Fabian Socialists, heat the world up so they can remold it. #tcot

“Happiest year of my life, the German occupation” -George Soros #tcot

“I have had a messianic illusion since childhood ” -George Soros #tcot

“when you try to improve society…adverse consequences occur…” -George Soros #tcot

“The main obstacle for a new world order is America” -George Soros #tcot

“An orderly decline of the dollar is desirable.” -George Soros #tcot

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  • Soros needs to be stripped of his citizenship and kicked out of this country. This man is pure evil.

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  • Mark Emanuele

    It is sub-humans like Soros that CAUSE Antisemitism. The world would have been better off if HE had been made into a lampshade…

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  • Stu

    Soros is an inveterate liar. He loves progressive ideology not because he is a liberal, or an adherent of any political ideology. Progressivism leads to highly centralized power, which Soros can manipulate via sufficient campaign contributions (bribes). His modus operandi is to pressure governments to take actions that make specified hard assets or currencies move in price in a particular direction, and boost the effect by initially by taking losses buying or selling assets in his own inventory to create excess or scarcity of the targeted asset. An example would be currency manipulation. Get a nation to buy back alot of their treasury securities, goosing the money supply and driving down that currency on the FOREX markets. And then bolster the fall by selling his own holdings of that currency at a loss to increase the glut. Then, recoup the loss, and make a huge profit, by buying put options or cross-index futures in anticipation of the currency fall that he himself caused. It’s a can’t lose proposition since he knows in advance what the government is going to do, because he’s paying them to do it. When anyone else acts like this, they call it asset manipulation and insider trading, both of which are sanctionable crimes. But pay the authorities enough, and they just call it “policy advice.”

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  • Tasine

    George Soros is a horrid little busy-body man with a warped mind-set. He has money, but I am not privvy as to how that should make him puppet master for the world. He uses the pronoun “we” frequently. Does he intend this to be the “empiracal we”? It wouldn’t surprise me. I think the world would be a better place if every one of us totally and completely ignored every word this little upstart spouts. We should never, ever ignore his activities however because if we do, he will own America in short order.

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