With all that is going on, we need more TRUTH and it is going to require each and every one of us to speak it, print it, blog, email, phone and
fax it ad nausea. Starting now and not stopping until November 2012, every day, and not in a passive way, but with a fervor and excitement!

I’d like to throw this out there… please read and consider.

Arguing with the despicable, priggish, malignant, self-centered, vapid, and immature left here or anywhere may be fun, but, it is not going to
get our our Republic back up and running like it needs to be again. In fact it’s a distraction, a dangerous distraction.

It is in the spirit, for my love of God, and my nation I deal in and speak to the issues at hand with patriots whom I know, do what is right
and who hold to the same belief system. Our opinion matters, the left doesn’t care to get a grip on that seemingly elusive concept. However this is still a free nation and it is our choosing to dissent, and we will, vigorously and vehemently until we have regained from the enemy, yes, the enemy in this war of character and faith and truth and justice our country back. We are not Europe, China or the middle east. We are America!

No other country should dictate or own us. Tax cheats, frauds liars and self-serving corrupt thugs and crime bosses don’t make the rules as they go. We do.

Yes, we have our work cut out, and who knows what these morons are still cooking up beside the books, there is I’m sure even more work to do than we are apprised of. I want to challenge you to think on this – it may be somewhat of a waste of our precious time going back and forth with these venal and boorish haters. I don’t suffer to fool with fools, perhaps you’ll join me for a bit in ignoring them.

@all liberals A word to the regressive Maoist sympathizing Marxist embracing socialist left:
I acknowledge you with this bit of wisdom because you so sorely lack in such a multitude of areas and because I cannot legally, ethically or with a Godly moral compass stuff a sock in your mouth. And as well, I care to share with you a personal prejudice and disdain for and against one thing in life, ignorance, particularly yours. I detest seeing others from my country (even those I disagree with) look
and act like the uneducated misinformed imbeciles you are. It is an embarrassment for the rest of America. Remember liberals, it will serve you
well. It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

=America: Love Her Or Get Out!=

“If you don’t know Jesus, you’re missing life’s calling, adventure and pure love.” -Dave Orts

Wednesday Morning
Prayer 9:00 AM ET

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  • “Omnivorous Ego”

    Oh, the irony.

    This essay is inspired – and the fact that you don’t get it is proof of said inspiration. This is the point.

    We have a contract, to which all of us are signatory on our 18th birthday – it is at this date that you assume the mantle of citizenship – for on that date you are granted the right to vote. To be morally, logically and ethically entitled to exercise that right, you have an obligation to understand the system of government in which you are participating.

    We are not a “democracy” – not even a “representative” one – we are a REPUBLIC. Further, we are a union of sovereign states, by virtue of the aforementioned contract – the Constitution. Its words are clear, and the few whose common usage has changed are easily researched by anyone in a position to read this. Further, their debates are also freely available, as is copious amounts of letters, speeches and writings.

    In other words, anyone who doesn’t understand EXACTLY what that contract MEANS, they’re either not trying, mentally “impaired”, or mentally ill.

    Like any other contract, its terms are not violable. Most especially so in the event one party has the audacity to “rule” it to say something other than what it plainly says.

    In their Inspired wisdom, our Founders ensured The Constitution could be the “living, breathing document” you collectivists fantasize – they provided the mechanism to change it.

    So change it – but ignoring it has never been acceptable, should never have been, and will no longer be tolerated.

    It’s a big planet – and if there’s a country on it you think is better than this one, you’re free to go. As my Granny would say “don’t let the doorknob hit you…” Heck – I’ll chip in for a ticket, as I’m sure many would. If you wish to change America into one of them, you’re going to need to follow the procedures defined in the contract in order to amend it. It’s not difficult (here’s the part you folk confuse with “democracy”) if you have enough people politicians in DC and enough state capitals to support it. It’s been done 27 times – if you have the votes then do it again.

    But stop ignoring it.

    This isn’t a “debate” – you’re ignoring a contract, declaring you are knowingly so. Further, the traitors and tyrants doing your bidding are all swore a solemn oath to protect and defend that contract against all enemies foreign or domestic. That “domestic” bit would be those of you clamoring for further violations.

    We’ve seen your utopias, and we’ve seen our great Republic when its contract was mostly honored. Your utopias killed their citizens by the tens of millions, and people would abandon everything and everyone they ever knew and risk their lives to grab at an opportunity to get out. They tie their children to inner tubes and try to paddle their way across 60 miles of open ocean to try to come here – only to die and be eaten by sharks.

    Further, no nation has ever done a fraction of what ours has done to improve the lives of every human on the planet.

    No, we’re not perfect, and right now we’re more sick than we’ve ever been. In fact, at this point Our Founders Republic is just about dead. But some (I’d say most) of us will not go quietly – like Yamamoto you have awakened a sleeping dragon.

    We can have a debate – you can call a Constitutional convention and propose amendments whenever you have the votes. Debate about anything else is ridiculous, and a waste of energy better spent bringing America back.


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  • omnivorousEgo

    Not sure what this post is about. I see “liberals”, “Taxes”, “God”, and “America”. I am conservative by nature but this reflects nothing of such political ideals. Please stop perpetuating ignorance.

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