I agree with Glenn Beck, I  think hatred is growing in this Nation under a blanket of false pretense…

ANSWER a radical socialist group marched today for Egypt, to over throw Mubarak. Calling on obama to oust him…My question is when was it obamas job to oust a president from another country…ANSWER claims U.S.A sends 2 billion a year to Mubarak… do they not realize if we didn’t help, the Egyptians would have done without more than they are doing without now..

ANSWER marched in these States today:

Chicago; New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and SaintLouis.. All of them carrying these signs:

On March 19 2011, ANSWR will have a huge World Wide PROTEST (riot) They will “call on all those who oppose U.S. oppression abroad to take to the streets not only in support of freedom and self-determination in the Middle East, but also to support justice and liberation right here and around the world.”

Many protest will be happening all over the Nation…Code Pink another leftist progressive group…joined other organizations in Palm Springs on Jan 30 for a panel discussion and rally to counter an exclusive gathering. They got out of hand and 25 of them were jailed. Code Pink has also been in the streets with the Egyptian people protesting since these troubles started .  This Thursday February 11th the group will be outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo protesting.

Muslim Brotherhood

on the English version it says “peace, on the Arabic, it says “Prepare”

it refers to an important verse in Surah 8 in the Quran:

“(8:60) Make ready for an encounter against them all the forces and well-readied horses you can muster that you may overawe the enemies of Allahand your own enemies and others besides them of whom you are unaware but of whom Allah is aware. Whatever you may spend in the cause of Allahshall be fully repaid to you, and you shall not be wronged.”

if you question them, you’re an Islamophobe (Shariah definition of “Islamophobe”: Blasphemer or Insulter of Islam, punishable by death in a Islamic state).

All of these groups claim they aren’t in bed with one another or banding together if you will to come against America and Israel but their words and their rally’s that they attend together, tells another story…

A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt told the Arabic- language Iranian news network Al-Alam on Monday that he would like to see the Egyptian people prepare for war against Israel, according to the Hebrew-language business newspaper Calcalist.

These groups are dangerous, and they aren’t the only progressive groups out there that are dangerous, we have the New Black Panther Party, MoveON.org, the Ruckus Society, Immokalee Workers, the new SDS, Jobs with Justice, the Brandywine Peace Community, ANSWER, PETA, Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty, MOVE, The Yes Men, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, Climate Ground Zero, the Rainforest Action Network, pro-Palestinian Groups, Puerto Rican nationalists, prisoners’ rights organizations, citizen conservation groups, and immigration activists, to name a few. Some of these groups are on the FBI watch list…

These groups have a booklet out called, If an Agent Knocks

it teaches these groups how to handle the FBI..It’s available in four languages..

To read the booklet go here:

push back now to keep America FREE

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