought pattern away from this monster because we must remember he is not our friend. Remember this: why do we have to re do an application every 20 years to vote? Are you a citizen or a slave?

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    • And you are a racist prig.

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